The Great Tomorrow….

Nick speaking… We welcome you to our foundation’s site, which we hope will become your spiritual haven. You will be joining people here who are from all over the world, from all different walks of life. Some observe religions and others do not.. but all have spiritual relationships with God, as Sara and I do. We are here with a common purpose…which is to help one another spiritually, to evolve in becoming at one with that part of God inside of each of us. …and we have a commitment to raise the consciousness of humanity….We believe since we are all God’s children we are indeed all brothers and sisters. We are committed to live our lives embracing universal love and universal compassion…Come join us in creating The Great Tomorrow.


FROM NICK: I have been blessed to join with Sara on this website  in which we will pray for those who are in need of a healing...We are not healers; God is the healer, using us as the Lord’s conduit to reach that part of God inside of each of you…You are not humans that by coincidence have a spirit and a soul. You are spirits with a soul that are having a human experience. …Sara and I are non-denominational…


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  1. Welcome also Corrine: I am glad that you enjoyed “The Messengers.”
    I recommend that you read Nick’s “Time for Truth” and “The Commitment” as well….equally fascinating.
    Enjoy the site and share your thoughts.

    Welcome home to Robyne and Corrine
    Be love and kindness everyday

  2. Corrine Martin

    Hi Nick,

    I just read your book The Messengers and was fascinated by it. Corrine Martin

    ( This came through on a page that nobody here can see….program glitch)
    pasted here.

  3. Welcome Robyne to the site of Universal Love and Universal Compassion.
    Thank you for sharing your story. Feel free to read all on the site ( on the side tabs) and watch
    the “broadcast archives”. You can learn a lot by your ancestors and viewing your past lives.

    Shine on

  4. Robyne Hedrick says:

    I feel a connection to your book called Messengers.I feel many people will Nick.Years ago I went to a physic that told me I’m the oldest sole she has ever met.She also told me to look up Enniskillen Ireland.To look for an old church,I was buried there in a past life.(I wish I had asked her who I was). Since then I have been on for two years.To my amazement many of my ancestors are Irish Kings,(O’Niell’s).I now would love to be regressed to see who I was back there.Your book has been a real eye opener for me Nick.I will be sure to contact you in the future on this subject.One other funny thing the physic said was she had never had to quiet ancestors like she had to mine.Apparently they where all talking at once,there must have been a room full of kings lol.She asked if my family was known to having large parties! Can’t wait to meet them all. Robyne

  5. Pam: I love your story…thanks for sharing it…and I am glad that you are breathing again!!
    Families stick together, on this plane and on others.
    Shine on

  6. Yeah,I had to go back on allergy meds. because I’m a fan of being able to breath.I figured that I couldn’t be off them.It sounds like you and your son are close so I’m guessing that you had a close relationship in another life.I started believing in past lives when my daughter was five and we got a book of family pictures from my aunt.My son, daughter and I were looking through the book together.I had one on each side of me.We got to a picture of an aunt that I didn’t know existed since she died when she was eighteen months old.My daughter started saying that she liked her.I tried telling her that I didn’t know her so she couldn’t know her either.She kept telling me no mom I know her and I like her.She had the same reaction when we got to a picture of my grandfather.I asked her when it was that she knew these two people.She told me that before she was born that they both took care of her then sent her to me.It’s strange too because she looks just like this same aunt when she was the same age.Paula,I like your story.It’s comforting to know that some stayed to help in her transition.

  7. ” You know when you have encountered Divine Wisdom that resonates within you.
    And you know when you have not.
    That level of knowingness is valid for you alone.
    It does not determine what is and is not truth for another.”
    A Journey to Oneness

  8. Pam: sorry to hear about your allergies and waiting…yes, if you are not dying, you have to wait..
    that’s what I’ve been learning with it.
    I was shot by another Indian..our group was raided by another….but you could be on to something about sharing a life with my son in a past life and that is our connection.

    Paula: I love your story…thanks for sharing.

    Shine on

  9. Linda O. says:

    Back to the buddhist analogy of the mirror of the mind and water moving smoothly over rocks. That is a pleasant positive experience. There is no fear there. It sort of charges one in a positive way.
    Alternatively, the energies of resistance. That would be disembodied entities slamming doors. the situation is interesting to similar entities like itself and before you know it you’re asking ‘them’ to leave.

    This is why it is essential to learn the classroom of ones life involves both the law of attraction and the universal laws of cause and effect. When you get a taste for true cause you can sort out your direct experience from a set of posers, and you also understand how to actively hold and keep energy clean for yourself and someone else. It requires presence, to be fully attuned to the cause of your soul mind energy.

    unsettling phenomena will only force one to ask more questions about phenomena, not about source. If the search involves external searching and is built on explanations that essentially builds on falsity, one is stepping off the path to make form real while dimming their own inner attunement.

    The Physician must always ‘know himself’ to heal his mind of the maladies he sees in others. The same is true for the consciousness on the path to Oneness. Everything returns to ones own responsibility center in which they realize they are truly responsible for what it is they see. It is the beginning of manifestation of the state of mind in which real communication is given and received.

  10. As it relates to “asking spirits to leave”, I have personal experience to share on this subject. . . .prior to my mom transitioning but while she lay ill in the back bedroom, my sister came out of the bedroom and said “Hey Paula, can we get some of those people out of mom’s room–it’s really crowded in there!” [note: the only “people” in the house was her, me and my mom]. I knew what she was talking about as I had been feeling cold spots and hot spots all over in that room. So I walked into the room and said “Anyone who is not here to help my mom with her transition needs to leave–please leave the room.” The front door to house shut and both my sister and I heard it; she said “oh, someone’s here and she left to greet whoever had just arrived at the house–but she returned and said “I know I heard the front door shut, but it’s all locked up and no one came in!” I said, “well, they were letting you know they left, like you requested.” She said “OK” as her eyes became the size of saucers. My recollection is that there is a Universal Law that must be adhered to here; we asked and they had to respond (leave). The whole thing spooked my sister, but I was OK with it all. The room was less “crowded” after this.
    Hope ALL of you are in good health and keeping your energy high! Smile!

  11. Linda O. says:

    mirrors represent dimensional self awareness and if the person passed away before you came to have the mirrors you will get a sense of what remains of that persons memory, looking through the mirror. When one transitions it is like they walk into another room, much like the other side of a mirror. If you feel scared you should honor those feelings by watching them pass without giving them special meaning. Giving away the mirror if it doesn’t work in your energy is fine as well.

    this ability to reflect is all tied to the universal laws of attraction. the buddhists use mirror-analogy to reflect a state of wholeness of mind. analogies like keeping the mirror clean and even meditating on water running over smooth stones touches on that dynamism of the laws of attraction.

    underlying fear or uncertainty can energize these lower level energies, but it is not creative. you can think it is, but it is residual, an effect of what once was.

    Do not expect to look to the past to find Life. It is happening Now in a whole state of mind in which all the attributes of Creator reside.

  12. The bump on the ear may be a bullet fragment from being shot when you were an Indian? Or something else from that era.You would have had ties to your present son in the same time period,too.
    My daughter and I have Family Care through the Oregon Health Plan.I’ve been waiting for just over two months to hear back from the allergist about being tested for allegies.In the meantime I’m not supposed to take anything for allergies.I guess I’m not supposed to breath when the allergies get out of control.
    Linda O.,When we first moved into our house there were two mirrors left behind.One above where we put our desktop computer and one downstairs in the laundryroom.We had someone attached to them.We would see spirits reflections in the mirrors when nobody else was in the room with us.My son more than anyone else.I think that is because he has mild retardation so he is more open to the spirits.

  13. Linda O. says:

    you may want to do some research on the period of the furniture and where it was created. from there you can expunge the memory of those who may not have been happy while owning the furniture. It is now repurposed into your hands and you can assure the universe you appreciate. voila, spirit gone.

    it is more important to move yourself out of the fear that a ‘spirit’ may attach itself anywhere because guilt-based entities work with fear, just as a rule. Step out of fear, have a laugh, look at it with a reasonable mind. If you are a child of God, what is a ‘spirit’ with an attachment issue? Returning to the cause of Love heals your mind, no matter what the symptom.

  14. Pam: I had to drive to Gresham. I am being told that this Dr. Polin is the only neurosurgeon in the Portland area who will take Family Care through the Oregon Health Plan…It concerns me,but I was grateful to see him…Now, I am just waiting for his office staff to get the paperwork done.

    Birthmarks: yes, when I was doing energy work with Warren in 2003-04, he touched a place near my heart and asked me, ” what happened here?”…I answered, ” I was shot.”.
    Well, it was the past life when I was an Indian that I was shot…I didn’t tell him that.. I died.

    Also, I have a bump on the outer side of my left ear…to this day, I don’t know why it is there, but when my son was three years old, we were sitting on the sofa playing a board game, and right before my eyes, he developed a bump on his left ear also…it was the craziest thing…his ear became red there but he felt no pain.

    life as a human is very interesting

  15. Yes insurance does make a big difference.Mine was covered through workers comp.Since they were trying to get out of paying they picked one out in Gresham.It sounds as if we now have the same insurance.They seem to have doctors that not a lot of people would want to go to.But at least it is coverage.

    I’m so glad that my daughter is working.This is the first season for the team.It’s a college team but they are drafted into the majors from the team.They are called the Portland Pickles.The game was called last night because of all the rain that we got but at least she got a couple hours in.I walked outside to go get her and saw the prettiest rainbow.

    With the memory of the past life, if it’s dealt with in this life, in your next life you won’t have to deal with it.I thought that I had heard that.I have also heard that if you have birth marks that they are wounds from another life.If so when my oldest son was born he had a strawberry birth mark on his right side.It disappeared when he was about six. Pam

  16. “You created every event in your own world, for you are the playwright and the star of your play. It is through your disappointments and heartaches that you experience the most personal growth. Your greatest lessons are learned from your most painful moments, trials, and tribulations.”

    “Don’t look upon those past experiences as though you’ve been a victim and ask, ” Why me, God?”
    Instead, look upon them as an opportunity to grow, to enhance your understanding that you are a part of God, a child of God…that you are capable of showing strength rather than weakness, humility rather than anger…..that you can manifest God’s love to others, rather than resentment and bitterness.”
    Nick Bunick
    Time for truth
    in part page 89

  17. There are four elements commonly believed to influence who we are upon our birth. The two that are most accepted and understood within our society are: (1) our genes and DNA, and (2) the environment we grow up in. Some people put stock in a third element, astrology- the positions of the planets when we are born..

    I have been told by Spirit over and over, lies in the fourth element- our past lives- the effect of which is many times greater than the other three elements combined.
    We enter this world with a soul that is the embodiment of all our experiences from our previous lifetimes. Even with twins, we can see at a very early age that one of them may be outgoing, the other shy……………There is no greater influence on each and every one of us than our past-life experiences.
    Nick Bunick
    Time for Truth
    in part pages 77-78

  18. Brian: I have read that highly empathic people do not like antiques because they can feel the energy
    of where that antique originally was.. It may not be a good feeling.

    If you brought an antique into your home, it could attract the spirit of who it originally belonged to.
    Is this what you are asking?….If so and you do not like the spirit, then you can ask the spirit to leave…Although, some spirits will not leave willingly.

    This is why many old homes “feel haunted.”

    love and light

  19. Can a spirit attach themselves to an antique when it comes into your house?

  20. Past life experiences are carried through each incarnation. This is how we grow and expand our consciousness. Lessons are presented in each lifetime. These are lessons that were agreed upon before
    birth. As Linda pointed out, they come back over and over until fully resolved and understood at different levels of consciousness.

    Pan, I am glad that your daughter is working. I didn’t realize that Portland has a new team.
    As far as the MRI, when I made the appointment, I was told that the facility on Nimbus, where I requested the service to be, had bigger machines…..Well, I guess those are reserved for the ones with money….I barely fit into this one.!..Oh well…I am grateful for my healthcare, but I sure have learned patience with it.

    Shine on everyone

  21. Oh Tammianne I am so sorry that you had to go through the MRI.I had to have one but luckily it was an open machine.I’m glad that I came to share an uplifting liscense plate that I saw while I was taking my daughter to work.It made my day and I hope it makes yours.It said URLVLY. Think of it with an o in it for lovely.Good news that my daughter is working,too.She’s working for the Portland Pickles.It’s the new Portland baseball team.I’m not real thrilled that she took the test to be able to sell the beer.At least she doesn’t drink it since she doesn’t like the smell or taste.
    Tammianne,with the memory of the past life, has that carried over and added to the PTSD?It seems like I have heard that passed lives carry over and affects how we deal with things in this life. Pam

  22. Story of Reincarnation and PTSD ( post traumatic stress disorder) and FEAR.

    About a month ago, I had an MRI for my lower spine. Knowing that I am claustrophobic, I asked how long
    the session would take. I was told 20 minutes and was asked if I would need a vallium. I said, “no:,thinking that I would be able to meditate through 20 minutes.

    I put on my earplugs, headset for music and in I went. I didn’t like it from the first minute. I had asked my Angels for assistance and asked again.I told myself to just breathe!

    After 10 minutes, the technician interrupted the music and asked if I was okay. He said that we were 1/2 way done. I said that I was okay. ( I was).

    I could tell that I was getting a little agitated about being in that tight space and decided to meditate deeper….
    After what seemed like a few minutes, I suddenly experienced a memory of a past life. I was in a tight space, like a small cave, and I was terrified. Someone was not allowing me to get out.

    I could feel the panic in me rising and I quickly snapped myself out of that experience. There is no way that I wanted to have a full blown panic attack in the MRI machine and have to do it all again.

    But, thoughts of fear entered my mind. I was thinking ” what if the power goes out and I get stuck in here?” and ” what if the technician leaves and forgets about me?”….just really stupid fear stuff.
    The panic was rising in my body and I told myself to just shut up and that everything was fine.
    Just Breathe!…I knew that we were almost done.
    A couple of minutes later, I heard Melvin’s voice, ” we are all done, I am going to get you out”.

    That feeling of panic lasted a couple of weeks. I pray I don’t have to have another MRI in this lifetime….at this moment, I don’t know if I could do it….The fear is still deep inside.

    Reincarnation….yes, it is real….many, many lifetimes…many lessons…many initiations..

    Be love and kindness everyday

  23. Pam: I am glad that you have forgiven your father. I think you are correct about the PTSD.
    Many lessons to learn.

    Shine on

  24. Linda O. says:

    One more cleansing thought. If someone is attacking your forgiveness and your boundaries, the most important thing to do is clarify your position and intent. If it is dysfunctional and overwhelming, it is best to remove yourself and continue forgiving on the level of mind.

  25. Linda O. says:

    Life is like an ascending spiral, you return to lessons at new levels as time and effort progresses, and you in balance you may discover what you are feeling, what still needs your attention, and what are your successes.

    Feeling sick, feeling ptsd, feeling vertigo are all part of getting grounded back into your center and doing the one thing forgiveness ask of you to Let Go and Let God. When you get grounded, feel safe, find the beauty in the moment you naturally reconnect your communication lines to the Divine. It takes that much focus and attention it is a very good thing one does and it shows their sense of worthiness is growing to listen in this way.

    Forgiveness on a new level sees your brother’s unforgiveness and knows that is no longer an acceptable option. It is important on the level of your mind to forgive him for the fear this situation brings. That sense of powerlessness is really the fabric of the early trauma. You can also stand up to him with Love and say this is not ok with me. You need help too. Lets have someone else deal with the situation so you don’t harm yourself in the process. It is never ok to be a witness to something illegal or unhealthy and do nothing. It will in fact become part of you karmically and you will feel the guilt of it.

    Changing your mind is an action and it does require you stand up for yourself in ways you did not do in the past. That is why I feel a trusted therapist, one who is balanced and clear, can help with security and consistency.

    I read one Jesus encountered two boys fighting on the road. His disciples started to intervene and he asked them to let them fight. He then explained it is reasonable to subdue someone with equal force to end a fight. It was a reasonable fight, equal force, and so forth.

    And you can then say when you forgive and someone attacks your forgiveness with unreasonable behavior you must determine your position with the same amount of effort. The ultimate reason is you are always only teaching to yourself. You are always only teaching what you need to learn the most. Teaching does not mean preaching it means essentially to demonstrate. It is practice in action.

  26. Thanks for the help.It helps with my understanding of forgiveness a lot.I have forgiven him because I have moved past wanting harm to come to him.Just more upset with my brother for wanting to pay him back for all that was done to us as kids.But that is for him to deal with. I can’t do it for him.I can only still believe that the only person you get even with are those who are kind to you by returning the favor and being kind to someone else.Tammianne,I have found that PTSD will always be a part of who we are now but it’s what we do with it that counts.I take a little “me”time each day when I feel it coming on.We’ll be camping the week of the Fourth and my first cup of coffee even my kids know to leave me alone.I walk to the river and watch the river and nature and reflect on the last year and what I can do to make things better for me and everyone around me.Most people from the Portland area knows where Molalla is.That’s where we go.Good memories for two of my adult children.There’s a mini train park out there near where we camp that we go to.We stop to ride the trains while we wait for check in time to camp.

  27. “Today I wrap you in the gentle arms of Comfort. Your wall has often come from your expression and belief of lack. Open the well spring of your hearts to Vulnerability. This is the kindness that you compassionately give to so many around you when in pain. What makes you less deserving of the same blanket of Love that longs to fill the cracks of pain you’ve endured? You are not broken: you are gently molded from the sands of Time, ever enduring until you become the embodied expression of the Change you wish to become. Acceptance Is Love.”- Mother Mary, (channeled by Pamela Aaralyn)

  28. Linda O. says:

    Here it is, it just came in clear. This is a common mistake people make. The Universe is not the counterpoint to your mistaken beliefs. Correction does not come from magnitude examining a situation which only appears real and inescapable to the bodies involved.

    We have free will and as such we made the world we see. Eating of the tree of good and evil is a perfect analogy here. There are good things and there are bad things and sometimes you have an organic apple and other times you choose a sticky bun that is not so great for you. As such, you say, well I really wanted that today, I’ll be responsible if I have a heart attack tomorrow. This false perception and justifications is the world. It is what it is. It is only perception, but because you find yourself here you are responsible for making that choice to be in a space in which God is a metaphor and not a reality.

    Because man mixes metaphors everyday he believes his creator is a mixed metaphor too and knows not of the whole state of mind he can return to if he invests an equal amount of energy in that direction.

    This is the paradox of the sleeping mind. In the bible, it speaks of Adam falling asleep but never of his re-awakening and so we are caught in the slight of hand of partial information and never venture back far enough to causation so we can learn that we are doing this thing to ourselves and we can awaken.

    It is much more deep and profound as it involves the overcoming of death and the assersion of life from a very real space.

  29. Linda O. says:

    Lemoyen, it is deeper than defenses. It is a Causal level in which effect and cause come together. This is the purpose of the classroom of life, to learn our lessons — not according to the worlds rules but according the Universal laws that are the energy and experience of our divine heredity.

    Contemplate the following lesson, no need to counterpoint: ACIM, Lesson 135 “If I defend myself I am attacked.” “Who would defend himself unless he thought he were attacked, that the attack were real, and that his own defense could save himself?”

    In other words, you first think you are attacked way before it plays out in time and it is left up to your own devices (guns) to defend yourself. The universe is thought, if we are to return to our awakened causal mind, we must understand that beliefs are things and that we have the power to change those things by changing our beliefs about them.

    There is no knee-jerk answer or universal theology we can use in time. We must be willing to walk the path of self-discovery to approach the universal experience. This means, we must surrender our cherished beliefs and be open to learning anew.

  30. Linda O. says:

    Tammianne, that was so heartfelt. Your faith is growing leaps and bounds.

    Pam, forgiveness is not of the other person. Forgiveness is for you alone. When someone does something that is unacceptable to you and you must tolerate it to survive, the action is really to get clear from the abuse not to mediate or try to change or fix the person or the toxic situation. When safely and security is accomplished, we feel the burden of the dirty history like wearing an old heavy overcoat. The burden is aches because it is calling for release *to save and salvage your life*. This process of unpacking, sorting through what is useful, from what is useless becomes our way of reclaiming our freedom from the past. We confuse the symptoms, the aching, the vertigo, the fear and anxiety to mean we are permanently scared and defective; yet, those symptoms are only telling us that there is something we must do to salvage our lifes *because* we are worth it. In other words, the symptom is the Universe calling you in for a tune-up.

    The Logion I hold close to my heart from Jesus in the book of Thomas reads:
    “If you bring forth what is within you, what you have will save you. If you do not have that within you, what you do not have within you will kill you.”

    If we downgrade a sin to a mistake, it is easily repairable. But the question is in circumstances of profound upset, am I willing to let myself be free. Am I willing to forgive this person so that I may set myself free. Now, forgiving does not mean you engage with them in any way at all. YOu may never speak to the person again, but do the forgiveness work on the level of the mind. What it means when you are done punishing the offender (either by hating them or hating yourself — both is punishment) is that you make ready for the healing to occur. You are the way for the Light to come into your situation. It dawns with the idea: maybe there IS another way. And, I am ready to change my mind because I don’t like how I feel now.

    Remember, no part of forgiveness is in arbitration or negotiation with the Offender or the history. It is purely an internal matter. It is a shift in ones own consciousness. It’s reward is your freedom and absolutely everything that comes with it.

    When one of us makes it through the gate, we keep the memory of our Ah-ha! moment alive by sharing the happy news. It is a blessing in both giver and receiver.

  31. Happy Father’s Day to Nick, and to ALL dads! Have a good day full of happiness!
    Pam: I get how you “feel” but I also understand that that perspective is from third dimensional energy, and not from your soul mind. If a person views their position from that of duality, separation and lower energy vibration, I see how they “feel” the way you do about forgiveness. My personal experiences have allowed me to see that once you center yourself in the higher LOVE energy, your frequency rises, you understand how everything is interconnected and your perspective is much wider. Not only do we naturally forgive from a place of love, but certain negative energy words like “hate” won’t even be allowed to be used in our own vocabulary. Suggestion: Keep it simple. Everyday focus on being in and coming only from a place of LOVE, JOY, HAPPINESS, GRATITUDE. Forgiveness will naturally occur from a higher perspective. Many possibilities–each person moves their own steering wheel. It’s OK to let it go and feel that loving feeling!

  32. Pam: I understand, truly I do…forgiveness isn’t easy, but it is required in order to expand your
    consciousness. It has taken me many years to forgive some people and yes, I wanted to kill someone so
    badly when I was going through therapy…I hated him that much.( 2 people actually, but one of those was already dead)..But, I worked through it and you will too…eventually……I have also suffered PTSD because of childhood events. It seems to be in remission at the moment. I recently went through a 6 months bout of it.

    It comes from understanding…for instance, when I was 5 years old, my big brother shoved me down a flight of stairs. He wanted to kill me.( this wasn’t the first time he tried to kill me).
    It has only been recently that I have known the answer as to why…He said it was because someone had
    done it to him…He had a rage in him from a very young age….and guess what? so did our father…and his brother…and their father….generation to generation.

    Blessings to you Pam for not passing it on. Because of this, you have assisted in the collective consciousness of humanity. You have assisted in raising the vibration of humans….Thank you.
    Your father was not strong enough to do this…my father was not strong enough to do this.

    We are the first wave of volunteers to come and assist Earth.

    Blessings to you and your family

  33. Lemoyen Apostle says:

    The killings seem to only happen in gun free zones. If guns are outlawed, only hired (sent, programmed) assassins will have guns. Ordinary people will be left as defenseless as those in the nightclub after the security guard withdrew from the situation. The best way to protect yourself, of course, is through your belief in God’s 24/7 protection. However, a gun can be a good back-up. If one person at that night club had had a gun, the outcone could have been quite different.

  34. Linda O. and Tammianne, You talk about forgiveness but what if someone can’t forgive?I find that I can’t forgive my dad because of the abuse that I went through at his hands.My older brother is worse when it comes to forgiveness.My brother had our dad living with him and has guardianship of him because he has alzheimers.My brother has said for the last two years that it is payback time for all that our dad did to us as kids.Recently because of health problems that could have taken our dads life he has had to be placed in an adult foster care.My brother is upset because the health problems didn’t take his life.Yes he abused us as kids but I can’t wish something like that on him.Everyone has to be responsible for how they feel and treat someone when they grow up.I decided that I can’t do to our dad what he did to us and feel good about myself.That is as close to forgiving him that I can get.Because of the abuse I have PTSD to deal with. Pam

  35. Linda O. says:

    Here’s a good summation point:

    “A universal theology is impossible, but a universal experience is not only possible but necessary.”
    ACIM, Manual for Teachers

    We can stop trying, we can stop measuring ourselves and each other. We can rest assured it will never be reconciled in that way. Woah, the peace from that realization! We will never develop a rulebook, as a universal theology is impossible, but the universal experience… that amazing realization awaits us all.

  36. Linda O. says:

    the course describes holding resentments as wielding a sword. You hold the sword on the other person or you turn the sword on yourself. The other option is making a sacrifice of the whole dead-end script where even a “win” is really a loss and dropping the sword and walking off the battlefield.

    There is a space in the midst of pain where one can make a total sacrifice and just let it go without a resolution. The resolution is, letting it go. The problem is we don’t know who we will be without the story and so our memory tells us ‘nothing’ is death and we fear letting go even that which is not in our best interests. I’m using the course a lot today but it sort of makes sense to use right now. In the course it takes you into a process of forgiveness by relinquishment and it tells you it will bring you to this space of nothing. It then describes the process of remembering your devotion to God as an “altar” that rises up from the space of nothing. Similarly, Buddha taught relinquishment of all ideas, even God, knowing that the void, this space of nothing, would reveal on the other side of it your true nature in God.

    There is a quote in Corinthians attributed to Paul in which he says “I die daily.” Its the little self, the ego, and it is the experience of facing total sacrifice and difficulties, despite having had revelatory experience.

    Deepak Chopra describes his experience as allowing his boat to be rocked. In other words, he looks forward to the conflict, because he knows through his practice it will be righted.
    Yeah, I’ll stop there. I’m now quoting Deepak Chopra. Ha ha…

  37. “make a sacrifice of the feelings of sacrifice.”

    very well said.
    I just recently learned of my life mission and the whys of my life.
    That sentence pretty much explains where I am in my life.
    I think it is time for a full cleanse.

    Be love and kindness everyday.