The Great Tomorrow….

Nick speaking… We welcome you to our foundation’s site, which we hope will become your spiritual haven. You will be joining people here who are from all over the world, from all different walks of life. Some observe religions and others do not.. but all have spiritual relationships with God, as Sara and I do. We are here with a common purpose…which is to help one another spiritually, to evolve in becoming at one with that part of God inside of each of us. …and we have a commitment to raise the consciousness of humanity….We believe since we are all God’s children we are indeed all brothers and sisters. We are committed to live our lives embracing universal love and universal compassion…Come join us in creating The Great Tomorrow.


FROM NICK: I have been blessed to join with Sara on this website to do a weekly live audio/visual show in which we will pray for those viewers who are in need of a healing...We are not healers; God is the healer, using us as the Lord’s conduit to reach that part of God inside of each of you…You are not humans that by coincidence have a spirit and a soul. You are spirits with a soul that are having a human experience. …Sara and I are non-denominational…

Our Miracles and Healings show will broadcast on the date and time shown below. Click on the tab on top of the page and watch the show live, or you can watch it from our archives if you are not available at that time shown….. God has no limits…there have been healings of cancer, heart ailments, people disabled etc. Come join us and let God perform miracles. Nick

Date:   To be announced  Time:   4:44pm Pacific Time

(Nick Bunick’s books are available from Amazon, including his New York Times Best Seller,The Messengers.)


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  1. remember that you bring God with you. It is not as though you need to drum up the presence of God with petitions for help, as much as become available and willing for what is Godly to join and work through you so that you may benefit from what the action of mind and messages bring to your own experience and the lives of others.

    Watch how Nick engages everyone to bring out the God within. We are here to learn this from him; that is, the optimism, the confidence, the realization of the importance of our small, little part in consort with Oneness.

  2. the dark forces of the world worked to reinforce separation in the minds of people by influencing the story of jesus to reflect pagan symbols, crucifixion and sacrifice, securing political power over the minds of the people. This had absolutely nothing to do with his teaching, his awakening, his life, his people… zero, zip, nothing. It is nothing but our last meaningless journey that went nowhere and did nothing.

    As with any memory the goal is not to become a vessel for more pain to come through, in a sacrifice to a higher global mission, it is to learn that pain is simply a poor perspective. One can only learn that pain is a poor perspective by seeing their part contextually within the whole and with the help of the holy spirit or higher mind, receive right thoughts/ action/ learning — the new developments — to move one forward on the journey.

    Certainly, re-traumatizing oneself also triggers the trauma of others. This meme of negativity is what charges the duality polarity of the world and it is something we need to watch out for. Nick’s encouraging you, Tammianne, to stay in the now because that is where the Light is. That is where the help comes in. But be willing to make a sacrifice of your memory of J’s sacrifice. He has advanced so many fold, it is inconceivable. We have the help of our fellow ascended masters with him. It is a beautiful story, stay present.

    As for negativity, getting together with like-minds for recharging is essential in this world. we must find ways for peace to come in and nurture our lives and hearts.

    Love to all ~

  3. Dennis A. Dispenza says:

    Stephen: Do you know if you are the Saint Stephen who was the first Holy Martyr mentioned in the Christian New Testament Bible? The story of the Martyrdom of Saint Stephen was one I remember as I was early reading the N.T. Bible in the mid-1970s, years ago. I can remember being in the Holy Land several times in earlier past lives millennia ago in O.T. Bible times. Many of the early Christians are reincarnated in the modern world, according to psychics Edgar Cayce, Ruth Montgomery, Art Ford and others.

  4. I love your idea Paula! Spreading the God love :-)

    Agreed Kwabena!

    Love to all

  5. “GOD LESS” is shorthand for: GOD, LESSen all the negativity in my life.
    Sending you all Love and Light;
    Peace be unto you.

  6. I read something today that said emotions such as sorrow, anger/hate are dried up in the Light–once you know what you are feeling, you can choose how to feel rather than react to it. I think this falls under Vow#4, so when you feel a little low–just read Vow#4! Once you feel the love and energy of the light, only Joy is left! It works! Live in the NOW, not in past memories that stir up sorrow! Tammianne–so many bonfires have been lit, you are bound to see the light from them soon! Bless you

  7. Yesterday, I had an acupuncture treatment and we worked on my heart and balancing my energies. It was my second session. Quite interesting. I meditated with Nick’s meditation through the woods and along the ocean. I wanted to see Yeshua and yes, he was there. I needed his hug and words.
    Today, I took a walk this morning before the next wave of showers ( like now) and a memory popped into my head from 2000 years ago…I burst into tears and cried through my walk…releasing a lot of sadness from that time and then from the current sadness of the world…it’s all related…the same thing over and over again…it needs to stop!..
    Nick says to live in the moment and to not take on the sadness of the world…I try, but the memories just pop into my head and the emotions are intense….and the sadness needs to get out.
    Today is a partial solar eclipse….much energy shifting going on.
    Love, be love, send love, feel love

  8. I AM a part of God
    I FEEL the essence of God inside of me
    Shining my light so that others will know the way.

  9. The good news is there is no god-less. Either God is or is not in your awareness, but that condition didn’t create you and certainly does not give attributes to God. Right? So good news, no god-less. as more and less are two sides of the same coin.
    Much Love ~

  10. Tammianne says:

    Yes Miryana: sometimes I feel very lost and alone in the “void” which is why I really don’t like it…But, it is a time of understanding..Super Tramp sings a song of being alone, Is it Mine..(?) I love it, but it usually makes me cry.

    Reverend David spoke of “our sense of calling”.
    We all have a purpose and everything that has happened in our lives has lead us to this one
    moment in time. Right here. Right now.
    If you have no idea what you are doing, then your ego mind is in check and your Soul mind
    is in control.
    Go with the Heart and see what happens….Are you ready to answer the call?
    Only an OPEN HEART can change the world.

    Peace to all

  11. Tammianne says:

    Paula: we need some bonfires today. so dark and rainy…yesterday was the rainiest day of the year for Portland.

    Well, Nick and I attempted a show, but there were technical difficulties, so we will be trying again soon. ( thank you David, our IT man) I have not forgotten all the questions and I have them. If there are any more questions, bring them on!
    Nick has a really cool Angel story to share. He shared it with me and Carol ( from Oregon)
    on Sunday at lunch.

    Shining on

  12. Great idea, Paula! Seeing positive words in writing really does raise energy. Light & Joy & Peace abide in you…

  13. god bless you all!!!

  14. Tammianne says:

    Paula: I see you posted at 444! awesome.
    I like your idea.

    God Bless everyone
    Shine on

  15. After reading Stephen’s wrong number story, how it touched him, and how he mentioned it to others. .I thought to write “Bless you” on the back of every envelope I mail out. I imagined how many people might see that and have a better day, or at least think when they saw it–(postal workers, a receptionist, a mail clerk, billing clerk, cleaning personnel, employee at the recycle center, family & their visitors). . .who knows?–and if the Angels help they will put it wherever it needs to be seen! I’m just working on lighting (Godly) bonfires!

  16. Dennis do not fret I’ve added a “B” into your post. I made it a different colour so people reading subsequent posts will understand what it is all about.
    The void for me is a place of no identity and no separation, it is where I’m at one with all. It is a place where nothing is, not even light, and a place of pure potential, where everything begins. Perhaps a fear of it is a fear of loosing identity, a fear of getting lost in the whole, of disappearing. But no one is ever lost. I read somewhere that someone said that no blade of grass falls without God knowing about it. I really love that.
    Light and Love to all

  17. Tammianne says:

    Linda O : well, I have been in the “void” many times and I know that it is the worst place for me. It is God less. I also know that when I come out of the “void”, that I feel more alive than before I entered it.
    It is a place of learning..A place of nothingness. ..At least that is what it is for me.
    I call it a place of “no place”.
    Out of chaos comes Peace
    Out of darkness comes Light
    Shine on

  18. When Dennis made the typo of ‘God less’ and struggled with wanting to erase it, I could feel my own conceptual self, struggling to be aligned correctly. God less or God bless? It should mean nothing, God less, but it is a trigger word. It is a word that represents all the failure that we perceive happening to us. It is a magic thought, as we did not create Source, but we are responsible for creating a concept of God over which we struggle for rights, examples, definitions, demonstrations, etc.. So struggle is the comparison game, we can no longer admit to something that is completely natural to our experience; which is, the space of no-mind or void, as the Buddhist call it. God-less. We struggle with the idea of separation rather than make good company with it and explore what it is and how we are projecting onto it and resisting the implications of this condition we already find ourselves in, God-less. This deep inner struggle is where the belief in sin resides with guilty tentacles reaching out for a blessed hand up. It is like leaving a child to fend for themselves and they get lost in the thick of the woods and sit wondering and alone. Do you think ‘God’ would abandon his child, but if the child sits in the forest and seeks not to call to the father and occupies himself with his own ideas, will the father realize he is missing? So it is with God-less. Such an understanding fills us now with compassion and understanding, not comparisons and judgement.

    It is important to realize we did not create Source, but we created a story about conceptual God and it became the basis of the world religions. We are now in a time where our new developments bring us to the advent of the New Beginning. We must be free of guilt and fear so that we may explore Life more confidently and certainly. We must undo our fear of separation and God-less so that we may bring our new developments forward, confidently.

    God less or God bless? Without the sense of guilt, the statement might mean “God, please, less ego for my friends, because I count myself among them.”

    Love Is.

  19. Bonnie Russell says:

    Khiranne, I confirm that our angels and spirit guides are there to support us through trying times. It was the case for me, the whole process of my husband’s transition, for both me and my husband. I kept pointing to the 444′s every time they presented themselves to us exclaiming, “Look, Gary, angels are with us guiding us!” And he would reply, “Well, someone has to!” :-) He knew that first hand when he began to see angels after he began to pray for their help and assistance. The first ones were “the big guys,” Archangel Rafael and Archangel Michael, whom I had asked to help and assist him, but were not evident until Gary asked himself. Then he knew firsthand they were for real.
    Yes, Stephen, your call may have been an earth angel. They are all around us. Love and blessings to all, Bonnie

  20. My mom has been seeing a lot of 444′s lately which has been very uplifting to her considering her dad, my grandpa, has recently moved into assissted living and we are in the beginning stages of cleaning out the house. So stressful for her so her angels are constantly letting her know she isn’t alone. :-) Thanks angels and her spirit guide!!

    Tammianne: I love your poetry. Always so positive and I connect with them deeply. Thank you for always sharing your love.
    Dennis: I make spelling errors all the time! No stress, we know what you meant :-)
    Stephen: I agree with Tammianne. Sometimes our angels lead us in directions to remind us stangers can show love and respect to one another and that is always a good reminder! Angels are letting you know God is there, always.

    Love you all, can’t wait for next show and great questions everyone!!


  21. Tammianne says:

    Stephen: I would say that it was an Angel message for you. That is the feeling that I get.
    Maybe they are just letting you know that they are around for you and so is God.

  22. Dennis A. Dispenza says:

    Is there anyway that people can correct errors and mistakes in their comments, as in the mistaken item I wrote an hour ago? I didn’t mean LESS GOD or Anybody!!!! Again, sorry!

  23. Dennis A. Dispenza says:

    I tried to type: GOD BLESS YOU!!!!! I’m NOT that good a typist!!!! SORRY, and indeed GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!!!!

  24. Dennis A. Dispenza says:

    Stephen: Your story is very good, and proves there are many people who believe in GOD and treat HIM with respect. And this is in a world that is too often materialistic and uncaring in it’s thinking. GOD BLESS YOU IN YOUR STORY, more people should act as both you and your caller did.

  25. All,

    I thought I would share this very interesting story that happened to me yesterday.

    It was late in the afternoon and I was working in my office when the phone rang. Most of the people I deal with our east coast so I was not expecting any calls. I looked at the caller ID and all it said was Washington DC. Well, I decided to answer the call, and with all the cheer I could muster said “Good Afternoon, how may I help you.” The party (a male) said “Is this a business?” I said “Yes it is.” He replied “I must have the wrong number.” I said “No worries”. I expected him to hang up without further comment, when he said. “May God Bless You.”

    Hmmmm — A wrong number ends up saying to me “May God Bless You.” OK someone explain that one to me.


  26. LOVE is the energy behind creation.
    Sending you all love and light,
    Peace be unto you.

  27. Tammianne says:

    Love is the beginning of Everything.-
    Your Truth lies in your Heart.

  28. Tammianne says:

    Paula: yes, good message from Master Hilarion.
    Our vows are good ones and we need to add one more…Enjoy life each moment and let others enjoy life through you. It is Nick’s favorite vow and I told him that it isn’t a vow. So, we will need to add on # 8.
    Shine on

  29. Master Hilarion has a message posted today on the goldenageofgaia website, which appears to address the Vows–specially Vows #1, #6, #7, and also gives advise for our physical bodies to assist in our disciplines! I read the message with gratitude.