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Nick speaking… We welcome you to our foundation’s site, which we hope will become your spiritual haven. You will be joining people here who are from all over the world, from all different walks of life. Some observe religions and others do not.. but all have spiritual relationships with God, as Sara and I do. We are here with a common purpose…which is to help one another spiritually, to evolve in becoming at one with that part of God inside of each of us. …and we have a commitment to raise the consciousness of humanity….We believe since we are all God’s children we are indeed all brothers and sisters. We are committed to live our lives embracing universal love and universal compassion…Come join us in creating The Great Tomorrow.


FROM NICK: I have been blessed to join with Sara on this website  in which we will pray for those who are in need of a healing...We are not healers; God is the healer, using us as the Lord’s conduit to reach that part of God inside of each of you…You are not humans that by coincidence have a spirit and a soul. You are spirits with a soul that are having a human experience. …Sara and I are non-denominational…


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  1. Jay Daves says:

    Check out this url.

  2. To me, it is like you are an actor in a theatre group, some productions are on an outdoors stage, some in grand theaters, some in small theater houses. The stage, set, story and production is completely unique with each having some theme of challenges and advantages unique from the other. Some are spring themes, some fall, other winter themes. But the stage, the set, the production and theater are all part of the identity of the self and are inextricably linked. When you return in another production seemingly separate from the rest, it dawns on your mind at some point that ‘you’ as you understand yourself have returned; yet, you are in a completely new production with a new story and theme. As a result different aspects of your talents are made stronger because they are called upon for the storyline of the production you are presently in.

    We are never victims of the situation we are in, because we made it up and can change our mind entirely in any given moment, much like the character Bill Murray played in the movie Ground Hog Day.

    Reincarnation is a dream as well, but it may be understood as part of an larger awakening dream in which we learn we are dreaming the dream and are not being dreamed by someone else’s dream.

    Recognizing that life continues and there is no death is another major advantage

  3. It is my understanding that we remember “past lives” so that the energy of that time can be released in this
    time…so that integration of your “past lives” can bring you to the wholeness that you are.
    The energy, the vibration, the memory, the emotions, all integrating into the being that you are now.

    Be love and kindness everyday

  4. “But there are some people, although not yet large in numbers, who have revolted against the religious establishment. Among them are idealists, and potential thinkers who may join together and enlarge the ranks of another group that might be labeled as intellectual mystics who are deeply spiritually oriented.

    These people are intellectually focused and not acting from an emotional motivation. They do not belong to any organized group or to a specific race, creed, or color. Their only bond is that they speak the same spiritual language, a language that consists of the same nucleus of beliefs, without these beliefs being dogmatic. They also recognize the role played by new spiritual leaders in the world who are shaping the foundations of these spiritual understandings.

    The group described above may be regarded as the nucleus of the coming spiritual revolution which will finally encompass the people of the whole world into a single spiritual world society, The Great Tomorrow.”

    Nick Bunick
    The Great Tomorrow
    page 16

  5. Mother of God, and I AM that I Am, and Father God, and God and Son are One are all synonymous. There is no gender defining God. These are all attributes of God.

    Try not to explain anything but seek increasing contact with the Source of Being that is Love without opposite. No need to try to understand Mary’s relationship when she was described, Mother of God. As an ascended master she and God are certainly One and in that, Divine Feminine, Mother, God are all One, and at one with the source. Strive to know the source of all through daily practice so that you may come to know yourself.

    When we talk about who is Mother of God, who is Divine, who is ascended the ego comes in to comparison shop and religions begin to defend their territory and with defense comes offense as they are two sides of the same coin. It is best to seek the experience through daily prayer and meditation and Karma or ‘good acts/ right thinking’ throughout the day.

    Mentioning Atlantis brings with it memories of its collapse. Some who are wading into spirituality are still not able to overcome anxieties that come with those memories and so it is best to be undisturbed by fear and let the conflict pass by. Focusing on a special time or special ability can be limiting, if it becomes a pre-occupation. Now is the time of inclusion and learning anew the meaning and value of everything in this time-period.

    Choosing the enriching life-giving experiences that are in the awareness Now is the choice with which you will find the most contentment and growth. It is available to all in equal measure. One is no more valuable than another.

    Only when I depart do more people come in and talk and so… I will force a stop there.

    All or nothing thinking is changing to how courageous can I be in sharing what is truly relevant and meaningful in a given situation? What is helpful in reducing fear? What is helpful to a fellow?

    There is no need to fear, because God really Is. There is divine order and meaning beyond the small conceptual self.

  6. Linda: great articles, thanks for posting them…I think that Pope Francis is between a rock and a hard spot.

    And for Roger Durling, gold stars for his bravery to come forward and everyone else who has come forward.
    It just takes one….and then one more….and one more….we are all connected…

    It was November 2001 when I was listening to a tape series from Stuart Wilde and he spoke of “fringe dwellers” and I realized that he was talking about me…I was feeling like a total freak until I heard those words and then I realized that there were others like me, I just didn’t know any….He saved my life.

    And yes, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and yes, it only takes a second to rape a child.
    It just brings tears streaming down my face…one second of abuse can destroy years in a person.

    Peace and love to all

  7. Dennis: the post about spam to Linda was in regard to her last posting. It didn’t go through and I was just letting
    her know why…I approved it of course.
    We welcome all thoughts and experiences here in relation to spiritual journeys.

    As the Catholic church, they have always regarded Mary as Mother of God…that is what I was taught as a child.
    The Catholic Church does not want truth to come out to the public. It would destroy their entire industry.
    They have millions of people around the world giving them money based on their “fact” that we are all sinners
    and need to pay the priests to pray for us and talk to God…Why would they want that to stop?…They don’t.
    Mary’s mother, Anna, spent hundreds of years writing scrolls as did others and they were hidden in various caves
    so that they would not be found by the Romans…

    The people of Atlantis were very intelligent….personally, I have no memory of Atlantis, but from what I understand
    they abused the power that they had.

    this is what has happened over and over again….for eons….abuse of power.

    Be love and kindness everyday
    Shine on

  8. Dennis A, Dispenza says:

    They need an Internet site that could be used to collect all the past lifetime memories that people have, similar to the Book of Life, or Akashic Recotd. Would be useful for historical research, and verification of events that really occurred though rejected by present mainstream science. I watched the Vatican Christmas Midnight Mass in December, at least for as long as I could stomach it. They and all their clergy REPEATEDLY and deliberately referred to Mary the Mother of Christ as “The Mother OF God” is this not an error on their part? This was in one of the Messages From Spirit. They also had a Media interview with a Vatican librarian in which he specifically was asked about secret unknown scrolls and books from the first century, he said there we NO hidden books, scrolls or other materials. There were large University libraries filled with books in Atlantis, and Atlantian Govt. archives filled with metal plates covered with hieroglyphic writing. based on past life memories. I don’t know if any of this is of interest, does support the ideas of archives from Atlantis. As for the Vatican, they are very slow to admit any problems that they might have, ie. child abuse scandals as one example. NOTE: your comment to Linda O. Feb. 5, 2016, on unwanted SPAM: Am I bothering you or causing a problem with my missive as just written? IF I’m a problem, can stop send material to your site. Otherwise, will continue; I’ve HUGE amount of data, ideas, and speculation, don’t want to be a nuisance.

  9. Linda O: just so you know: your post was put on hold by our program because you added 2 links. It is one way the program stops
    spam from coming through…


  10. Phil Hicks:

    I discovered Nick Bunick after reading Ruth Montgomery’s biog with Julia Ingram. After reading most of Nick’s books, I am looking for guidance. Are there any groups affiliated with Nick’s efforts in my home area of Northeast Ohio?

    This came in on another page…again, I don’t know why this happens from time to time…a glitch.
    Welcome Phil..I don’t know of any groups, but you are welcome here to share your stories and insights
    and ask questions.
    There is a lot of information here…just click on the side tabs…much to read and videos( archived)

    Shine on

  11. This just in:
    In 2014 Pope Francis sets up a Vatican commission on priest sexual abuse. Spotlight, the movie, is mandatory viewing for Vatican panel at beginning of three-day meeting.

    Head of Santa Barbara film fest sees Spotlight, experiences a catharsis:

    When the light comes on there is more table turning to do. More honest dialogue. More new developments to share — not less. Forgiveness is not getting on board an old train that hurt and calling it reformed. It is a living process of true democracy in action.

    I have this image in my mind of Jesus at the temple turning over the tax collectors table and coins tumbling down the steps. –It’s a great analogy for overcoming oppression in the face of something that is completely at odds with Universal Love and Compassion. Taking a toll at a holy temple from the poor is not living by the divine rule. It is an establishment that can be confronted and overturned as easily as the flipping over of the table.

    Flint michigan is so incredibly silent compared to analogy of the flipping of the table; yet, water is one of our basic needs. People have a right to overturn tables. Forgiveness is not gained without recognizing again the power of our self-determination when it is on the mark. Self-determination is inextricably linked to being the cause of what you see. It is part of the second ray classroom. It takes great Wisdom to learn to allow the will to assert itself Faithfully.

    Advocacy is required, but within the laws of cause and effect we are learning as we approach and attend to a daily practice of prayer and meditation within. We must seek first the Peace we want to see in the world. Allow it to fill us within and then allow our fears to be gently undone. But it is not at the sacrifice of knowing the passion of unity, joy, a wealthy of experience from Oneness. The feeling body, that is circumscribed with false ideas about its idenity and burdened in hopeless feelings and fear. It is the tuning to the soul mind. By cleaning house, the feeling body will start tuning to the song of the soul, much like when you strike a tuning fork and it vibrates a delightful tone.

    All of these things are important. As Witnesses, we are empowered and no longer oppressed.

  12. Jay, I am happy that you had a nice trip and are home safely.
    Shine On!

  13. Jay Daves says:

    I’m back from my trip. It was good. Now I’m getting my videos on Youtube. I got one of my visiting with Tammianne.

  14. Bonnie, I thank you for your wonderful insight. I especially enjoyed this:
    “if we see our world as broken, it is. If we see it as whole and perfect, filled with Love and Light, it is. The Universe will always say “YES.”

    We must come to the doorway of our hearts daily to proclaim and unreserved, “YES” to the goodness that we want in our hearts and minds.

    Loooove it

  15. Who do you think asked Yeshua to address the most needy first? Look in your mind and heart. It was You! and from a very fundamental place you know this is your link to Him. This is our active prayer.

    Yes, and while ‘church’ is setting the stage for unique talents and special events, it is not doing its fundamental work, which is God’s appointment, to Give Welcome to the most needy.

    I would rather give welcome to and assist in the security of those running away from a man-made hell than I would to coerce a lost and destructive soul to the gentleness of peace. First, because they are likely to meet that peace with great anxiety and turn the knife on themselves out of anguish. A soul that is aching for help, food, companionship is an empty vessel, and with great willingness eager for The Help. They are entitled at this point to the soothing of song and prayer.

    Now, if someone is in a fox-hole on the other side of the globe, does not speak our language, does not know our philosophy, and is desperately in need of help, food, shelter, water. Will he go to the internet and seek out one of Jimmy T’s peace books or songs, or by grace and honest asking will the transformation of mind taking hold in our mind and in all the world open a door of communication, centering him in something larger than himself that can feed his needs, now.

    This is the difference between Jesus appearing in form and resolving the problem based on a hierarchy of needs.

    A master who has fully awakening to the oversoul of mastery can sit among the sick ones and deliver an answer to that community’s most basic needs. The hero of the dream cannot, because on some level he still fantasizes that his sphere of influence is limited to himself alone. He believes maybe in a pang of terror. And that makes all the difference in the world, because the curriculum is always within you, not out there in the world. The Teacher is always here, for you.

  16. Bonnie Russell/aka Nightingale444 says:

    If I join in prayer meditation at 7AM, it won’t be out of fear for those who placed themselves in a soap box at the top of a hill overlooking the suffering and oppressed. It will be to lift the energies of all, as I lift myself, and in unison, many doing likewise will magnify the effect of the energies of all mankind, for we are connected. I have seen amazing results happen as a result of global prayer meditation, no matter the reason or who has set the stage.
    Linda, I recall Nick sharing with us what was told him by J when he was asked when he would reveal himself, sharing his messages to all…and he replied much the same…that he would be spending some time with the effort of seeing basic needs met before they will be ready to hear and appreciate the Truth (this is my paraphrasing and understanding, as I remember it.)
    We must follow our hearts and do what we can to affect our world in positive ways, and one way we may do this is through a global prayer vigil. Forget the reasons. Just do it. But as we visualize our world and its people, visualize them as WHOLE and filled with Love and Light. I’ve said over and over, if we see our world as broken, it is. If we see it as whole and perfect, filled with Love and Light, it is. The Universe will always say “YES.”
    It’s Divine Principle in action, “As a man thinketh, so is he.”
    Here is tomorrow’s Daily Word:
    Whenever I wonder what difference I can make, I remember Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s words: “Everybody can be great because everybody can serve.” Prayerfully I open my awareness to how I can serve my community. A family member may need a helping hand or a new person in my field of expertise could use a mentor. I consider what organizations align with my passions and values and ask how to get involved.
    I take time to rejuvenate myself so I can be fully present to those I am serving. I eat healthy foods, get adequate rest and exercise, and take time in the Silence. As I step into service, I know my actions make a difference.”
    “Whoever becomes humble like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.”
    -Matthew 18:4-5

  17. a “life-vision” and an “event to encite” (either for or against) are really two distinct states, so I do not think that relates at all to what I brought in.

    I do appreciate Rasha’s scribing of Oneness and within context it dovetails nicely.

    Even Guidance in the end is evaluative and in that limiting. We aim to go beyond it to Being. The Peace that passeth understanding.

    It is very convenient for the solo artist to weave tales in with the Truth to shape a point of view, but ultimately there is Path and tales are seen as tales and truth, truth.

  18. “Allow each other the grace of the perfection of his/her life-vision, regardless of whether, from your perspective, that view is tainted.
    Neither of you is “wrong”. Each of you is “right” based on the reality each is capable of perceiving. And, in the collective, all are “right”.
    For all perspectives co-exist simultaneously, none canceling out the other, regardless of the level of conflict represented.
    This if the nature of this Creation.
    All of it simply Is.
    What of it you wish to sample is the option that is eternally present. And those options hold less and less allure
    as you Progress on this Journey”.

  19. I agree with Linda: I think prayer is good, but don’t do it because of fear for someone else. Do it because it
    is the right way to live. Live in prayer. Be the prayer always. Be Peace..Be Love…Be the Light in the World. Send love and peace to Everyone.

    Be Love and Kindness Everyday

  20. This: “They will be putting themselves at risk to inspire YOU to join us for just 10-15 minutes…” is a nonsensical contrivance.

    Don’t put yourself at risk for me. I would prefer not to pray as an afront to the dirty dealers of the world, mild to wild. The problem with ISIS is in the initiation. They are doing this as a way to leverage power in the world, not for religious attunment. It is not a religious separation in ideology, it is a political one. Had they been able to learn about yoga, meditation, loving your neighbor, various different religions the initiation would be about coming to God and not a political leveraging tool.

    Look at the Arab spring in Egypt. These people originally started their commitment to change because they were hungry, they needed bread. Millions camped in the square and there was a regime change three times. The muslim brotherhood came into establish power and the locals were like, no this is our revolution. Our government must involve us having a say.

    Real constitutions, movements of substance, begin with this causal level: this is about me, my country, my democracy and I have a right to Food, Water, whatever the case may be.

    Initiation in and of itself is a Second Ray attunement. It’s higher mind invocation is: “To Gather” for the purposes of Initiation into the Path.

    What I would have liked to see is more collaborative effort with others who would be willing to help Syrian refugees find comfort in europe. To help integrate and alleviate some of that self-doubt and burden europe is feeling with the influx of refugees. To raise money with a U.S. link and Europe outreach. This could even open the minds of Americans who fear taking in the homeless syrian refugees here in the states.

    So, do what you will and you know I love joining and prayer and meditation, but do not let it be based in coercision — even mildly, “I put myself at risk, the least you can do is join me.” That idea just reinforces “scary people are here in the world to contend with. We are all victims.” or something to that effect. We need to have our needs met, first, safety, food, water, and then we can even consider things like meditation on change, healing, peace.

    Also, realize that you are praying all through the day when you are walking the path. You are more aware and meditative the more focused your intent becomes on the Path. Let this event be one of inclusion, realizing you are at Peace and your goal is peace in this world and all places.

    This has been helpful to me. Thanks very much for sharing.

  21. Dennis A, Dispenza says:

    Everyone should PRAY and HOPE for Peace in the Middle East and other areas of trouble and war, it really needs to be ended, the senseless and useless violence.

  22. Bonnie Russell/aka Nightingale444 says:

    In regard to the vigil Jimmy has organized, he sent out this email I received through one of my friends I met in Colorado this morning. It couldn’t hurt to join in prayer, no matter what our opinion of the orchestration:

    Millions of people will join together
    to prove the power of synchronized prayer

    This is a final update so you have everything you need to join us for the meditation. To begin, the time of the vigil is as follows:

    7AM Pacific US Time
    10AM Eastern US Time
    3PM London Time
    5PM Israel Time
    4AM (Tuesday) Auckland Time
    For The World Clock Click Here

    (There was some confusion from an email sent two days ago. These times are correct.)

    James Twyman and the Religious Leaders
    Will be within eyesight of the ISIL villages

    Thanks to The Abrahamic Reunion here in Israel, James will be joined by Jewish, Christian and Muslim leaders on a hill overlooking the villages where so many Syrians are suffering. They will be putting themselves at risk to inspire YOU to join us for just 10-15 minutes of focused meditation at the time listed above. All you need to do is to FEEL the energy of peace, as if it is already present in Syria (This is the critical component to this type of prayer). Then visualize children in Syria being fed, people living in peace, and the government stable and serving the needs of all its citizens.

    It’s Worth A Try

    Most people believe they are powerless in the face of such violence. This is a simple way millions of people can add their energy to a positive solution for this humanitarian crisis. It has been proven over and over through other studies. Maharishi Effect Now we have the chance to demonstrate the power of our joined meditation and prayer. Please join us at the designated time, and share this with everyone you know.

  23. Bonnie, thanks for your comment. I really appreciate it. You mention the sad personal example, I’m not sure what that is about — but it hits the nail on the head. I think the most accurate sentence I wrote was that: “he enjoys creating a solo career using his special abilities to awaken everyone to his special abilities”

    It is said (attributed to Jeshua) that male teachers in the awakening become public speakers, and the females remain with him underground (behind the scenes). –Boy, historically, that is so, and we look to balance in this situation as well! That is why I encourage my sisters to teach.

    I told my Jimmy story because I was watching one of those news shows and they put this real weird looking picture of Jimmy up and say things like this hippy from Oregon is going to sing peace prayers to ISIS. Good luck, Buddy. It made me turn. I’m thinking, not again. I’m certain he has a route all mapped out to some safe place and promotes it like he’s going to Syria to bring his peace prayers to ISIS. –All for show. As they say in politics, all publicity is good publicity.

    Zzz. And when the separation cleaves a space between your situation and the constituents, it’s an invitation for substitution. In other words, it meanders down to talking about the situation in the other person’s absense. It’s all now just writing on the wall.

    Loved the story of the joining in Colorado and the dancing. Lovely. Wish we had more of those gatherings (that do not cost a fortune).
    Ciao, bellas ~

  24. Bonnie Russell/aka Nightingale444 says:

    Linda, I read your “editorial” with a smile. I admired something in Jimmy for a time after reading some of his books, and attended one of his spiritual retreats in Colorado a few years ago. It was an amazing experience for me to meet others of like mind who were searching also, and I gained much from my interaction with them, and a few are still friends. More was gained from my own inward journey and the outward signs I received those 5 days than any lessons, but I must say that all of us free-form dancing to Jimmy’s new music at the time was a fun expression of the joy we were all experiencing together as we individually were experiencing some deeper connections to God, and he really had nothing to do with it other than set the stage.
    It was sad to observe his personal example compared to the writing and lessons. But really, each of us is walking our journeys alone. I felt I could have shared with him a few things about love and relationships that he could have learned from.
    I will hold him in prayer that he is spared the “example” ISIS would hold for him.
    Jay, you go, guy!! I’ve been recipient to one of your hugs and I would go for another anytime. Smile.
    Dennis, thank you for sharing about the incredible medical breakthroughs that are being made now.
    Just yesterday my close friend who is a marriage and child therapist was crying hysterically after having just counseled a mother and her 14 year old son who had just lost both arms to a freak drunk drivers accident. (You might call me the therapist’s therapist.) The boy was in his own driveway. I thought how bitter and disillusioned one would feel after such a thing, but perhaps there can still be hope for someone like him in the future.
    My love to all, Bonnie

  25. right on Jay!
    Shine On!!

  26. Dennis A, Dispenza says:

    I was watching the TV Program Scientific America on PBS(OPB, Portland, OR) several years ago, it was hosted by Allan Alda(MASH 1970s. The discussion was on regeneration of human body parts and organs. There was a man living in San Francisco, CA, who was injured and lost most of one finger in a model building accident. He had a brother who was a Medical researcher working with animal cells. The Doctor did an experiment with pig bladder cells in which he applied a colony of pig bladder cells to the stump of his brothers finger. Normally, in an adult it’s impossible for amputated limbs to regenerate in humans. They observed however that the bladder cells produced a chemical and reacted to regrow and regenerate the amputated finger. This could perhaps be extended to even more extensive tissue and organ losses, IF the bladder biochemical inducing regeneration can be identified and synthesized in large enough quantities. This sounds very much like the thinking of such people as Psychics Edgar Cayce, Ruth Montgomery and Art Ford, and a number of other people. Important area for Medical research.

  27. I was on the Pier again yesterday giving out Free Hugs again and I had a lot of takers.

  28. James Twyman is going to Syria to sing to Isis. I’m not sure if you have heard of Jimmy, author of spiritual adventure books, and from Oregon.

    Years ago I asked Jimmy for help as a friend. It is a very complex problem, but one in which he could have been impactful. It did not involve recognizing him as a celebrity peace troubadour in which he plays a set to an audience, so he declined.

    Now he is off to Syria to play a few songs to those impacted by ISIS or maybe ISIS — it is not clear. —
    My thoughts: If it scares others that you are doing risky things, maybe you should look at the bigger picture.

    I preferred when he was creating videos called The Solution in which he would have someone hide a can of peas in a set location of a supermarket and he would travel to the store with a camera person and with his mind he would Find the Can of Peas. Of course, he did this in Oregonian campy style, with a Mickey Spillane hat on for effect. This is the way in which he chooses to demonstrate expanded self-awareness, and, mind you, to those who have no idea what he is doing, as a spectacle and not a natural ability. It blurs with the vagaries of a dumbed-down David Copperfield on some levels. –And that is why I care. (Sigh) Here I am remembering yjsy to teach the second ray laws of cause and effect is to remember them, purely a subjective matter, and someone with eyes to see is writing the next Secret De-Coder book and playing Copperfield in the supermarket and making himself visible as he sings to ISIS?

    What James liked most about awakening was his “special abilities” that he did not share with everyone else. Funnily enough, when Buddha awakened Buddha recognized only awake Buddha. Jimmy sees a world asleep and the potential for a solo career using his special abilities to awaken everyone to his special abilities. I’m thinking, maybe if he invested his time in helping improve his own awakening experience, he could address this sense of separation of cause and effect that is the classroom and lesson plan.

    I dunno. Go on Superman! Next is capping the methane well in southern California. We need you. Vaya con Dios.

    But there is nowhere to give this editorial so I put it here. There is no peerage on this level to point out major issues, and there should be. Maybe my ‘be a reporter’ inspiration was inspired in part for this very story.

    Thank you for listening.
    Love ~

  29. We need to clean house and let go of what no longer serves us, because what we hold onto out of lack is what is substituting for shine of Universal Love and Compassion.

    Trinkets are another word for a collection of things out of habit rather than universal purpose.

    there is an eastern teacher of enlightenment who put out this quote today:
    “Playing the victim card blinds you to your own flaws & so you can never improve. Self pity is the easiest way to create unilateral misery.” –Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

    If we do not continue on the practice path and find value in cleaning house our burden becomes dusty and soon we are playing the victim to our burden, instead of realizing its full value by letting go of what is valueless. On the same theme, from the book of Matthew “My yoke is easy (because) my burden is Light.” and “Take my yoke (my lessons) upon you, for my burden (the work, the imposition is not laying blame on you, but bringing you Light).

  30. Linda: wow, very well said…The emptiness…The nothingness..when we stop filing ourselves with stuff, then we
    can shine brightly.
    I have a nephew that has done what you mention. He has lived at the Buddhist monastery many times..and yes, he
    lives on next to nothing…very simple life.

    I went begging for food in August when I reached my lowest point…It is very humbling and I have more gratitude
    for what I do have…I appreciate that assistance so much and am grateful for it….Fear? you bet.So I guess I am accepting useless trinkets out of fear? perhaps…Food is nice though while living in the physical plane. I haven’t learned to live without it.
    And yes, my soul is still aching in poverty…what does it need?…

    love and light

  31. Yesterday I gave out Free Hugs on the Santa Monica Pier. I did have some takers.

  32. A buddhist can join a monestary for a month of auserity where they shave their heads, leave all their belongings and contact with the outside world and serve at the monestary for one month. They are given a wooden bowl and with this bowl they may find food for themselves (without having any money) by going to the village and asking (begging) for food. Typically the food is paid to them in the form of rice poured into their wooden bowl. That ration then constitutes what they will eat for the day.

    Similarly Priests like the now pope francis live very modest lives. they take the bus the visit the poor they wash their feet, they strive to improve conditions for the weak, poor, sick and so forth. When pope francis was installed as pope he did not want the wealth of the ornate robes and decided to stay in a room rather than a palace and wear the simple white robes. he travels in small energy efficient cars (prius) and takes the common way. This isn’t to win points with God because God is not keeping score, but it is to stay Hon-Est (honest) or one with your self. Uncomplicated, at a place of real surrender, aware, compassionate and so forth.

    These examples are very important because we must learn, when we do inner housecleaning, that we end up seated with an empty bowl when we renounce the things of the world in favor of spiritual truth. People can begin the process and then actively resist where the practice is leading them, out of fear of boredom or self doubt. If after the work of arriving at this space of the wooden bowl
    ones soul still aches in poverty, we must be discerning and ask in modesty for precisely what we need. If it is water, we ask for it. If it is rice, we ask for it with new faith and optimism. One must remove by way of transformation so much fear during our inner housekeeping that we accept no substitutes until we begin to see the shine of the clean house. Then, we do not give in to an adrenaline rush of such thoughts: “Quick, invite someone over for a party!!!” We sit and look at what we have and allow what we really have to permeate the walls and fill up the lives of our constitution. We become open to sharing because we are so joyous that we shine and are sufficient on only one cup of rice! and by choice! — it becomes such a pleasure to share that literally our abundance spills over the walls of separation and returns again the drop to the ocean.

    Understand at times we will be eclipsed by the sun. We will be challenged at our core, we will have to face our fears, but if we do not accept substitutes and continue on the path of truth, that emptiness will be filled with living water. Do not accept something in place of arriving at the destination. Do not keep some useless trinkets out of fear. Allow all of it to stand the test of truth: “What is it for?” Only at that place of the wooden bowl can we see that we are assigning all the meaning it has for us. Only at that place of the clean house and wooden bowl can we ask: “Let me know see the universal shine on everything, giving back to God all the needless things I accepted in substitution for his reality.”

  33. Jay Daves says:

    Here I am in Santa Monica.
    I arrived in LA last night.

  34. Bonnie Russell/aka Nightingale444 says:

    I so appreciate your amazing wisdom, Linda and the way you express it.
    I will look for the movie “Spotlight.” I am hoping I can find it On Demand on my cable.
    Continue to enjoy your trip, Jay. Thank you for your phone message and thinking of me.
    Speaking of journaling, which I need to get back to, a close friend was sharing some of her journaled writing with me last night. It is quite good and she always thought she would compile it in a book some day. She suggested we work together on it. I thought of Tam and her writing and thought perhaps she would contribute too. A word from Linda C’s writing struck me as the title, “Heartstrings.” Hmm….another project…just what I need…lol.
    Blessings on your day, everyone!

  35. I had this conversation with a friend. There is a yin/ yang to our ideas. There is a light side and a dark side, just like the yin/yang symbol. If you have a lot of fear about a situation, the dark side of the idea dominates. But if you notice what you are choosing by the way you are feeling and related ideas that come in, you can use your mind to choose again. To look at the idea from the perspective of the light side or What It Is For. In this way, you stop the worm of fear from burrowing in to side-line you in a game of charades.

    Part of transforming systemic abuse is to clean house in terms of fears and wishes, abuses and upsets first by journaling or creating a list, talking with a therapist or trusted friend. After a time, there will be an empowerment within you, like a healthy parent who reclaims your vulnerable self. This healthy parent is not created but uncovered after you do the housekeeping.

    Once that reclamation is done we can look from our center of true cause within and see all things in a new light. Thoughts reflect which side we are believing, fear or love. It is essentially as clear as that. Cause and effect are one.

    I wanted to encourage people to watch Spotlight the movie. It has an important lesson in it about why real journalists are important to society and how in our own experience and testimony we can be like the real journalist who seeks vigilantly to know the truth and is not swayed by coercive forces.

    I have a friend who as a child use to attend church and they would start to talk about Paul and the formation of the church and he would stand and exclaim out loud “oh my god!!” clap his hand to his forehead and fall to the ground. His parents would have to leave because he would physically object to things he knew in his heart and mind that were distorted. –This is a true story, later in life he became a scholar of religion and eventually an author and teacher. –I vicariously enjoy this story probably the most out of all my catholic stories because I felt so repressed in church, as if I could never call out like that and feign fainting. It is so cathartic for me to retell the story.

    Reclaim yourself. Do not re-traumatize from the past. Find your truth and live the experience from your soul mind and heart, even if just a few minutes, every day. The practice will save you. Not accumulating information or sources. The practice in and of itself yields the results.

  36. Bonnie Russell/aka Nightingale444 says:

    I can relate with your feelings, Tam. It sure re-conjures memories of my childhood and similar feelings.
    The sameness of the church is mesmerizing for the masses…mass/masses…hmmm. I “get” the terminology after all these years. The swinging incense…also hypnotic, huh? It used to make me begin to black out, which I never did except in that small church as a child. Church members often get angry about any changes. There is a sort of safety in knowing what to expect, of doing and saying and thinking what is expected of us.
    But there is no denying the TUG at the core of our being and the Truth that resides there. And sometimes even there, in a momentary quietness, you could feel its whispers. “I AM Here..I AM Here….”
    Here is yesterday’s Daily Word: Inner Peace
    “The presence of God is within me and all around me. Like a comforting, ever-present friend, God is always available to me. I can easily access the peaceful stillness of Spirit.
    “I experience God when I see the good in myself and in others. As I go within and connect with the calming energy of God, any stress or anxiety dissipates. I know God is working for my highest good and I am able to trust myself.
    “As I behold the Divine in others, I interact with them in kinder, gentler ways My relationships strengthen and I create peaceful connections everywhere I go. I am safe and calm because the peaceful stillness of God is always with me.
    “The presence of God within is my peace.”
    “Put things in order…and the God of love and peace will be with you. -2 Corinthians 13:11.”