The Great Tomorrow….

Nick speaking… We welcome you to our foundation’s site, which we hope will become your spiritual haven. You will be joining people here who are from all over the world, from all different walks of life. Some observe religions and others do not.. but all have spiritual relationships with God, as Sara and I do. We are here with a common purpose…which is to help one another spiritually, to evolve in becoming at one with that part of God inside of each of us. …and we have a commitment to raise the consciousness of humanity….We believe since we are all God’s children we are indeed all brothers and sisters. We are committed to live our lives embracing universal love and universal compassion…Come join us in creating The Great Tomorrow.


FROM NICK: I have been blessed to join with Sara on this website to do a weekly live audio/visual show in which we will pray for those viewers who are in need of a healing...We are not healers; God is the healer, using us as the Lord’s conduit to reach that part of God inside of each of you…You are not humans that by coincidence have a spirit and a soul. You are spirits with a soul that are having a human experience. …Sara and I are non-denominational…

Our Miracles and Healings show will broadcast on the date and time shown below. Click on the tab on top of the page and watch the show live, or you can watch it from our archives if you are not available at that time shown….. God has no limits…there have been healings of cancer, heart ailments, people disabled etc. Come join us and let God perform miracles. Nick

Date:   To be announced  Time:   4:44pm Pacific Time

(Nick Bunick’s books are available from Amazon, including his New York Times Best Seller,The Messengers.)


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  1. Linda O. says:

    one must surrender that which does not work in favor of what does. that which leads nowhere is surrendered in favor of that which leads to Life. The notion of sacrifice, loss, sickness unto death is surrendered in favor of the call of healing and the promise re-birth.

    we are not simply a capacity to transform, transmuting baser metals to gold. It is a comprehensive plan to implement balance into the world as it is. it is a come as you are party.

    our impetus to do something when we see the need for help in the world is correct and we need to start by accepting the truth for ourselves. until that habit of thought is mastered we are still allowing our mind to be steered by fear, not the principle of love.

    there are some who awakened to the truth, realized the world is not real and withdrew from the world, disrupting balance. By this I mean there are those who actively deny the reality of the world and withdraw their acts, both good and bad, from the world. Without Karma (good acts) the world would be destroyed, so extreme viewpoints that withdraw from the world resources to a balanced means can be destructive. We need everyone to share the middle path and to live their lives from a place of authenticity, peace and fellowship with all walks of life. I think that is why we found Nick. He enjoys life, he enjoys creating good Karma, he finds ways to involve others and to allow others to enjoy life through him. We can learn from nick and we carry the message of Love and Compassion into our lives as we give ourselves permission to become consistent bringers of the messages of truth.

    Let’s leave the transmutation of baser metals to gold to the Ascended Masters and those who have awakened fully from the dreaming of the world. We are children of God and what is most important to us in time is to realize our identity in Truth by freeing our minds from fear-based paradigms. A mind that is free to choose again and free to forgive is also a mind that is strong enough to exercise discernment in the midst of struggle and more turbulent times. It is always the fundamentals that bring us to proper alignment with the Truth because the fundamentals are not complicated by the conflict of warring egos. We stay with the simple truth, peace, love and happiness and we attract better outcomes across the board in our lives and in the world at large.

    Blessings ~

  2. Tammianne says:

    Linda, we are all spiritual alchemists.
    We are all One

  3. Tammianne says:

    “Every incarnation is undertaken with the purpose of supplementing past life experiences and to enrich and expand our souls by further tests and trials, to encourage the development of attributes that lead to higher levels of spiritual ascension.”
    Nick Bunick
    The Great Tomorrow
    page 57

  4. Linda O. says:

    it’s only your job to accept the final lesson for yourself. the final lesson is that you are perfect as God created you. that is all we can really do. as yeshua said recently, i’m not the savior of (your) world. that could only mean a couple of things. the world cannot accept saving, but you can. And as an individual i (yeshua) accepted the final lesson for myself and i encourage you to do the same because we are equals not in time but in eternity.

    try to be careful of grandiosity, Tammianne. we speak of grandeur or the presence of a whole unified unity but that is subjective, it is not in form. you, individually, are not saddled with the job of rescuing others from the perils of the world. you, individually, are not saddled with the responsibility of transmute the energy of the planet. your Dharma is both your purpose here and your intense Joy. It is knowing the will of the Father and having the power to carry that will out. you are being taught gently and in pace with your present circumstances and understandings that life is continuous –there is no death –and we are evolving along the same lines as the Ascendancy (the masters) and we are receiving the teachings now of universal love and compassion. these teachings have been distorted in earlier generations and we are coming into the time in which we awakened from the untrue through the presence of reason in the wake of impossible odds in our lives and communities going forward.

    Look for the light in your brothers and sisters. Take the second place to gain the first. Allow humility to be present in your thoughts. Allow yourself to be the child who is being guided by a power not of this world. Wholly benign and true. This would be the right estimation of yourself among equals on the path who are not all equal in time but we need them as they are, where they are in time. All good works (Karma) work for our individual and collective highest good.

    Namaste ~

  5. Tammianne says:

    I know that it is my job as a Spiritual alchemist to transmute the energy of the planet
    into love and compassion.
    Holding the light!

  6. Tammianne says:

    letting the illusion go
    Yeshua once told me” it isn’t real”

  7. Linda O. says:

    you really have to see that sacrifice is total, so to suffer at all is to feed the whole collection notion of godlessness. this does not mean you do not feel or grieve. it means that you develop the ability to be with your feelings together with your higher self and become willing to let the suffering go in favor of Truth will offer in its place. What troubles us the most is our belief that we are much smaller than we really are. We are actually feeding that belief and so the belief in suffering and sacrifice needs to be countenanced with this new presence of our maturing inner parent. We must seek more to be courageous in terms of ‘opening the heart’ rather than courageous in manifesting indignation or ‘belly-aching’ as I called my grief in the earlier post. We need to learn to just be with our feelings, allow them to be what they are, tolerate them, don’t ask them to leave or change, just be with the feelings — to be patient with them and allow them to pass gently by in time knowing our Higher self is with the experience if we allow that energy in to assist.

    In order to accept Love we must surrender what is not love. To mix the new with the old, you often get more chaos. We fear if we let it all go we will be left empty, but think of the Buddhists. They live there knowing that they are filled by not the things of the world but the Spirit of Truth — the real sustenance of life.

    What do the Angels say when they enter? –Fear not. They don’t say, complain and lament about what you believe to be real so that you cannot tell that we are not part of your nightmare. They say, Fear Not.

  8. Tammianne says:

    Yes, the important thing is to grow and learn for the collective consciousness.
    I just cry for all the senseless killings going on…when will it stop?
    Receiving and sending love to the world

  9. Linda O. says:

    yeshua is not special to any one of us but he appears in the healed relationship when you join with your brothers and sisters in the perception of unity and oneness. i do have a special connection to him but i have not shared it here on this website because people would not believe me if i said to them he is not special to one person more than he is to another. they would hold onto the relationship and i may earn a position without any work here, any true merit. (that is the difficulty with receiving past life information. one can become needlessly preoccupied with the implications. the important part is to grow and learn as a teacher and student. we are both teachers and students.)

    if yeshua is not still clinging to the memory of the cross and we know that he is not, then we need to stop clinging to the cross literally and metaphorically so that we may begin to refine our decisions of thought which are continuous through life.

  10. Linda O. says:

    the real lingering pain we feel is that we were not as awake as he was in that lifetime. he transitioned and ascended to the father as all of us individually and collectively would have it be as our love for him only unified in our certainty. our love for him catapulted him forward so that he may have a position of authority in the sonship as one who knows only love for self and others and compassion for those in need. We need to stop with associating painful memories and wake up to what is happening in the sonship to move all of us forward. We are in Truth One. None of individual or collective sacrifices led us on to a unity in truth. It just is not real. So we allow all of our little sacrifices and all our larger ones go in favor of Truth, Peace, Being, Love. If we sacrifice anything, it is the notion of loss.

    Much love to all ~

  11. Linda O. says:

    there is a development i would like to share with you, Tammianne. Maybe a couple of steps forward. Part of the approach to God involves a baptism of tears and these are emotions we have long resisted and these are thoughts about our own part in our responsibility to our self and others that we have long resisted or avoided.

    It is important to realize that although we feel these feelings profoundly, we have no power to make them true or eternal as they are not concrete, they are already passed.
    Standing in the Light is the Witness to the Truth and He has moved forward. Not only that but his compassion has touched lives we realize only when we allow our heart to open and when we share our identity in Truth. Streaming through Fogelbergs feelings about his father, was my own feelings about the ‘father’ of yeshua and also my feelings about how well I’m parenting myself.

    We must let go of avoiding the cross and accept it as our own last useless journey that led nowhere and release it for good.

  12. Tammianne says:

    now you got me laughing and crying at the same time.
    I understand, really I do.
    I have been crying every Sunday and Wednesday at the Spiritual center…just can’t help it.
    And I know what you mean by the double meanings about songs…the song writer, the people he is writing about, and then your own stuff…
    the 60′s and 70′s released some really great music.
    I was told on May 9th to accept who I am and be that..
    I have been trying to do that, but there seem to be obstacles in the way sometimes
    and more lessons to learn.
    I was in a hospice class once in 2008 because so many of my clients were transiting and I just wanted to learn more about the process and what they may be going through and their families…I remember that we were all laying on the floor breathing and memories were coming up and I was holding them in because I didn’t want to release with all the strangers in the room around me. the instructor could tell and she touched my belly and the tears just instantly flowed out and nobody knew why…
    I get so embarrassed when that happens….and yes, it had to do with Yeshua and that damn cross!
    just tired…
    love you

  13. Linda O. says:

    don’t seek for the pain-feeling times. they will come in the right time. stay optimistic, keep the peace within and help others enjoy life through you through your day.

    The instants of connection and help will come where and when they are needed. My belly-aching didn’t call on Yeshua, it was my willingness to attend the opening the heart ceremony that called on Yeshua.


  14. Linda O. says:

    so my belly and my heart was tingling with adrenaline and emotions and the next line:

    Oh, but it’s all right once you get past the pain
    You’ll learn to find your love again
    So keep your heart open
    ‘Cause love will find a way

    I had just come from an opening the heart ceremony and was completely overwhelmed. He’s telling me once you get passed the pain, you’ll learn how to find love again. But I can’t consider passed the pain until I let myself feel! He opened that door to feeling what was in my belly and heart driving down the road.

    As I know you all feel this way. I love him so much. He is truly a beautiful, beautiful soul.
    And a whole part of our own Completion! We are within Him and he is Within us. No loss, no separation. All is well in the kingdom forever.

  15. Linda O. says:

    the pablo cruise song. i was upset because yeshua was not here in form. i was feeling overwhelmed and i attended an ‘opening the heart’ event put on by insight. that was the first time i heard the words “you’re almost afraid to be true …to yourself.” it was like all the adrenaline of hearing his message hit my belly and hard and I burst into tears laughing and crying at the same time. Oh, that is what it is like to participate as a student. I actually have to feel stuff and own stuff and move my old stuck emotions and choose new patterns! Laughing and crying at the same time.

  16. Linda O. says:

    this fogelberg song came to me recently as i was at a concert by a local musician who was singing all fogelberg songs. often, my experience with yeshua is like a whole-mind/heart compassion so i was feeling for both fogelberg who wrote the song about losing his father who in the end he realized was a brilliant man and played the role in life as the conductor of fogelberg’s high school band. the person who was singing the song to me and the audience was honoring fogelberg who had lost his life early to cancer. between the lines of the song was my personal relationship with yeshua inclusive of others experience. Tears streaming down my face in such a whole-hearted beautiful tribute that we are now awakening to reason and he is alive and we’ve made it through some of the hardest travails and we are all here together now realizing we are The Help in Healing.

    sorry that paragraph is packed with information. it would take me 20 mins to explain this if I were talking to you.

    Love ~

  17. Tammianne says:

    okay, Dan Folgelberg has got my tears going.
    Yes, if I think of Yeshua, that is how it was.
    He was going off somewhere all the time .
    He belonged to the world from the moment of his birth.
    His brother’s lives were different and sometimes they were a bit jealous of him.
    I think that is why is was so difficult when my son went off on his mission for 2 years.
    it was really hitting home.
    when I was in California last month, he gave me ” Home” by Phillip Phillips.

  18. Linda O. says:

    Have you ever remembered Yeshua through songs or music? My songs are seventies standards. Someone’s got to represent –Ha-ha. I could probably make a song list but I was just thinking about this, Tammianne, and this one song I swear Yeshua gave to me one time when I was lost: Love will find a way (Pablo Cruise).
    Two others I can think of: Cat Stevens, Morning has broken; and, Leader of the Band (Dan Fogelberg)

    Listen and report back to me.

    Love! ~

  19. Linda O. says:

    one of my favorite Nick quotes is ‘to let others enjoy life through you…’ (Doves flying)

    suppressed or repressed will (anger) is not free will. if the mind imagines opposition, it is coming from a space of not free will but suppressed will. It is actually wishing, wanting and hoping for will but not living in free will. Recognizing free will is to discover the energy of Being at Peace and at One with Source by deciding for it.

  20. Tammianne says:

    Life is but a dream.
    And yet, everyone in every dream has free will.
    What if the characters in my dream decide they want something else.?..Something different than love and compassion.
    Is this where the Adam and Eve story come from?..They had a beautiful life in
    their garden of paradise and it wasn’t enough?..they wanted more?
    Isn’t that why we come to Earth?…to experience all of the emotions that come from
    the characters in all of the dreams?
    Is this why we have so much war and fighting?…
    Ignorance was created which in turn created fear which in turn created the need for control.?

  21. What if your entire life, it is one huge dream…that begins from the moment you are born to the moment that you make your transition? What if you created every person in your dream..and when you wake up, they no longer your world…for when you wake up from your find yourself in anther dimension…that is called …the after life..the after dream…the spiritual world…the real world that you are from.
    Create your dream with love and compassion…don’t be hard on the other characters you create in your dream..some that you call family..some that you call friends…Create a beautiful dream..enjoy every moment of it…and let the characters in your dream..that you create..also enjoy Life through you, in your dream…for it is your dream…You control it…You create it. Make it a beautiful dream Nick

  22. Tammianne says:

    pondering reality?
    what was my reality today?
    Was my day just a dream?…will I go lie down and have a dream in a dream?…or will that be
    real and the last 13 hours has been a dream?
    What is reality?
    Is my Soul the only thing that is real here? ….and it isn’t here?
    If it isn’t here, then where is it?

  23. Tammianne says:

    The level of spiritual evolvement that you are experiencing is directly related to how much influence your soul has on your life, until eventually you are fully controlled by your soul, and then the doors are opened for you to the highest spiritual influences in the spiritual world.
    Nick Bunick
    The Great Tomorrow
    page 62.
    this sounds like something that the reverend David talked about today.
    Believe in the power of the Universe- stop clinging to the rock-
    Let go and trust the Universe…Learn to float, it’s okay..When we stop struggling, we float.
    I’ve got you- stop kicking..signed, The Universe.
    Sounds like one of our Vows…use your Soul mind

  24. Monica Larson says:

    That’s so great. I’ve always loved what magicians do…

  25. Kathy Sutter says:

    All I can say is “WOW”

  26. Here is something to think about today, while you may be pondering reality. Nick

  27. Linda O. says:

    Tammianne, — one needs to stop thinking of Karma as punishment but as ‘good’ action. Karma goes on all of the time. The more good, the more Karma. Karma is work. What releases you from the subsequent lifetime is the joy you experience and the fulfillment in giving from a space of truth or what eastern philosophy calls living your Dharma. This joy breaks the bonds of sequencing in the mind by way of extension through the soul mind. If you return to another lifetime, you do so optimistically. You enjoyed life so much you feel confidence about wherever you may find yourself in your experience because you are at Home. Remember, home is not a place but the awareness of perfect Oneness.

    One we consider Karma as a one hundred percent give, which in time means whole-heartedness or giving from a sense of fullness we may become aware that our refined choices is creating a condition of living out our Dharma; that is, sharing our authentic self through our give, our work, our thoughts and actions.

    The first step is optimism. May all actions I take today be ones that come from a place of goodness, whatever I find myself doing.

    Love ~

  28. Kwabena says:

    the answer to your question in the second paragraph is in the first paragraph of your port below. Forgiveness is the key to breaking the cycle of karma.
    Sending you Love and Light;
    Peace be unto you.

  29. Tammianne says:

    So, since Source gives 100% all the time, then unless I give 100% of myself, I will continue to incur karma that will need to be lived out in another lifetime?…since I as a human, has to live in linear time?
    Of course, I would think that I would have to give 100% of my authentic self, which I can not give because of my karma debt….
    So then , does it come down to perception?

  30. Linda O. says:

    everything in time is karmic. it is subject to the laws of cause and effect because of form or space/time. inertia or inaction attracts like. good action or right thinking/ right action leads to more of the same. If you think of a good idea being shared, the joy yields results that increase exponentially.

    you need not judge on the level of content, but on the level of the results Karma yields. Karma does not yield fate. Karma is more closely related to the scientific notion that Like attracts Like. If the results of action (Karma) are dissatisfying, you learn to improve the results by making better choices.

    The world teaches this for that and encourages even exchange. The world is built on an idea of reciprocal thinking. You see this situation a lot when people talk about relationship. For example, a good relationship it is 50/50. That is not true on the level of karma. A good relationship is 100/100 or a total give. Because to give fully is to be your in your authentic self as Source only gives.

    The really advanced teachers of God only describe Karma only as good acts. Karma, to them, is good action. Interpretation of the term Karma over time has led people to believe in the worlds laws of reciprocity. To them it means good or bad, as in need of punishment. God seeks not punishment but correction but the individual is given ample time to learn from their mistakes and sing a new tune. This theory ties into what was given in the beginning which is Free Will. The theory of free will would only be a problem to a consciousness who perceives they are not free to choose. There are life conditions in which we are not free in time but the mind is always free to choose an interpretation. It is free to surrender its own limiting belief and give the situation to Source to be used only to benefit all involved. This action of mind would be what we call Forgiveness.

  31. I don’t know either, Tammianne. A wise friend once told me to “embrace the chaos”. And, I suppose, it is better to pray than to condemn. :-)

  32. Tammianne says:

    well, I have been learning that understanding and forgiveness is the key to the doors of Heaven.
    I also understand that if the rage doesn’t allow for understanding and forgiveness, then history will repeat itself over and over again.
    My question is: how does one know if their fate of a situation is Karma?
    If one is going through a karma event and needs to learn from it, then all the praying
    in the world is not going to change it.(?).
    The world really needs our love energy right now.
    I have been told that chaos comes before peace ( which I have experienced many times_…and also that the Light disrupts and churns up the darkness…which explains the current situations in the world….so many emotions, memories, thoughts being uprooted at the moment for so many people with all the extra light being sent to the Planet Earth..
    I get overwhelmed by it all sometimes and just step out.

    Peace to all

  33. Linda O. says:

    I felt the depths of my pain about the senseless of destruction with the recent downing of the Malaysian commercial aircraft.

    This morning guidance suggested the political climate in the Ukraine and Russia is emerging from the unsettled pressures from the Crimean war era. It happens in time when memories reconvene lifetimes later.

    How do we change if we are all acting from some deep ‘unconscious’ conflict that reconvenes in future lifetimes, when we perceive ourselves as new, born-again, and without any history or connection to the past? How do we as fallible human beings step out of the fear of the past repeating itself? –We realize that this is a self-same path and we begin to change our deep-seated erroneous beliefs by including ourselves into the process of healing, change, forgiveness and empowerment that is based in Oneness.


  34. Linda O. says:

    Did you ever think you would be reading a newspaper and read something like:

    (Nick) was the subject of the best-selling book “The Messengers: A True Story of Angelic Presence and the Return to the Age of Miracles,” which details Bunick’s discovery that he lived 2,000 years ago as Paul the Apostle and walked alongside Jesus.

    Of course that is preceded with information about a potential cancer cure and an organization that wants to implement sustainable crops in asia and help children across the world.

    Now, I can have a restful weekend.

    And Nick, if you buy any more real estate after this project, get me a nice little bungalow on Maui. You know I’d love it (with guest houses for my friends on the site) :)

    Blessings ~


    The city spent $20 million in 2006 to buy the West End Building, but the plan to turn it into a community center has never come to fruition. Now, the City Council is trying to sell the property. (The Oregonian)
    PrintBy Michael Bamesberger |
    Email the author | Follow on Twitter
    on April 08, 2014 at 10:09 AM, updated April 09, 2014 at 11:18 AM


    Nick Bunick, an author and major developer of Lake Oswego’s west side, is looking to purchase the controversial West End Building.

    Bunick has submitted a $20 million offer for the city-owned property, located along Kruse Way Boulevard. Bunick’s offer follows the collapse of a $16.5 million purchase agreement with Kensington Investment Group, a San Francisco-based hotel and retail investment firm.

    The property has been a financial drain on the city since it was purchased from an insurance company in 2006. After plans to transform the office building into a community center evaporated, the council mulled moving city hall into the building. Now, the City Council is resolved to sell the 14-acre property.

    Nick Bunick
    Bunick, a longtime Lake Oswego businessman, is eager to purchase the building. Inside the 89,000 square foot complex, Bunick intends to house three nonprofit organizations with very different aims: Curing cancer; preventing and treating child abuse; and helping poor Laotians learn how to farm rice and hemp. The ventures fall under his umbrella organization, The Great Tomorrow.

    Bunick’s main focus is the Kruseway Cancer Treatment Corp., a new company he says is close to curing the disease. Put simply, the company is experimenting with a treatment that involves “re-energizing” a sample of a cancer patient’s T-cells in a laboratory and then reintroducing them into the body interavenously. The treated T-cells will then locate and destroy the cancer cells, Bunick said.

    Bunick’s plans also include establishing a satellite office of ChildHelp USA, one of the largest child abuse-prevention nonprofits in the world.

    Bunick, 77, expects to only use 30,000 square feet on the lower level — the “west end of the West End,” he says. As part of any purchase agreement, Bunick wants the city to throw in a 1.3-acre plot of undeveloped land west of the office campus, which will connect with a small property he already owns at the corner Kruse Way and Carman Drive.

    The offer could be a good deal for the city; the current offices of the parks and recreation department, the McKenzie Teen Lounge and more are all be allowed to stay rent free. The city will still be obligated to maintain the property, however.

    With all the effort expended on the failed Kensington deal, the city council is making its next moves cautiously. The council in March directed the city to hire a commercial real estate firm to market the property regionally and nationally, so they can see a number of proposals.

    The council is expected to discuss the issue next week.

    Currently, the city spends about $1.5 million each year on costs related to the West End Building. The city is obligated to about $17.6 million in loan debt from the purchase of the property.

    Drive down Kruse Way Boulevard and there’s little Bunick’s hasn’t been involved in. He’s guided major developments including the Meadows and CenterPointe commercial and office parks and the Westlake residential development, which contains a street bearing his name.

    In fact, Bunick helped Clackamas County develop Kruse Way in the first place, back in 1972.

    Next, he’s looking to transform a scrub-tree and grass lot at the corner of Boones Ferry and Kruse Way into an upscale retail and commercial development named Avery Park, after his wife. The plans call for a pair of two-story retail and commercial buildings and a 4,000-square-foot park at the intersection, with an eight-foot waterfall, reflecting pools and benches. Bunick hopes to be completed by fall of 2015.

    If successful in acquiring the West End Building, his influence will stretch the nearly the entire length of Kruse Way, from Boones Ferry to I-5.

    Bunick says some of the money for the West End Building will come from a grant from the International Monetary Fund. But if the funds don’t come in time, he’s willing to pay for it with his own LLC.

    Bunick is a one-time candidate for Congress and the author of several books. He was the subject of the best-selling book “The Messengers: A True Story of Angelic Presence and the Return to the Age of Miracles,” which details Bunick’s discovery that he lived 2,000 years ago as Paul the Apostle and walked alongside Jesus. Bunick has since penned several follow up books.

    – Michael Bamesberger

  36. Jay Daves says:

    That is an interesting article about the purchase of the building by Nick.
    Thanks for sharing.

  37. Kwabena says:

    thanks for sharing. It certainly makes for good reading.
    Sending you Love & Light;
    Peace be unto you.

  38. Stephen says:

    For those of you that are interested in the practical side of things for “The Great Tomorrow”, here is a link talking about Nick’s purchase of the West End building.

    Seems like there should be some kind of celebration when this closes in the next month or so. Rumor has it that Nick has some awesome party hats…………

  39. Tammianne says:

    Stephen: nice video, thank you for sharing it.
    And yes, everyday, it is good to laugh, think, and cry.
    I also like what he said about cancer at the end of his speech.
    “Cancer can’t touch my mind, Cancer can’t touch my heart, Cancer can’t touch my soul.
    these 3 things are going to carry on forever.”

  40. Tammianne says:

    Mike: I love your explanation about God…It was too early for me this morning when I read it
    but it makes such perfect sense to me. Thank you for that. Your son sounds amazing.
    Linda, I love your analogy about God also and the fish being out of the fishbowl and then in the fishbowl…that is exactly how I feel when I am in the void and then when I am back with God.
    On Sunday, I asked Nick for a healing. He asked me what I wanted a healing for and I said ,” whatever they want to give me”..( the energy in the room)….I could feel the energy expanding my heart. The healings I have experienced since March have been in the heart.
    It has been amazing for me, except that I have become more sensitive and I am having to adjust to that. But, the sensitivity is allowing me to feel God even more so.
    shining my light

  41. All,

    I was watching the Espy’s last night and it reminded me of the speech Jimmy V. gave when he accepted the Arthur Ashe award.

    Here is the link. He gave this speech 23 years ago, and died two months later from cancer.

    I have listened to this speech many times and it always has a positive affect.


  42. Linda O. says:

    in the Unity of ‘the kingdom’ all is sharing the same attributes of Creator and Creation alike so One is really indistinguishable from what is also One, as all in the unity is Sourced by Truth.

    When I had my big energetic reunion experience of God I remarked that living in form is much like a fish living outside of the fish bowl and to be reunited with the energy and beingness of God is like a fish jumping back into its limitless pond.

    Love IS ~

  43. Tammianne says:

    I feel God as an all encompassing energy.
    I have seen a golden-orange light appear in the sky when I was having a conversation
    with a missionary about duality.
    Spread the energy
    Be the Joy
    Shine your light
    creating The Great Tomorrow by our light today.

  44. Before bedtime, my 5 year old son asked me “If God created everything, did God create God?”
    I replied “Tough question.”, then I remembered: “God alternates between being One-Everything, then separating into 2, then recombining back into One-Everything. Each time God separates and re-combines is when a soul or spirit makes a choice.”
    So, I believe both Tammianne and Nick can be right about God’s forgiveness. As Oneness, there is nothing left to forgive, but when as 2, God always forgives back to One, regardless of our choices.
    Peace and Progress,

  45. Jay Daves says:

    You drinketh too much spice wine. You can send some my way.