The Great Tomorrow….

Nick speaking… We welcome you to our foundation’s site, which we hope will become your spiritual haven. You will be joining people here who are from all over the world, from all different walks of life. Some observe religions and others do not.. but all have spiritual relationships with God, as Sara and I do. We are here with a common purpose…which is to help one another spiritually, to evolve in becoming at one with that part of God inside of each of us. …and we have a commitment to raise the consciousness of humanity….We believe since we are all God’s children we are indeed all brothers and sisters. We are committed to live our lives embracing universal love and universal compassion…Come join us in creating The Great Tomorrow.


FROM NICK: I have been blessed to join with Sara on this website to do a weekly live audio/visual show in which we will pray for those viewers who are in need of a healing...We are not healers; God is the healer, using us as the Lord’s conduit to reach that part of God inside of each of you…You are not humans that by coincidence have a spirit and a soul. You are spirits with a soul that are having a human experience. …Sara and I are non-denominational…

Our Miracles and Healings show will broadcast on the date and time shown below. Click on the tab on top of the page and watch the show live, or you can watch it from our archives if you are not available at that time shown….. God has no limits…there have been healings of cancer, heart ailments, people disabled etc. Come join us and let God perform miracles. Nick

Date:   To be announced  Time:   4:44pm Pacific Time

(Nick Bunick’s books are available from Amazon, including his New York Times Best Seller,The Messengers.)


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  1. Tammi:
    thanks for posting the text below. I have been having many challenges in the office. I keep saying to myself I don’t belong here! The text helped me come to terms with what is going on.
    “You walk within the context of form, through the imagery of an illusory world.
    Do not delude yourself into believing that you are of this place.
    Know yourself to be a traveler, who is simply passing through.”
    Sending you love and light;
    Peace be unto you.

  2. See you soon Jay!
    It looks like the weather will be nice as well.

  3. Jay Daves says:

    My 2 week train trip approaches (depart Aug. 8). First stop I’ll be meeting Tammianne and I’m looking forward to meeting her. We are also going to have lunch with Nick and I’m looking forward to meeting him. Thank you Tammianne and Nick.

  4. Leah – welcome! “The Messengers” book of Nick’s story is truly heart touching! Many people have had 444 experiences after reading this book. Some have asked to receive a 444 experience and then received it! Don’t forget to ask your angelic guides to assist you, as they are present and do respond. . .AMAZING! May you witness many miracles in the days ahead! I hope you (and others) will want to share your experiences here!

    Smile everyday! Sending LOVE to ALL!

  5. ” You have to LOVE yourself for signing up for this task! ”

    Paula: I was just told this on Friday and here you are telling me again!! Nice
    I believe you about past life healing/transmuting/addressing…It has been quite the undertaking.

    Shine on Everyone

  6. “You walk within the context of form, through the imagery of an illusory world.
    Do not delude yourself into believing that you are of this place.
    Know yourself to be a traveler, who is simply passing through.”
    A Journey to Oneness

  7. Leah: welcome and yes, keep believing . Miracles do happen every day.

    love and light

  8. Leah Pauls says:

    Just finished reading “The Messengers.” I am blessed by the story, and believe it to be both possible and true. It makes more sense than the stories of Paul I have grown up with. I am eagerly awaiting miracles in my life. Your story is encouraging.

  9. Thanks, Tammianne, for sharing further this episode on your journey–I can SEE it now via your description. Certain words stood out to me, like: translucent, golden light, left, circle, stairway, I just knew, and the number 13. . .which equates to the number 4. . .hmm. . .Aha insight always feels so joyous! The company of Heaven has told us that we would be addressing/transmuting/healing ALL of our past lives as needed during this ONE incarnation, so we are ALL multi-taskers (in a huge way!) You have to LOVE yourself for signing up for this task! I personally believe that having a foundation of the VOWS firmly in place helps with the transmuting process.
    Let’s keep on, keeping on! Shine bright wherever we go and keep our eyes and ears open!

  10. oh my goodness, thank you Paula, I just had an aha moment.
    For you see, I have a splintered personality. Now it makes perfect sense.
    My adult self, my teenage self, and my 5 year old self all received Healings!



  11. Paula: I recognized the light beings as family members.. the ones I did not recognize, I felt that they were family. In fact, my mom was to the left of me and my grandma( her mom) was to the right. They were all golden light energy, quite bright. The energy went through the shapes of their bodies. The bodies were translucent.
    How did I know who they were? I don’t know…I just did.

    When we all held hands and circled the orb,we were individuals, but also all connected by light.
    It was all golden light, including the orb.
    One big bright circle.

    I have experienced Heaven before years ago, but this was very different. In Heaven, my family members looked as they did when they were alive, including our dogs. In this orb, it was all energy…I didn’t see any animals, but we were not there very long.

    We came back out and chatted a few minutes and then went back down the stairs and to the doors.
    The second door I chose was a tall, big brown wooden door with the same brass knob.
    I opened it to a valley before me. I recognized it as well as my past life when I was an Indian boy and was shot by another Indian party and I died. I was about 13 years old.( I had this memory when i was 13 years old in this life)
    I got upset because I didn’t get the chance then to fight as the warrior I knew that I was. I loved my Grandfather so much and I had to leave him so suddenly. ( I had been talking to him before I got on my horse…He told me to “always be free”.)

    Each time, the stairway was made of wood and the railing was brass. I don’t know why. I held onto the railing with my left hand.It was a dark stairway as instructed.

    All three places were about Being Loved.
    The third place was behind a white door and opened to a jungle like atmosphere and I was a child of about 5 years old.

    Shining on

  12. Thanks, Paula!

  13. Wind K: I, too, have had experience of observing “fireworks display” relating to the spiritual realm; however, mine was not while sleeping, it was while I was awake. . .it emanated an incredible LOVE from it and was totally amazing to SEE. Even though your observation was in “a dream”, we are learning that are dreams are very real and that it is important to document our dreams as soon as we wake up, and reminders of these experiences are helpful down the road!
    Loving and Learning. . .

  14. Tammianne: Thanks for sharing your regression experience. I was wondering if you would feel comfortable giving detail to how you perceived the light beings; were they orbs, foggy mists, shadow forms, human forms, animal forms or ?? what. I’m asking because I’m not sure what you saw visually.?
    Sending blessings of LOVE to ALL!

  15. Linda O. says:

    The sun is rising. The first full day of Guru Purnima is complete. Oh well. Funny Sri Sri told this story about a little boy named Rama, and the saint Rama Krishna. The saint Rama was walking down the street while at the same time a teenage boy named Rama was oversleeping in the morning. The boys mother yelled to him “Rama, you are still asleep?!! WAKE UP!!!” at the exact same time, Rama krishna thought she was speaking of and to him. He heard her voice and immediately remembered his full awakened consciousness.

    I guess the moral of the story is to be innocent of what is being said. If you hear it with an open mind and as concerning you alone and for your highest good, only good results come.

  16. Linda O. says:

    Guru Purnima is keeping me awake. Jai Guru!

    J says something in the course ‘be willing to make a sacrifice of the whole notion of sacrifice.’ if you are going to sacrifice something, sacrifice the sense of separation. He says this sense of separation is blocking you from knowing yourself as being at home right now. Heaven is a state of mind, it is always here, always now. Regardless of the beautiful visitors we encounter, our truth is deep within us below the level of body and we must ‘Go’ there to the formless state, to become acquainted with our Knowing again.

    Stephen, I perceive you and I share the will to give space to truth. It is in essence the invocation of the second ray, ‘to gather.’ I do not see myself sharing the goal of ascension, as I see it more as the inevitable result of a larger process of divine union over which i have no conscious control, besides being a willing constituent.

    Kwabena, to me, you are angelic. I remember once I had a healer friend who worked on me for quite a while and I was quite dense at the time having acquired much confusion and density from a few concurrent devastatingly impossible situations. The healer one day sent me a card and on the cover it said ‘I give you wings’ with this beautiful angelic image and then you open the card and it says ‘fly’. It made me cry because I saw myself as being blind to healer by believing in nothing and thereby having no real goal in our coming together. She had to tell me how to use the gift she was imparting on me. The goal I share with you Kwabena is to remember to be my divine self. Wings are meant for flying.


  17. Linda:
    the one goal i feel we share in common is love, To share God’s love with all creation through service.
    We may not all know it, but I believe its the common goal for which we were created.
    Sending you Love and Light;
    Peace be unto you.