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Nick speaking… We welcome you to our foundation’s site, which we hope will become your spiritual haven. You will be joining people here who are from all over the world, from all different walks of life. Some observe religions and others do not.. but all have spiritual relationships with God, as Sara and I do. We are here with a common purpose…which is to help one another spiritually, to evolve in becoming at one with that part of God inside of each of us. …and we have a commitment to raise the consciousness of humanity….We believe since we are all God’s children we are indeed all brothers and sisters. We are committed to live our lives embracing universal love and universal compassion…Come join us in creating The Great Tomorrow.


FROM NICK: I have been blessed to join with Sara on this website to do a weekly live audio/visual show in which we will pray for those viewers who are in need of a healing...We are not healers; God is the healer, using us as the Lord’s conduit to reach that part of God inside of each of you…You are not humans that by coincidence have a spirit and a soul. You are spirits with a soul that are having a human experience. …Sara and I are non-denominational…

Our Miracles and Healings show will broadcast on the date and time shown below. Click on the tab on top of the page and watch the show live, or you can watch it from our archives if you are not available at that time shown….. God has no limits…there have been healings of cancer, heart ailments, people disabled etc. Come join us and let God perform miracles. Nick

Date:   To be announced  Time:   4:44pm Pacific Time

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  1. I also think leadership is coming in from grassroots projects and grassroots democracy. those are the true leaders of the world. remember, karma is good action. if we were without karma in the world, the world would destroy itself. so look outside of politics for thought-leaders and groups that are having an impact in the worlds thought-process by introducing ideas that work and are in balance with the earth and with the trajectory of our ascendancy. Look for new ideas everywhere. If it is green architecture, if it is the architecture of the future, if it is Art or fashion design that uses clean sustainable materials, whatever the case may be. Go to your local groups that are talking about banding together for change, if it inspires you. We are the new leaders of teh world, we just have the old habit of thought in response to poor, dire outcomes going on in our collective pain body. We need to clean those bodies daily with fresh connection to spirit to charge our Peace center. Imagine it as the real church and do service there as well. I want everyone to share how they can turn a fear into something peaceful in their lives as life is in the overcoming.

  2. Hello to All, I wanted to thank Cate for posting about ascension, which I too would like to know more about what that word means. It surely hit that nail on the head for me also on nearly all of them, especially the scary waking up and not having a clue where I am! Very comforting indeed.
    About HMO’s, it’s really sad, though I enjoyed the joke, as my mom has cancer and missed her first chemo visit because her insurance would not cover the $1700.00 for her to have it. Thank God we found help and she is going for round 4 week after next, the maximum she can have. She is actually gaining weight and the spot on her kidney has disappeared completely. The doctor’s said she would not live for more than 2 months and that was in May.

  3. Once again Nick you would have had my vote. We either need new leaders or leadership either way our world needs help.

  4. Bonnie Russell says:

    Welcome back, Evelyn…I do believe you have joined us before. We are happy to have you join us, and I believe there are others who have recently returned. Of course, Jorge, Mi Amigo, we are always delighted to have you back with us with your wonderfully cheerful outlook on life.
    As far as world events go, the change, I agree with Nick, must be foremost in our leadership, and that is where we need to focus most of our prayer for Divine Intervention. Of course a change in leadership may help, but conditions now warrant a change of Heart and mind even before election time, and as Linda and Tam suggest, we might affirm our Oneness with them and see our own minds and Hearts as peaceful, loving, and harmonious. I believe that is far more effective and immediate than round-about emails and letters that may or may not reach their intended destination in time to make decisions that might influence peace and harmony.
    We call upon Archangel Michael to lead a legion of the angelic kingdom to influence all minds and Hearts toward positive decisions for peace and harmony worldwide! We ask this in the Name of our Mother/Father God and all that is Holy, Loving and Just. And so we do this even NOW, before Sunday’s day of world prayer, and hold that energy and focus, before and beyond that day. All of us MUST remain peaceful and harmonious in our daily thoughts and activities. As we see our world and all people as peaceful and harmonious, being peace and harmony…it starts with us…it is so! AMEN! I love you all, Bonnie

  5. seeing change in the world is accomplished by transforming your inner world. We think that the inner and outer worlds are separate and distinct from one another, but they are not. We can say ‘above all else I want Peace,’ but do we really? Do we get lazy and accept substitutes, do we allow some muddiness to come in and eclipse the goal? Do we see poor outcomes and take them in as truer than our vision and get fearful as a result?
    As the pressure of war comes upon us the imperative becomes more abundantly clear. We choose peace because there is not an opposite to life. We must choose peace because peace is life. Now. we empower ourselves by using this opportunity to see the imperative of peace in the world as our own personal imperative. It has never been more clear. That realization makes the opportunity for peace even more inevitable when we look at it rightly.

    I was watching someone talk on global change. He said the comment he receives the most is ‘I am only one person, how can I make change happen’ He suggested that narrative is sort of the meme in the mind because hollywood, for one, projects this image of the hero being an individual in action/ adventure films. In reality, historically, change always came from groups, so the answer is to see our collective Peaceful world as our group dream. In time, fulfillment will happen if we envision this world peace by doing our inner work and holding a vision of what peace can look like in our world. If you train your mind to think like this, all your choices will be in alignment with what brings more peace. This is how a change of mind catches on in the world. Everyone has a part of equal value in this. We are all part of the Oneness that inspires us to seek the beauty, the unity, the oneness beyond the evident limitations of the human existence. The development of faith is inextricably linked to trust and to trust there must be a clear unequivocal goal in sight.
    P.S. I do write to my govt officials about policy decisions as well :) )
    Love and namaste ~

  6. sorry, welcome Evelyn. I live near Sherwood, perhaps we can meet for coffee or lunch.
    I enjoy meeting those of our spiritual family. Please feel free to share some of your thoughts and stories.

    Sunday, the 21st is World Peace Day..I read that NOON is the time to spread the vibration
    of peace. With all the different time zones, the vibration will wrap itself around the world.

    Monica: I have read that one person with one thought can change the world.
    We are all connected. We are ONE…lets spread the vibration of Peace among others.

    Think Peace, Feel Peace, Be Peace
    I feel God inside of me
    I AM a part of God

  7. Sooo many things to comment on…Where do I start? A belated welcome to out site to Evelyn. How come none of you all welcomed her? Thanks you for coming into our chapel!…Jorge…where have you been? We have truly missed your humor…Cate..thank for sharing your new experiences and returning home..Linda and Bonnie and Tammianne and Karita…as always..your wisdom from you all is cherished…Mike, your son is already a Messenger and an apostle…(I AM SO SORRY IF I LEFT ANYONE OUT)…Like Miryana, with whom we would not have a site… if not for her, our chapel doors would be closed…and we are soooo close to having a new server that we can do live broadcasts again soon.
    And about politics..the community of spiritual masters said we have to change the leadership in the world…So Obama says let’s go into Syria and get ISIS…and the Syrians say..check with us first before you go into our airspace…and Iran says…but we are concerned you will stay there to fight the Syrians..and Obama calls for a meeting in Paris of all those against Isis, but can’t invite Iran for he doesn’t’ want the Saudis and Egypt to get mad at him…and the Iranians say.. we want to join with you but why didn’t you invite us to the party in France..and Russia says, stop ISIS, but they agree with Syria, and the Iraqians say HELP! And Obama and Sec State are confused what the other is saying what the USA position is…and they are reading from different scripts…PLEASE COMMUNITY OF SPIRITUAL MASTERS..CHANGE THE LEADERS ASAP! Or stop the world..we want to get off!
    Seriously..aren’t you ready for us, together, to bring in The Great Tomorrow?,,,,Nick

  8. Monica Larson says:

    I have been reading the website for several months now since Nick had mentioned it. I read about the ‘London Event’ that took place Dec 23rd 2013. I now wonder who the participating representatives were that attended that event especially now that wars have broken out between Russia/Ukraine and now Isis in the middle east. Did they really listen to the Masters and Allies when they met? What are those representatives doing now to stop the continuing fighting in Europe? I feel that we as a nation are going down the ‘war path’ along with 13 other allied nations againt ‘Isis’. This I believe is one of the ‘ruts’ Maitreya is referring to. We as a nation revert to war. We need to ‘send more love and light than irritation and judgment of others’. It starts with each and every one of us. We need to envision peace in the middle east. I don’t know what’s going to happen. If everyone who read this site and would envision peace would that be enought to lessen the violence Isis is inflicting? I plan on doing just that. Peace to all…

    Blessings to all,

  9. Cate thanks for the link below.
    I think I have about 90% of these covered. And to think all this time, I was just chalking everyone of those symptoms up to old age…………

    I do have a question though: What is Ascension or what does it mean in this context? I have heard the word “ascension” used before and just assumed it was a synonym for enlightenment, but now I am not so sure.


  10. Monica Larson says:

    Miles,keep posting,for you are wise beyond your years! Thank you Mike for sharing Miles messages.


  11. Jorge: glad to see you stopping in.
    Nice joke, but sad as well since HMO’s are really like that.

    love what you said about the Heart….right on brother.
    (I got a bit lost for awhile.)

    Shine on

  12. Jorge is back keeping us rolling in the asiles.

  13. “All Nurses Go To Heaven”

    Three nurses went to heaven, and were awaiting their turn with St. Peter to plead their case to enter the pearly gates.

    The first nurse said, “I worked in an emergency room. We tried our best to help patients, but occasionally we did lose one. I think I deserve to go to heaven.”

    St. Peter looks at her file and admits her to heaven.

    The second nurse says, “I worked in an operating room. It’s a very high stress environment and we do our best. Sometimes the patient is too sick and we lose them, but overall we try very hard.”

    St. Peter looks at her file and admits her to heaven.

    The third nurse says, “I was a case manager for an HMO.”

    St. Peter looks at her file. He pulls out a calculator and starts punching away at it furiously, constantly going back to the nurse’s file. After a few minutes St. Peter looks up, smiles, and says, “Congratulations! You’ve been admitted to heaven

    … for five days!”

  14. Happy Monday!
    Lots of great stories!
    Awesome boy you have there Mike!
    Yes CHANGES are coming and most won’t be
    pleasant but for those with “eyes” they
    will see the truth behind them.
    Don’t rely on your human brain because it’s
    been programmed to act and behave in certain
    predictable ways. Rely instead on your HEART
    mind/chakra and if you react from that area
    you will always be on the right path and
    walking hand in hand with our creator.
    Okay..enough of the mombo jumbo.
    You all know Nick met Caesar at his palace wright? Even got his autograph!
    To my favorite apostle!
    Sid Caesar.
    Caesars Palace Las Vegas

  15. ok, one more thing–something from the good news side of things on planet earth. the ban of cfc’s is stopping ozone depletion. estimates perceive that the ozone layer will be back to what it was by mid century due to the ban. it *does* matter how we respond and it does not hurt business to address our global needs. Just one ‘good news’ thing to report from the world news point of view.

  16. Cate, i totally understand. there are people in spiritual community that are exacerbating conflict and are not committed to authentic self and forgiveness — so it is hard to jump into situations and not know what or who you can trust. I had a reading once that told me that i had walked into a group who were a destructive force in atlantis (she said I was part of the ‘law of One’) and they were orienting themselves around me again to bring me down. This was years ago, I got out in 2000. Imagine just how scary that is. It is not happening so much now that I found space with Nick, but I went from the frying pan into the fire so to speak for quite a few years.
    I feel that Nick is truly authentic. I’m not saying that I agree with all of his opinions, I have my own, but he is really safe and authentic and more importantly, genuine to people. He has such strength in just telling people what his truth is. I love it and I know others feel the same.
    Thanks for owning up to where you were and now are in your mind. there is a lot of good that comes from this, most of all because you are telling your own truth and willing to share that process with others.

  17. I completely understand Tammianne…100%…the whole list…the nightmares and dark stuff are going away now and I am having the beautiful experiences mentioned…so there is light at the end of the tunnel. Hang in there!

  18. Linda, I was in a dark place of anger, fear, frustration, depression at that time. I won’t get into it here but thank you. That list was a lifesaver for me Bonnie. When I read it, it explained so much of what I was experiencing and couldn’t talk about. I’ve been passing it around since then and it has helped many people understand what they are going through.

  19. Cate: Yup, almost every one of those on the list..It’s really getting crazy and I admit
    that Friday morning terrified me when the room looked like it was spinning…And I am feeling like such an airhead!….I am not all here, and yet I don’t know where the other part
    of me is.
    Intense energy as I type this…confirmation I think.
    Thank you so much my friend for posting this.

  20. Bonnie Russell says:

    Cate, I loved that link that lists experiences of Ascension. It explains a lot. Thank you.

  21. Cate, i really appreciate that list. it sounds like what i experience every day. i also am having my soul chord carry a more consistent resonance with Universal Love and Compassion so I have to really push myself to accept what reality is telling me in my heart and giving up on my knee-jerk impulse to buy into the hostility in the mindless spaces I find myself in.
    I think I may be the Linda you were referring to in your comment. I just want to say that I never experienced you as being rude to me. I saw you as having your experience and it really had nothing to do with me. I did feel like saying to you, why are you making your feelings and point of view not welcome here? No one wanted that for you. I genuinely want the best for my brothers and sisters. Anyway, glad that you are receiving guidance that feels genuine and validating. We all have that need within us and when it happens for one person, it improves everything for all.
    Blessings ~

  22. i was just listening to barbara marciniak, pleiadian author/ channeler, and she said that the pleiadians said that we are very lazy but the interesting thing about us is that we can change our minds suddenly and herds of us start heading in a new direction. I would change the term very lazy to very dispirited. I think once we see the forest through the trees we totally take our brother by the hand and make a b-line to the good outcomes. we are totally like that, we are just so laden with poor outcomes that we forget we can change our minds.

  23. Bonnie, we have had our differences in the past but that is in the past. I respect what you wrote. Thank you

    Yes, Jay it is me. Thank you Kwabena and especially Linda, who I have been rude to on here. You didn’t deserve that.

    I want to post this…it is very important to know for anyone who is experiencing any of these symptoms, like Tammianne and I are. What you are going through is normal at this time. Hang in there.

  24. ok, now dispiritedness is the opposite of inspiration so you are listening to the wrong teacher if you feel even a little bit upset. You are too beautiful for that, let that go.

    the dark forces of the world want you to believe in sacrifice suffering and loss so that you never relinquish its hold on you and choose the light. it needs a split mind to keep the warring going in a mind that would hold only an innocent perception if it saw only the light.

    no matter how strong the pull is to apathy, separation, injustice, choose with your God mind to remember the new path to a Great Tomorrow. Remember the masters, the allies, your inspired thinking, the brothers and sisters that show you love and all who you shine on.

    if we will be advocates for Peace, we must relinquish the dark force (the polarized thinking) that perpetuates the mantra of catastrophe and start being the messengers of truth. message and messenger is one thing. You choose all the time, moment by moment. Forgiveness is recovering quickly from your misteps, without self-blame and without diminishing yourself or others. Remember learning is sharing inspiration, relinquishing untruth through forgiveness of the effects whose cause is already gone. We must depend on the higher mind in the aftermath of misthought. It is the only place where something can be done to undo the effects equally.

    As Bonnie said, one is already in the field of infinite possibility. we need only remember and activate that energy in our lives. we were created by That, we do not have to journey back to what is already deep within us, hidden by a cloud of thoughts that are impossible to reconcile with the truth. We must as I heard someone say “Let It Go ~ Let It Go ~ and start joining in the experience we seek in Grace, Love, Oneness
    Much Love ~

  25. Mike ;I agree, and it just sickens me down to my soul.

  26. Karita Lourene Altieri says:


    Recently, several days in a row, I have become aware of 4:44 on different clocks in my home.
    At times it is while preparing dinner, other times waking up at 4:44 in the morning. An e-mail would be sent at that time, and many other instances of 444 randomly appearing.
    Perhaps it is time for another 4:44 worldwide experience; to pray for WORLD PEACE. There is a beautiful song, “Let There Be Peace On Earth, Let Peace Begin With Me”

    Powerful Prayer From Spirit:
    I and The Father are One,
    I stand uplifted into the Light of Creation.
    I stand One with The Creation;

    As we are all One, then let us pray for World Peace together at 4:44 (The Power of God).
    It will be a link around the world for it will be that time somewhere in other parts of the world as well.

    Peace is the Word. Love is the Vibration.
    Blessings to all.
    Karita Lourene

  27. Bonnie Russell says:

    I almost didn’t go to service today too, but glad I did…the message and music seemed MEANT FOR ME! POW!!! Basically, life is for LIVING, and give it all you have. Spirit is in the midst of you and EVERYTHING you are going through. God didn’t promise us easy or without challenge and pain. Don’t live in the challenge, but live in the POSSIBILITIES. God promised to give us STRENGTH and is with us ALWAYS. God will deliver, but WE MUST ASK! Give it all you have in and through Love, and it is ours to grow and expand in Love and Consciousness. (In so many words, delivered by Rev. Beth Ann Suggs. She recovered in 6 months from a disease/affliction that normally lasts 3 years, using this focus and affirmations. Powerful stuff!! Love to all, Bonnie

  28. well, having missed going to the Spiritual Center for 3 weeks for various reasons, I got
    myself up early this morning and went. I am glad that I did.

    “The thing that thinks the thought is the thing that needs to be changed.”
    It’s the divided mind that needs to change but the divided mind doesn’t really exist. Wholeness is all we really have.

    The heart longs for expansion even from its own love that it created.”

    words to ponder
    Reverend David Alexander

  29. I often pray that so many that used to post here regularly would come back. There is a lot going on.
    I disagree with most of that. Our American politicians disgust me. The US has killed more innocent people in the past 12 years than all other countries combined.
    Num of total Ebola deaths since 1976, worldwide: 3,987 worldwide deaths
    Num of US Service men deaths since 2003 in Iraq: 4,486 US soldier deaths
    Num of Innocent Iraqis killed by US politicians: 195,000 Iraqi deaths
    #1 cause of death for US soldiers since 2010: suicide
    The US attacks and occupations of peaceful, civilized, and industrialized nations is illegal, immoral, unjust, and a disgrace.
    “People should.. do what they can to help those worse off than themselves” — That part I agree with.
    To help, we need an awakening in this country,
    Building 7:
    $2.3 Trillion missing:
    Peace and Progress, Mike

  30. Bonnie Russell says:

    Miles, never lose your ability to feel caring in your Heart! Keep listening to what your Heart tells you, and people will continue to wonder how you ever got so smart! :-)

  31. Welcome back Cate.

  32. Miles: exactly right…you are very wise indeed!

  33. Hello everyone,
    My son, Miles, was very excited to read everyone’s responses to his post. He wants to write another one:
    I asked him “How are we supposed to feel caring if it is difficult for our brains to care?”
    He responded immediately:
    “If it is hard to feel it, then feel it in your heart.
    - Miles

  34. Nick -God Bless you for your work, books, web site and broadcasts. This is the most inspiring communication I have ever found. It indeed feels like TRUTH as do your books starting with ‘The Messangers’. Do you have a date for the next broacast? There has not been one for awhile. I love you and your dedication. Evelyn in Michigan

    PS – My daughter lives in Sherwood, Oregon. I will be there for a visit Oct.10 thru the 19th. Are there any meetings, etc. sscheduled in the area for that time? I would love to attend. Love and Blessings. Sorry for any typos my fingers are not working too good today.

  35. just one more thing came to mind. this quote attributed to scribed material from Jesus
    “all learning is change in motivation.”
    so if you find yourself lacking the motivation to move forward we need to engage an inspired group so that we may teach and learn to move into a new space of motivated living.

    when people are inspired by the demonstration (the teaching) of another, everyone moves forward. If you noticed when Cate came back everyone jumped in with a Yes, because our mutual best interests are in sharing, learning, moving forward as One. someone only need signify their willingness for the bell of willingness to sound in the truth of others. in this you can see how we are all connected but appear as many.

  36. Dennis, you bring up such a vital concern for our curriculum. We must recognize that we have often incarnate in other soul families around the world and we are here to discover that we have common issues, common ancestry and that everything is in our bests interests. It gives more diversity to a soul to incarnate in different soul families, different races. Those people often return to bring about needed change in our world. One person I’m thinking of MLK, who returns (after lifetimes in africa) to become the countries civil rights leader.

    Or we can return with a refined soul message; for example, everyone is entitled to life-saving healthcare and then you become a Paul Farmer and go to Haiti and share your connections with the resource of a Boston hospital and start turning the tide. Paul is a white american but he has a haitian wife and lives his life to break down barriers to resources where there are extreme poor people and poor outcomes.

    the other I’m thinking of are the docs from all over who serve in africa to treat ebola patients. an interviewer once asked: why do you do it? you could get sick? the doctor answered, you don’t ask a fireman why he is running into a burning building, why do you ask me, the doctor? –it is what I do.

    I thought that was a great answer.

    Acquire so much learning here with Nick and with others in this life that you could find yourself anywhere bringing change and comfort to your world wherever you may find yourself going forward.

    Much Love ~

  37. Mike, thank you so much for sharing your sons very powerful, yet simple words. It gave me chills to read what he said and you must be so proud!