The Great Tomorrow….

Nick speaking… We welcome you to our foundation’s site, which we hope will become your spiritual haven. You will be joining people here who are from all over the world, from all different walks of life. Some observe religions and others do not.. but all have spiritual relationships with God, as Sara and I do. We are here with a common purpose…which is to help one another spiritually, to evolve in becoming at one with that part of God inside of each of us. …and we have a commitment to raise the consciousness of humanity….We believe since we are all God’s children we are indeed all brothers and sisters. We are committed to live our lives embracing universal love and universal compassion…Come join us in creating The Great Tomorrow.


FROM NICK: I have been blessed to join with Sara on this website  in which we will pray for those who are in need of a healing...We are not healers; God is the healer, using us as the Lord’s conduit to reach that part of God inside of each of you…You are not humans that by coincidence have a spirit and a soul. You are spirits with a soul that are having a human experience. …Sara and I are non-denominational…


(Nick Bunick’s books are available from Amazon, including his New York Times Best Seller,The Messengers.)

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  1. Derek Naughton says:

    I read your book the Messengers a few years ago and have been intrigued since. Last week I traveled the Natchez Trace parkway which runs from Nashville to Memphis. An old American Indian trail that was converted into a road after the civil war. I was surprised to read afterwards that it is 444 miles long. I was on holiday & it was my first time visiting the US. Thanks,

    (This posting came through on another page)
    Welcome Derek: I love to hear about 444 experiences. I hope you enjoyed your visit in the USA.
    Feel free to read the site and share your stories with us.

    Shine on

  2. Jay Daves says:

    This Jay Bird is just flying through. A few days ago I bought a strap for my glasses at Lenscrafter. It was cheap enough to be in my price range.

  3. Live your life the best way that you can
    Release the past
    Release karma
    Learn and forgive and move on

    Treat others as you want to be treated
    Do not create any more karma
    5 minutes of focus can change the world
    Dolores Cannon 3-31-2012

  4. Vow 4
    Control your Thoughts everyday
    Keep them Positive through work and play
    Your Thoughts are Energy so keep them Good
    I AM are powerful words.

    Shine on

  5. “Like everything else in existence, words are energy and spoken or written, they emit vibrations that attract more of their kind–the universal law of attraction–and in all of your languages, love, peace and unity have the highest vibrations. Now that these words are being used frequently around the world their powerful reverberations are awakening the peoples.”. . .
    “Light, the same energy as love just expressed differently, is radiated by acts of kindness and attributes like honesty, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, generosity; by being nonjudgmental and open to considering others’ perspectives while staying true to one’s own principles and values. Radiated light uplifts others–the ripple effects of a genuine smile, a comforting hug or an encouraging word are immeasurable–and light within imparts a sense of peacefulness, optimism ad self-confidence, not with hubris, but humility. . .”
    quoted words from Matthew Ward’s message of yesterday.

  6. Wield the Wand of Wonderfulness

    Heavenletter #5745 Published on: August 17, 2016

    Don’t think I tell you to dismiss the world. I exalt you to love the world. Just don’t make the world your God. Do not worship World Palaces. Do not give the world dominion over you.

    Obey the laws, and be true to your Self. True to your Self, you are true to Me. By Self, I mean your True Self. I do not mean your personality. Enjoy your personality, yet not be overtaken by it.

    Just as you do not know what life may bring to you, you do not know what wonders you are yet to perform. Of course, it’s not exactly that you perform wonders. You ARE the wonders. You wield the wand of wonderfulness. There are treasures within you that you have no idea of. These treasures humble you, not inflate you.

    Treasures may fall from your hands. They may fall from your tongue. You are a Messenger of God. The treasures may be silent. They may appear as invisible. Right now, most of these jewels in your possession are invisible to you. It is like you have squeezed your eyes shut.

    Jewels from you will venture forth. Rubies and diamonds will fall from your love of their own accord. They know when and where. You don’t have to know. You are an instrument of My Love and Will.

    All this I planted in you. Blossoms know when to blossom. According to its season, fruit knows when to appear, and it is beautiful. The world is beautiful. Life is beautiful. You are beautiful. Beauty is made of love.

    Know you are beautiful, even if you don’t know what I mean as I say it — take it to heart anyway. Feel My Words as manna from Heaven. This is what is meant by knowing your worth. Take what I say to you at face value.

    You are at a high point of your life right now. Never mind that you may think you are at a low point.

    I tell you this: You are going to know greater high points. This will not concern you overmuch. You will not be looking for your personal value, nor will you care all that much about it, for you will be happy in My Light.

    You will find yourself immured in freedom. No longer will walls or enclosures be there to keep you back. The world you live in is within you. Your chains that were never true will be left behind. You are on a different track now.

    You are to live in boundlessness. All borders are gone. Ready or not, you are aswim in the Universe.

    You never needed boundaries. You thought you did. Throw away the canes and railings you held onto.

    No longer do you need to see the world through others’ eyes. You never did. You were hornswoggled into believing that you did.

    You need nothing. You are everything. You are the opportunity of a lifetime. There is not anything you cannot do even if you cannot manifest it yet.

    You are Vastness now. You are Infinite. I am in the Pocket of Your Heart. You can reach in anytime you want. I have always been there – here – there is no there — yet you were too preoccupied. I am never too busy to fill your heart. Let Me in.

    That which comes from My heart returns to My heart. The joker is that you never left My heart. You thought so, yet the one thing on Earth that is impossible for you is to be anywhere but in My heart.

    Shall I welcome you to where you have always been? Well, I will. I will welcome you to My heart. Here We are together. How does Our being together feel? Does it feel more familiar to you now?

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  7. Service

    Certainly, ego can motivate you toward success. At the same time, great ego does not make you great. Great results are nice, very nice, very wanted and very welcome, yet results do not sustain you. All the success in the world does not sustain you. All the money in the world is nice, very nice, very welcome, and yet, as you have heard, you can’t buy happiness with it. Success is not an external matter.

    Just as the secret of happiness as well as unhappiness lies within, the same secret goes for success, of course, regardless of what you say qualifies you for success.

    By no means do I say you are to scoff at success. Success is worthy. All kinds of success are worthy. Be wealthy. Be a movie star. Write a great novel. Be famous. Invent something wonderful for mankind.

    However, sooner or later, success in the world wears out. It’s not everlasting. It just isn’t enough for you. Even if the world bows down to you, it’s here today and gone tomorrow. Let love over ego motivate you.

    There is no being the fairest of all as the queen in a fairy tale wanted to hear every day. That’s ego. Sooner or later, ego lets you down. That’s the nature of ego.

    Have fun with fame, success, rolling in dough, etc., yet keep your wits about you. Don’t let world success go to your head.

    Oh, yes, the world tends to see you as more important with world success than how it saw you before your success. Still, the idea of importance is only an idea. Your importance goes deeper than what the world calls success. What the world tends to call success is a drop in the bucket. It isn’t enough to sustain you.

    Success is not everything. It could be said that success is nothing at all.

    Nevertheless, go for success and keep your feet on the ground.

    Let Me tell you were successful in arriving on Earth. You were born to it. You were born to live on Earth. You were born to Life in the world. Everyone who was ever here on Earth was born to Earth. You started out on Earth important to Me. You leave Earth important to Me. It is important to Me that you find peace and love on Earth, peace in your heart and love in your heart. This is success.

    Think of success not so much as making you a kingpin. Think of making yourself of service to the world. What service is for you to give that fills your heart?

    You serve Me and the Universe, and so you serve. Compose beautiful music. Be the great actress of the century. Do this in service. Know that an academy award does not make you more. With or without medals, you serve. Enjoy recognition of success, yet don’t be swayed by it. Success is not the making of you. I am the making of you. There is more to you than the eye can see.

    See with your heart. See through My eyes entwined with yours. See from the depths of your heart. See from the heights of your heart. See. Be. See. Be.

    Regardless of outer appearance, you are important. Regardless of status, you are important. You are tremendously important. It is you who needs to grasp your importance. The world is not under any obligation to.

    It is a good idea to love the world and everyone in it. Ultimately, your gift to give is love. Come, look through My eyes, and see the importance you are to Me. It was ever so. You are My Divinity.

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  8. Shine On with Angels!!

  9. Brian: I am always glad to hear of good news about your daughter. Our children are ready for the New Earth.

    Shine on

  10. Boy this last week has sure been stressful with re-financing our two mortgages. The first one has been awesome to work with but the second one doesn’t even return phone calls, emails or anything. Once, this is done hopefully we can get our life back on track with less challenges. 😉
    The good news my daughter has had a great summer she learned some great reading tips from new instructors from our area Orton gillingham teachers and summer school. It’s funny she didn’t have to go but was invited. Of course we decided it would be best for her and said I don’t want to go but she did well and had a fun time.

  11. too funny…I didn’t realize it did that. I have been messing around with the site, trying to fix the
    glitch problem that we have been having with the program selecting the wrong “home” page when someone logs on from cell phones…It is so random that it just doesn’t make sense…I changed the “home” on that page to The Great Tomorrow, thinking the program will not select that page…I changed it to “private” and the program came up with no page…so somehow the 2 pages are connected….I’ll change it back……We need to have a “home” button.

    We had a wonderful rain storm Monday evening….perfect timing for me..I have hired a friend to help me in the yard and he had just finished up about 1/2 hour before and headed home.

    Thank you God

  12. Hey, I just noticed that the “home” icon above was recently changed–now it says “The Great Tomorrow”. Very interesting. . .
    Praying for rain wherever it is needed (too much drought!)
    Keep smiling and shine your light!

  13. The church is not a structure and the real head of the christian church is not St Paul although he is widely quoted and often referred to as such. The church and the development of breakthrough enlightened thought came through the cultural diversity of all the collective messengers of truth. A messenger of truth is not a thing either. Messages are not given only to those who have made it to higher rungs on the ladder of truth, they manifest a full and unlimited score sheet called life, each soul-chord contributing. Minor chords, major chords, plunks on the keyboard — all of it, to the ear of the Divine, perfection. Now it sounds like I’m trying to include deficiencies in with the truth. I am not, I simply point to the ear of perfection that interprets the melody and I infer that the ear is attached to one’s own inner tuning. Hearing is indiscriminate, either you hear or you do not, and there is absolutely nothing in between. Think of a computer if you must, 1 and 0’s. On or off. Yes or no, and no place (a null set) for maybes or sort of. The Holy Spirit only waits until you change your mind to the affirmative, the positive, the Yes! in Experience because that comprises All that It Knows.

    So the church is not a place. Christianity was not established by Jesus or even by St Paul. All cultures and people are equal parts of the family of God. There is no such thing as ‘the only way is through Christ’ if it implies that other religions lead nowhere. It is simply not true. The Ascendancy is not biased. God knows not of opposition. Nothing unloving exists in Oneness. Oneness is indeed a whole state of mind that communicates eternally.

    As for Nick’s contribution, I think Carl Jung and later Joseph Campbell’s analogy of the Hero’s Journey fits well what he has been trying to emphasize in his own way here. This is an excerpt from one of Joseph Campbell’s interviews with Bill Moyers.
    If you are a visual learner google images of the Hero’s Journey.

    I believe Peterson wanted to get Nick into an alliance with him. That alliance, in turn, collectively made Nick feel as though he was over-sharing and tried to reel him in with a false impressions. They wanted him to keep his cards close to the chest, but share with them in their global community as being part of something akin to ‘the enlightened’ historical members pulling strings to introduce next-generation events. It is simply another form of church and as such remains a selective one. I don’t believe the Transformation that we are called upon individually to undertake permits us to live safely within such alliances, externalizing the teaching of truth to the unenlightened ones as we cultivate a bait and feed habit. I think that posture is an ‘old world’ dependency that will reveal itself in time as being unloving and thereby irrelevant in the very near future. I have learned to live by the teachings of the Inner Truth. Never seek for security in limited alliances because that is essentially the very same impetus that insulates and secures a continued belief in the continued need for death, rather than Truth. One needs to be free to learn their lessons individually and that is how we Become the Change We Want to See in The World. It is not the other way around, no matter how many secret hand-shakes one knows. No matter how self-important we become fraternizing with a celebrity figure.

    That’s what I believe was ‘going on’ here over the years. You can see why it is so difficult for a historical figure to come back with new developments. It is next to impossible to avoid gossip, cross-fire, and the dumbing down of information.

    Consider Forgiveness and Humility as the guide-posts on the way to the certain ends of knowing, God Is.

    Blessings and Namaste

  14. Jay, I read your post earlier and was shocked. Be safe on your trip Jay!
    Peggy, I like your sentiment and I agree—-we need to keep walking forward!
    The site is sometimes quiet and although I’m not sure why some people visit and don’t post, I feel that if only one more person feels inspired to keeps walking forward, then everything is worth it and happening as it should. Thanks Tammianne for all that you do to allow the site to continue. We encourage all visitors to join in with a comment, if only to let us know that you are stopping in with a Hi! Thanks Thomas for being present and sharing the HeavenLetters.
    Blessings to ALL!

  15. Jay Daves says:

    Jay Bird flying on the train to LA. We are 4 hours late due to hitting someone.

  16. peggy aldrich says:

    Thanks Tammianne for the explanation, it did answer a lot of questions I have had. it does not diminish the amount of satisfaction I have received from this site. Nick books and shows etc. has strengthened my faith and .given me direction and for that I will be eternally grateful. I love things to be simple and straight forward so thank you Nick tammianne and others . I will continue to keep walking forward. Peggy

  17. continued from below….

    By this time, many people had left the site and they did not return.

    And then things did not go well with his Dream… was my dream as well…I had visions of being in Los Angeles in the auditorium doing Music and Miracles…It was amazing. …I could “see” myself in The West End Building every time I drove by it on my way to The Spiritual Center…I would bless the building..I was manifesting Nick’s Dream…..And then the dream was no more.

    It was heart wrenching for me….So, I can’t even imagine what it has been like for Nick…to believe in something so whole heartedly for the healing of so many people in the world.

    He has been deeply saddened by it….down to the core of his soul, my guess.

    For the past 2 years, he has been rather quiet here….He has been facing many challenges..overwhelming challenges….only some of which I know about…And so, I understand….I have been running the site solo for the past 18 months because I believe in Nick and I believe in the messages.

    I am out of ideas…I love Nick and always will for all eternity. Soul to Soul…Others feel this way also, but have left the site and have not returned for their own reasons.

    There has been so much energy coming into the planet since December 21, 2012..So much has happened to Earth and humanity…So many going through so many shifts, myself included…physically…emotionally…mentally….

    Huge changes that have never before happened to Earth or humanity.

    There is much information now on the internet about The Shift…So many Lightworkers busy with the challenges of this monumental event.

    Be love and kindness everyday…That’s it….Be Love and the world will change for the better..

  18. Why is the site so quiet?

    My thoughts on it……

    This website was bustling with energy when I first discovered it in 2010…Many people with lots of conversations…”Time for Truth” and “The Commitment” were published, for which I will always be grateful…Nick was very active with the site…..then came the “dream”…the dream for The Great Tomorrow….Also, came Nick’s crazy time as some of us refer it to…The year 2013…

    So, what happened?…Nick got busy with plans busy with his Dream…and something else happened…what?…can’t really say. ..many can tell you that he just wasn’t himself….Many of us were worried….His energy was out of this world. He said things that were hurtful to some, including myself, and I had to step back. Many left the site and never returned….But, it was also during this time, on May 25, 2013, that I experienced an out of body experience while I was with Nick and some others…It was to be the beginning of a huge healing for me….one that would take about 6 months…It was also the time I began bio-feedback sessions for a couple of months…It was because of meeting Laurie who was with us that night at the hotel…more healing came…more insights came……Unfortunately for Nick, he was becoming more out of control.

    And I could not do the show with him then as he requested. But, I had a knowing that someday I would be doing the show with him…just didn’t know when…I knew that this person before me was not Nick….I knew that I could not be around that kind of energy….But, he continued the shows.

    And in March of 2014, he asked me again…I had been watching the show every week and I could see that he was calming down ….March 23rd, my first show with him and the healings for me continued. His energy was amazing. The energy in the room was incredible…Many higher entities were with us…

    In April, he went to San Diego and met Sharon from We Seek To Serve and together they met many Ascended Masters and off-Earth allies…He did many show s after that , giving us the information he had received….And his plans for The Great Tomorrow continued….

  19. The Dance Card of Life

    Heavenletter #5738 Published on: August 10, 2016

    God said:

    Methinks you do think too much. With your thoughts, you may be like a dog chewing a bone. You can’t get enough of chewing your thoughts. You ask yourself such questions as:

    “Why am I in a slump? Why can’t I be happy and stay happy once and for all? Why must I analyze so much all the time? Why do I think I must figure out my life? Why can’t I just live my life in joy and not question it? What is it exactly that I believe I must know? Do I have a gene in me that insists I question? Questioning has been a way of life for me to analyze and find fault, hasn’t it?

    “Couldn’t I be a comfort to myself rather than a poser of questions wherein I go round and round and not really get anywhere? Oh, yes, every once in a while I have insights and breakthroughs, and I begin to think that I’ve arrived, yet the outcome of my being so sure I’ve arrived is that I seem to be knocked down again sooner or later and find myself in shambles.

    “What makes me think I need all the answers? I love to live in rain and in snow. I love to feel alive and beloved no matter what the weather. I long to become a grateful human being in summer and winter. What is this within me that I think I must be well-received all the time everywhere, and be so disappointed when I am not?

    “God states that He loves me, loves us all. Can I not then be content?

    “Even when my life looks good, I pronounce it short-lasting. Oh, yes, I worry that bone. I question its Source constantly. I question You, God. I question myself, and while I try to find all the answers, I put my life on hold, or I, so to speak, go around to the back door of Life. I often try to hide from life. I put my eyes down.”

    Beloveds, now you know that you are to look life in the eye. You dance and you sing in accord with life. You don’t spend your time avoiding life or scandalizing it. You may invite life to dance with you. You may reach your hand out first. You are not on alert. You are in sync with life. You are a good dancer.

    When you see life as your partner and your dance teacher, you follow life’s moves graciously. You may say thank you to life. You do not say: “Why couldn’t we, you and I, dance a waltz now, Life? I don’t want to learn this new dance. I falter.”

    It seems you don’t want to learn all the dances there are. You want only those you can pick and choose. To some dances, you would give blue ribbons. In the case of other dances you don’t want, you would turn your back and beg to be excused from them. You see that they hurt you, even cut your heart in two. You don’t want such dances ever.

    You would love to reverse Life’s direction when it is not a direction you desire. You don’t want to learn some of the difficult dances. You do not ever want to experience them. You want to be excused from them. You don’t know why not.

    You don’t want to dance every dance card that seems to appear before you. Absolutely, you would like to be excused.

    Whatever life holds for you that you do not ask for, you demand to be excused from. In so doing, you avoid life. Avoidance isn’t your choice, beloveds. There is one life to choose, and it is yours. Learn it, and make it wonderful. Inevitably, you come out the other side of it.

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  20. Why is it so quiet on this site?

  21. Jesus said God is not sad, as God joyfully awaits humanity’s awakening. We can allow God’s healing thoughts and energy to flow through us, reaching others and allowing the change to become reality, sooner rather than later. We are ONE! LOVE is all there is.
    Sending smiles out to ALL!

  22. We are all responsible for the world and the changes that we seek. Be the change and the change will become reality. God needs our help. God can’t do it alone. There is much going on in the world and I believe that God is very sad. Let’s all send our healing thoughts to God and give to God healing energy. Let’s all be there for God, just as God is there for us.

  23. Heavenletter #5736 Published on: August 8, 2016

    God said:

    Look to your success.

    Just as your mother might have told you: “Don’t walk in the mud on your way to school. Don’t play in the mud on your way home,” I tell you to stay out of the mud of your thoughts. Don’t bog yourself down. Don’t muddy the water of your thoughts.

    Stay away from downtrodden thoughts. Look to success. Don’t give credence to all the reasons why a project of yours could fail. Failure isn’t your business. Don’t discourage yourself from what you desire. Don’t dally in the world’s advice. Don’t listen to accounts of how many people have failed. Don’t listen to statistics. Don’t listen to all the realism in the world. Forswear being realistic as the world defines realistic. The world seems to desire to keep you down on the farm.

    How many times did Christopher Columbus hear No? He did not take to heart all the refusals the Queen gave him before she said yes, she will finance his trip to prove that the Earth is round! Columbus set sail for India. He did not reach India, yet he discovered the Americas and thereby, he revealed that the Earth was round.

    If you desire success, listen to the success stories. If you don’t desire success, or you don’t even really want to go for success, then you would do well to listen to all the non-success stories. There is an overflow.

    Watch the company you keep.

    Inevitably, dawn rises every morning. All night, dawn does not come. A minute before the dawn comes, there is no dawn. Then, there, before your eyes, an inkling of the sun appears.

    Does this mean that every desire you work for will be realized before your very eyes? No, it doesn’t. Why call this failure? What the world might refer to as failure has also led to success. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. It is not a requirement that you be an overnight success.

    Trial and error also have their place.

    And yet all dreams do not come true. Ah, but going for the dream is a success all by itself.

    The idea of failure is an external concept. If you don’t know how to solve a math problem, that doesn’t make you a failure. Who says so? Be sure that you do not say so.

    If others want to sell you short, never mind. You are to never sell yourself short. You are never to take the world’s standards for you as your standards. The world makes assumptions. The world mashes too many opinions together and presents them as true. Let’s say it outright:

    The world too often doesn’t know what it is talking about. The world itself has even admitted that it has made mistakes. It was once sacred that the Earth was flat. The Earth is what it is regardless of what the world says it is. The shape of the Earth is not dependent upon the world’s say so. Earth does not need the world’s approval.

    Nor do you.

    Don’t let others’ opinions gang up on you. Be your own soothsayer. Be your own appraiser. Be your own thinker, your own decider, your own seeker, your own Star in the Sky.

    What matter all the opinions in the world?

    Two opinions in the world matter — yours and Mine. My opinion is not an opinion. What I say you are, you are. I say that all the possibilities in the world and beyond are yours to claim and commit to as you desire. When you desire something with all your will, who dares to say that you cannot achieve it? Who dares to say that the world knows better than you? Hey, you may well see a-right, and the world not. Anything that limits you is unfounded. You are a miracle worker. Be it, then.

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  24. peggy aldrich says:

    Thanks Thomas for the letter. When I read it it I was reassured I was on the right path at a time I was feeling pulled back with old history. again I am thankful for this site. Peggy

  25. Nick,

    I send you my light, my love and most of all green healing energy to help you.