The Great Tomorrow….

Nick speaking… We welcome you to our foundation’s site, which we hope will become your spiritual haven. You will be joining people here who are from all over the world, from all different walks of life. Some observe religions and others do not.. but all have spiritual relationships with God, as Sara and I do. We are here with a common purpose…which is to help one another spiritually, to evolve in becoming at one with that part of God inside of each of us. …and we have a commitment to raise the consciousness of humanity….We believe since we are all God’s children we are indeed all brothers and sisters. We are committed to live our lives embracing universal love and universal compassion…Come join us in creating The Great Tomorrow.


FROM NICK: I have been blessed to join with Sara on this website to do a weekly live audio/visual show in which we will pray for those viewers who are in need of a healing...We are not healers; God is the healer, using us as the Lord’s conduit to reach that part of God inside of each of you…You are not humans that by coincidence have a spirit and a soul. You are spirits with a soul that are having a human experience. …Sara and I are non-denominational…

Our Miracles and Healings show will broadcast on the date and time shown below. Click on the tab on top of the page and watch the show live, or you can watch it from our archives if you are not available at that time shown….. God has no limits…there have been healings of cancer, heart ailments, people disabled etc. Come join us and let God perform miracles. Nick

Date:   To be announced  Time:   4:44pm Pacific Time

(Nick Bunick’s books are available from Amazon, including his New York Times Best Seller,The Messengers.)


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  1. Linda O. says:

    I had planned earlier in the year to go to Arizona in the fall with my friend Denise. She is very excited about the little chapel and prays continuously in life. We became prayer partners last year to keep our commitment. Since my mom’s friend and now my, i will call him boss, he’s really a client and very good friend –was diagnosed, I have sara’s book on order for him/ his family. I can only offer these things and see where it all leads according to what is given in the moment. I could not withhold this work even for an instant. I appreciate having something tangible to offer and I especially like the idea of the little chapel. I hope in the near future there will be many such dedicated places with long, long lists of success stories of awakening, help, love, support, miracles and healing.
    Blessings to all ~

  2. Bonnie Russell says:

    Thank you, Tammianne.

  3. Tammianne says:

    Blessings to you Bonnie
    love you ,

  4. Bonnie Russell says:

    Linda, you remembered that I mentioned wanting to visit The Little Chapel in October. I would dearly love arranging a time with you to meet then! Maybe more of us could plan to go then too and have a mini TGT gathering?
    I had a good church friend help me through this weekend by going with me to S. Tahoe yesterday (time spent on the beach was very healing for both of us,) and after a wonderful church service, she and boyfriend treated me to a movie and dinner today. (The movie “I Wish I Was Here” was NOT the best choice! Not recommended for someone who has just lost loved ones to cancer…and here it was listed as a comedy/drama??) Anyway, today would have been our 45th wedding anniversary. For the most part I was able to focus on the good times and memories.
    It has been a good weekend, in spite of a sudden death of a young church friend, Patrick, from a brain cancer seizure. But thankfully, he was taken without prolonged pain and suffering.
    I’m doing my best now to live in a state of surrender and give the rest to God. It helps so much. Love to all, Bonnie

  5. Tammianne says:

    I was told today that August 1st is forgiveness day…Our reverend decided that we would begin early. There were many, many tears flowing in the Sanctuary this morning.
    It was an awesome time and Yeshua was with me and the music was playing and it was all so beautiful.
    Forgive yourself and you learn to forgive someone else and you find the way.
    Breathe in the pain of others
    Hold it in Compassion
    Transmute the pain
    Breathe out with Light

    Step into something else
    Get to the healing water
    You have the power to liberate yourself
    Walk to the healing water, AND STEP INTO IT!
    Forgiveness is a gift that we give ourselves
    It releases the expectations that block our path to love.
    Sending the Light

  6. Linda O. says:

    Bonnie, I’m thinking Oct or Nov for a visit to The Little Chapel to see Sara. I will let you know of a date and maybe we can visit at the same time.

  7. Linda O. says:

    I feel blessed and honored that you pray for my work family. Thank you Bonnie. I really appreciate it.
    P.S. Good news– I just spoke to a local woman who survived stage four cancer and is now an author, mentor, singer and minister. She was on tv talking about throat cancer when the actor Michael Douglas was sick. –She told me she would be happy to meet with us in person sometime in the next few weeks. –It couldn’t have happened without all the prayers. Ok, I’m doing just about constant praying, I admit it! :)

    Much Love ~

  8. Bonnie Russell says:

    Linda, I just read of your friend and client’s challenges and surgery. I hold him and family and you in Love, Light of God and healing, with the assistance of Archangel Michael and Archangel Rafael.
    As I and anyone who has had or loved someone with cancer knows, the heart-felt bond we all feel toward all those afflicted is deep

  9. Linda O. says:

    the moral of the story is: It takes One to know One. Now the update:

    My boss and very good friend came through the surgery and his wife just told me on the phone that she spoke with her friend who is a psychic who said that she could see a whole group praying for him and that his father who was a neurosurgeon before he transitioned years ago was on the shoulder of the surgeon working on him yesterday. Made me feel very good in the presence of God.

    More prayers for my dear friend and client/ employer Ken and his dear family his wife, his daughter and son are welcome. They do have a tough road ahead with radiation scheduled for the brain and lung, but in God all things are possible.

    Much love to my spiritual family on the site.

  10. Tammianne says:

    ” You may change your mind many times,
    but you will not change your heart.
    This is the key”
    Listen to your heart
    Shine on

  11. Dennis A. Dispenza says:

    Coincidence? Can Portland be knowin, That her Minoan, Seems to be Showoin?

  12. Jay Daves says:

    I learned about the book “The Man Who Walked With Jesus” by Dr. Terry Shepherd, M.D. I ordered it and it arrived in today’s mail. HOORAY!!!!

  13. Linda O. says:

    Thank you, Tammianne. Surgery went well according to the doctor. I suppose we could envision together cancer disappearing from the planet sooner rather than in later. Either way, I am happy for a cure on the horizon and for all the kind-hearted people who are serving in the helping profession every day. All of you out there, included :)
    Love ~

  14. Tammianne says:

    Linda O:
    prayers for you and your work family

  15. Linda O. says:

    Thank you, John. I truly appreciate you taking the time to wish me and my work family well. I feel like time has stopped while I am waiting to hear how things went today in surgery.

    I am revisiting Nick Bunick and Sara Sept 23rd 2012 The Healing Show on the Great Tomorrow youtube channel. It is my favorite show. So grateful for this work:

    Love and blessings to all ~

  16. John Hanson says:

    Linda O., prayers for healing and understanding have been sent to your friend, his family and to you. Peace and Love, John

  17. Linda O. says:

    I have had a profound week. The physician I work for as a 1099 consultant (he is my one and only client) was diagnosed with brain and lung tumors. He is going into surgery this morning. I was informed yesterday. I am confused, standing out on a limb, with prayer in my heart and mind and quite a bit of uncertainty whirling around my belly. He is a dear friend and I am close to his wife and his daughter who returned from new york to be with the family. He has a son who is away serving as a naval aviator.

    First, I need your forgiveness if I have ever said anything to you that was confusing on this site or that ever made you feel upset or misunderstood. I was sincerely not my intention and I hope you can forgive any of my missteps.

    Next I would appreciate prayers for my dear friend and colleague and his family. I cannot but wish that the cancer treatment was in trial right now and I could get him in as a candidate and it appears that this is a recurrence of cancer that he healed 35 years ago.

    He is a peach of a guy. Kind, generous, progressive. He transitioned out of clinical and was beginning a life of speaking, coaching and mentoring fellow physicians.

    I gave away three of sarah’s books (by yvonne f.) and I have two more coming in the mail. One I gave away was to my mother’s best friend who has esophageal cancer.

    I’m suggesting to my people that we go see sara in October or November. Any ideas from anyone who has ever been to the little chapel are welcome about logistics or just things I need to know.

    I love you all and I thank you for your prayers and support. Blessings ~

  18. Tammianne says:

    Kwabena: your pearls of wisdom are so simple and yet so profound.
    I can’t thank you enough for the wisdom you gave me 2 months ago when you explained my dream to me. It seemed so simple, and yet I had not thought to finish the climb and look over the mountain peak to the other side, and then jump!….it was an awesome experience, one that I have done over and over….It makes me feel good to jump…because I always fly!!
    love you lots my brother

  19. Tammi:
    Thanks for sharing all these pearls of wisdom buried in the Great Tomorrow.

  20. Tammianne says:

    “Through surrender, spiritual energy comes into the world.
    It creates no suffering for yourself, for other humans,
    or any other life form on the planet.
    Through it you become an alchemist, transmuting base metal to gold,
    suffering into consciousness,
    disaster into enlightenment.”
    Carola Arcadia
    Let go, and let God
    as Kwabena so graciously reminded us.
    Flying and sending peace and love