The Great Tomorrow….

Nick speaking… We welcome you to our foundation’s site, which we hope will become your spiritual haven. You will be joining people here who are from all over the world, from all different walks of life. Some observe religions and others do not.. but all have spiritual relationships with God, as Sara and I do. We are here with a common purpose…which is to help one another spiritually, to evolve in becoming at one with that part of God inside of each of us. …and we have a commitment to raise the consciousness of humanity….We believe since we are all God’s children we are indeed all brothers and sisters. We are committed to live our lives embracing universal love and universal compassion…Come join us in creating The Great Tomorrow.


FROM NICK: I have been blessed to join with Sara on this website to do a weekly live audio/visual show in which we will pray for those viewers who are in need of a healing...We are not healers; God is the healer, using us as the Lord’s conduit to reach that part of God inside of each of you…You are not humans that by coincidence have a spirit and a soul. You are spirits with a soul that are having a human experience. …Sara and I are non-denominational…

Our Miracles and Healings show will broadcast on the date and time shown below. Click on the tab on top of the page and watch the show live, or you can watch it from our archives if you are not available at that time shown….. God has no limits…there have been healings of cancer, heart ailments, people disabled etc. Come join us and let God perform miracles. Nick

Date:   To be announced  Time:   4:44pm Pacific Time

(Nick Bunick’s books are available from Amazon, including his New York Times Best Seller,The Messengers.)


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  1. adyashanti today on super soul sunday said that as a child he held such great mystery for jesus and was quite enthralled with him, but later when it came to choosing a direct path to enlightenment he chose an eastern tradition. is that not true?! christian tradition never provided a path to immediate connection to spirit and oneness in life like the east. another thing that the church established is this belief in only one life which developed into a hope for gaining life with God only after death. Meaning one works hard in their life only to hope for a graceful transition to heaven. yet, eastern traditions speak more accurately about the gateway to life being in sought in life!

    one can find their way through this misinformation intuitively, but that was hardly an accepted practice in society; that is, to reason through misinformation to a more accurate understanding hardly gained acceptance in favor of widely accepted tradition or ritual. Not only that but culturally we had not maintained practices of direct paths to enlightenment like the east.


    padre pio had quite a difficult life, a little bit along the lines of what Hilarion’s lifetime reflects to Nick; that is, people at his gate waiting on him to appear and magically resolve all their troubles. Padre sought connection with christ through the sacrifice of the body and mirrored this with imprints or visible manifestation of wounds. Sacrifice does not need to be taken on and countenanced or transformed for Jesus as some teachers choose to demonstrate as each and every one of us mirrors the sacrifice of life by not living in our authentic truth. No more pain is indeed needed at our inner altar than our own authentic mistaken substitution that one holds just outside of correction.

  2. Dennis A. Dispenza says:

    Happy Easter to you people! I have a question: I have heard and read much about a man named Padre Pio of a Catholic monastery in Italy, and many other Stigmatic ones. Can anyone comment on the importance of these ones? Padre Pio reminds me of the character Nicodemus or Joseph of Arimathea in the N.T. Bible. Does any one know who he was in Jerusalem two thousand years ago? Psychic Edgar Cayce has a book that lists a number of people he gave readings for who had been Bible characters in earlier lifetimes. Thank You for your time.

  3. Linda O. says:

    To me, Easter is the life-food of the planet, much like the sun. It is the ever abundant Unity of God’s perfect message and messenger and our mutual reality in Oneness.

    There is only Life.

    Love to my peeps!

  4. Linda O. says:

    hey tammianne, it takes One to know One! ha


    watch adyashanti on super soul sunday. he’s another one with the gnostic jesus on the cover of his latest book, but i do like him. our energy of transformation is getting in but they are using the old symbol to talk about it. the gnostics had a lot of light but they do not comprise the whole of the miracles and teaching moving forward.

    we are the many, the living, the underground teachers of J’s message of love, faith and healing, living and awakening to the radical truth in this world. we are the missing link we seek.

  5. Tammianne says:

    Linda: you are wise indeed
    love you

  6. Linda O. says:

    you realize you are always only talking to yourself and what you bring to each and every encounter is your life, your function, your message of truth.

    As Logion 70 of the Thomas gospel says:

    “If you bring forth what is within you, what you have will save you. If you do not have that within you, what you do not have within you [will] kill you.”

    being ‘radical’ is having permission to overcome the guilt that binds you from speaking and owning your truth and performing your function.

    I say my 8 year old and your 5 year old could lead the congregation today. my aunt used to look at me quizzically in those days and say “my dear, you have wisdom beyond your years.”

  7. Jay Daves says:


  8. Tammianne says:

    well, Linda, perhaps your inner child eight year old can get together with my inner child five year old ( who is known as my little powerhouse) and together we can shake up this world just as Jeshua did…He was quite the radical back in the day.
    Some people just don’t feel comfortable unless they are doing their rituals and everything being the same.
    -Being the radical
    Shine on

  9. Linda O. says:

    …of course i’m the mixed bag of thoughts today. I made it through another ‘holy’ friday. good lord. i have made some fascinating discoveries recently with an eastern guru. the interesting part is, he has not a clue that the christian story of sacrifice and blood is not what today’s teachers of christ are teaching. he holds an annual easter celebration with the idols of the past and it is really, really difficult for me to witness; that is, that an awake guru has no more new information about the meaning of christ’s advance than the symbols of crucifixion from the old gnostic church! I repeat myself: Good Lord! We do have work to do in this world.

    Talk about sacred cow-tipping. I have an inner eight year old girl (inner child) who wears a pouch and one bow and arrow. she would like to go out and tackle the world of misinformation today.

    Forgive me for doing some trench crawling on our abundantly happy and clear realization that our sweet Love is Alive and Well for ever! I love you dear-hearts and thank you for being my welcoming spiritual family.

  10. Happy Easter Everyone
    I saw this poem and thought it was quite beautiful and on the mark.
    Let every man and woman count himself immortal.
    Let him catch the revelation of Jesus in his resurrection.
    Let him say not merely, “Christ is risen,” but “I shall rise.” – Phillips Brooks 
    Light and Love to all

  11. Tammianne says:

    I wrote a post but it didn’t print
    trying again with a different search engine.
    Happy Easter everyone
    May God’s light shine brightly
    through you today and always.
    Shine on

  12. Tammianne says:

    Happy Easter everyone
    and may God’s bright light
    shine through you today and
    Universal Love and Universal Compassion
    today and always
    Shine on

  13. Bonnie Russell says:

    Brian, thank you for the link with the article from Lake Oswego with the plans for the Great Tomorrow site. It’s nice to get the whole story for those of us who have heard bits and pieces.

  14. Jay Daves says:

    Linda O., in this incarnation I was raised (indoctrinated) in the Lutheran persuasion (Missouri Synod = conservative) belief. So that is a little bit of my background. However let’s say I turned my back on my persuasion.

  15. Jay Daves says:

    Linda, I have Sharon’s book, “John of Old, John of New” and I’ve re-read it quite a few times. Yep, Michael and John did their own tour of the Holy Land and had deja vu experiences. One time when I saw John I told him I thought they did the right thing by not stopping at the so called tourist traps.
    Also, I’ve had 2 readings by Sharon. My second one that I had the first part of last year she gave me a channeled message from Jeshua. The message was very good and I appreciate the message from him.

    Linda O. says:
    Jay. Yes, John is very much a regular guy. He was/ is a Renaissance comedic stage performer and teaches the art of stage fencing. The woman who provided him a reading when he did a regression around his past-life as john the disciple is quite good as well, her name is Sharon Prince. The book they co-wrote, is John of Old, John of New. He traveled to the holy land with a guy named Michael who is believed to be the disciple Phillip. –This is all sounding a bit toooo convenient, but it is true — at least about John as I recognized him and I experienced the miracle at my cousins funeral.

  16. Jay Daves says:

    HOORAY!!! We are back in operation.

  17. Thank you everyone, but I can not take the credit for this.
    Yes I worked yesterday most of the day trying to get this fixed for us and it was our Good Friday yesterday here in Australia.
    The website hosting company finally was able to locate a backup they did on the server and isolate our database and restore it to the latest date.
    Who actually hacked into our site, I have my suspicions but of course without the proof I can’t say anything.
    Regardless, we are back in operation now and that is a good thing.
    Blessings to all

  18. Thanks Miryana for getting the site back up. Enjoy the rest of your Easter.
    Any idea who the hackers were?
    Sending you love & Light
    Peace be unto you.

  19. Bonnie Russell says:

    Great work, Miryana, getting the site up and running…I don’t know how you did it, but grateful to you for all the hard work you do in keeping everything running smoothly!
    There are blessings in all of it, and seeing Duane’s post had to be one.
    We love you, Duane!! You are missed by me too.
    Like Tammianne, I have been restless and have experienced some aches and pains, but assumed it to be a matter of missing Gary and not taking proper care of myself. Anxieties have run high the past 2-3 days, more than I’ve had in recent months.
    I’m told it’s natural, and the fact that some “anniversaries” are being experienced now makes the emotions all the stronger.
    Well, time to try and get some of that much needed sleep…love to all, Bonnie


    Nick this is a big deal! I hope and pray everything works out with this new development project for The Great Tomorrow.

  21. I thought something was up when I scrolled down and saw Duane Berrys name in a post. RIP Duane you are missed.

  22. Jenny Miller says:

    Congratulations Miryana for working so hard on Good Friday to sort out the problem.
    I thought a miracle had happened as I scrolled down to read what I thought were recent postings. I read a posting by Petra who had just been on the phone to Duane Berry. Miracle! Then I realised the date was from last year. Due to the problem the latest postings were lost. I’m glad its all up an running.
    Happy Easter, Jenny

  23. Tammianne says:

    wow, Miryana: we must be in tune with each other…both coming on at the exact same time.
    my granddaughter is napping so i thought that i would try this on my son’s computer.
    great work girl

  24. Tammianne says:

    Hello everyone:
    I see that the site is up and running and all the posts are still here.
    All very strange.
    Happy Friday
    The light of God is shining brightly!

  25. Testing

  26. Tammianne says:

    M.Dimond: Sara is a beautiful angel who visits our site when she has the time. She is co-founder of ChildHelp and has helped millions of children worldwide get the care that they need to escape abuse. Childhelp also helps families in crisis…She has a chapel in Arizona and does a healing service each month.
    I received a healing through Nick and Sara in August of 2012…I received it through this site during a show..I will be forever grateful.
    love and light

  27. Linda O. says:

    Jay. Yes, John is very much a regular guy. He was/ is a Renaissance comedic stage performer and teaches the art of stage fencing. The woman who provided him a reading when he did a regression around his past-life as john the disciple is quite good as well, her name is Sharon Prince. The book they co-wrote, is John of Old, John of New. He traveled to the holy land with a guy named Michael who is believed to be the disciple Phillip. –This is all sounding a bit toooo convenient, but it is true — at least about John as I recognized him and I experienced the miracle at my cousins funeral.

  28. Jay Daves says:

    Linda O,
    In the older comments section you mention John Davis. I know him and he is a very nice person. I would say now he is working as a motivational speaker. I last saw him just before he turned to being a motivational speaker.
    In a book about him (I have a copy of it), he went to the Holy Land and in Jerusalem he had a deja vu experience. When people have deja vu experiences, that may go back to a past life of theirs.

  29. M. Dimond says:

    Who is Sara?

  30. Judith D. says:

    Have just finished viewing the 4/13 program. I’ve gone to Protestant churches my entire life (I’m your age) and have never seen a depiction of Jesus on the cross, except in a book. There are crosses, usually around the altar, but they are bare. Unlike the Catholics, the emphasis is on the Resurrection. Catholics aren’t the only Christians.

  31. Tammianne says:

    Linda: since I am a private caregiver, assisting a paraplegic, my body gets moving everyday and I shine on him every morning ( well 5 days, a week)..I keep telling him that I have been receiving healings, but he just doesn’t believe….today, before I left, he asked me why I am so happy, singing, laughing,,,,and I told him again, because of the Healings….
    Each healing, I feel better and I am getting stronger and filled with Love.
    Perhaps on the show, I will share some healing/energy stories.
    I wish that I could sleep though during the night…last night I made it 5 hours at one time!!woo hoo!!
    I have been ascending and it is tiring and a bit painful at times..muscles, joints, etc.
    but I have been resting more and letting it all be..
    sharing laughter and love,

  32. Linda O. says:

    Tammianne, I had the experience as well when I read Nick’s book, the part about walking with the master. The part that sealed the deal for me is that if this is the ending of that story I am left with a bitter, bitter resentment that no reframing could countenance. I fell to the bottom of an impossible situation, but then I recognized from there it is on Me. There is the nothing bottom of that desolation or there is Life. With peace in my awareness I can make that choice. If I am filled with bitterness, well better another day (so to speak). I hear you, my friend. That is why it is ultimately impossible that sin be real. We are learning it in the trenches with this lesson. I don’t want to sound preachy but try not to dwell on it. Quite literally, get your breathing moving, get your body moving a bit and try to shine on someone. You cannot imagine the wisdom that floods into your mind, accompanied with purpose and peace when we choose again along the right-minded path.

    Blessings ~

  33. Tammianne says:

    Linda: I like what you said about the mind..Nick said that on the show as well..we choose what we think about.
    Well, I had one more forgiveness in me from 2000 years ago..I have been getting so irritated and angry everytime we talk about the cross..This rage was filling me up and I have been trying to figure out why…
    Well, my mind was telling me, that’s why..I needed to forgive the Roman leaders..I had buried a deep hatred towards them for what they did to me and my family…before and after the crucifixion.
    I know the tears will flow now and the releasing will be complete and my light will be brighter…Another Healing..Another Forgiveness.
    Shine on everyone

  34. Tammianne says:

    Linda: that is so amazing…I kid you not, since I was a child, I have had visions or memories of being a trapeze artist…flying through the air and a man catching me….I swear I must have been one in a prior life..and yes, you know that I am a Truth Seeker ,and a Truth Teller.
    Shining my light

  35. Linda O. says:

    Randy, I read something that said that Holy Spirit will use our mis-creations to return our minds to God. Well beyond this world the saner perception of the holy spirit rests aware of the things we made up to ‘save’ us and knows how to use those things so that we may remember who we truly are. Ideas, beliefs, thoughts, things. They are all the same.


    funny story: a trance channel once reported from her Guide that he served to help this man who was in deep and profound conflict about who was stronger A Faith God or Moses. This person was certain that at the end of his life their would be a battle in heaven between the two equal forces to demonstrate who is the stronger. The man was petitioning that this thing must happen for him to move forward. He was absolutely resolute that the demonstration must happen so a victor be named. His Guide, well beyond the world, created a huge demonstration of clashing wills in the man’s mind. A spectacular demonstration of might against might until in the end one stood victor. The one that the man believed would win ended up victor and he was satisfied with the result and could then progress forward unimpeded.

    Moral of the story: Underneath it all we determine with all our might what must happen in our minds, having built certain convictions behind the meaning of symbols in the dream.

    This story is really funny but it is an essential demonstration that if you are not aware of All That Is you will choose something lesser that represents the conflicts you played out in the world. It will be true for you and so your Guide may engage you to close that chapter! But always know that on an individual level, you are always getting the result of your mind and letting go of preconceptions results in new and better understandings. The less you ‘know’ the more you can learn/ gain. –We are free under Universal rule to be happy learners.

  36. Linda O. says:

    It would be impossible for this return of jesus return a body as when he was fully awakened 2,000 years ago, he was not a body. The second coming is essentially the return of sanity to the mind. It is a reawakening of purpose through the mind and spirit. I can tell you with absolute certainty now is a time in which we may cultivate a close and personal relationship with jesus/ spirit in our minds and there is no limit to this manifestation. we open the pure potentiality for him to visit with us in form if need be and fill us in with all that we need to know to progress. Peace is the foundation of our trust in each other, God, and the process. Forgiveness will always be the key to peace. One must meet the conditions for realization and those conditions are peace, responsibility for oneself, a little willingness, and an inner countenance of happy (confident) expectancy.


    Tammianne, I had a laugh this morning when I woke up. I have one of those vision boards for 2014 with about a million words on it. My eyes went to this picture of a surreal trapeze artist smiling at the crowd below and I had placed the words “Shine On” and at the very top of the board is the words “Truth-Teller.” It is almost prophetic of what we have been accomplishing here. Great feeling. I’ll put that in the miracle bank for safe keeping.

    Shine On!

  37. I ask friends and family if I told you Jesus was coming back would you believe me? Not one person I have asked said no. One response said I was a believer and he went on to say he could be in this room. This came from a so called atheist who grew a Lutheran. I asked his brother my fathers God son the same question. He said anything is possible but most people believe one day he is coming back. Yesterday somebody said the four red moons we will see means Jesus is coming back. I don’t know if that’s true but it’s interesting to hear people responses.

  38. Last week we had a school conference unbeknownst to us we thought it was going to be a 15 minute meeting. The whole district showed up for it and my wife did great under pressure. So we are trying to make sure our daughter receives services for speech and language and title one. This group said she will qualify for speech but they still need to test her on the learning part. We asked them what do they think? Well, Mrs, Jane Doe we need to test her first. My wife who has a master degree in SLP didn’t buy it. They know if she will qualify but one of fellas said that is my decision. Stunned my wife thought he was wrong because it’s a group decision. Since we see our child everyday we see the problems she has and think our child needs services for speech language and title one until she’s 7. My wife said its important she gets all the services until then because if we continue to not have problems our daughter will likely not have as many learning problems over the course of her academic career. It’s great she continues to do well in school with ADHD but if she doesn’t qualify for services and the middle of next year things go down hill we will be angry with the school. What bothers us three years prior they said my daughter had autism and now magically she may not even qualify for services. They have done an excellent job with developing our child for first grade we just believe they don’t understand the administration part of our problem. My wife and her SLP friends are disgusted with how this is going. Since, my degree was mass communications I probably didn’t clearly explain our problem. ha. ;)

  39. Tammianne says:

    Linda: well said, thank-you.
    going through some major shifts today and deep meditations as I awaken to all truths.

  40. Linda O. says:

    Randy, deer were with me for a week and then they moved on. 15 of them at one time. love deer, so graceful.

  41. Randy Rios says:

    Linda, that was my point…thank you.

  42. Linda O. says:

    Hi Randy, he was not killed by a cross. That is the point Nick was trying to illustrate in his last video. Yeshua was a fully-realized master in his lifetime, meaning he was completely at One with God. As his mind was healed and at one with the Creator and Creation, he had taken responsibility for the entirety of his world including the manifestation of his physical ‘body’. He was in the experience of knowing that he was not a body and that is why the ‘sacrifice’ of the body was not real. We should encourage one another to think about how that may be the underlying truth, and contemplate how in other traditions enlightened beings manifest form.

    On the level of mastery the body is simply a vehicle to communicate and bring forward the message of Truth.

    The cross has absolutely no magical power to inflict harm or cause painful memory because there is no cause to death. Yeshua is alive and perfect as ever. We need to clean up our own perception of any harm done to us as we learn that what is told now by the mind awakening is actually the truth.

    Peace ~ Love ~ Unity

  43. Randy Rios says:

    Linda, it sounds like you are BURSTING with spirit energy. Are your deer nestling outside, it must be wonderful?
    I have a perspective on the CROSS THING…If someone you loved or cared for were killed by a gun…would you wear a little silver gun around your neck in honor of them?

  44. Nag Hammadi papyrus codices were discovered in a cliff near Nag Hammadi Egypt. The cliff location is about 11km north-east of Nag Hammadi,about three kilometers from the village of al-Qasr.

  45. Hi Nick:

    Thanks for your lesson. I monitored your archive from last Sunday.
    The cross has always represented to me the faith of the Christian. After reading some of the Nag Hammadi, I felt it was more accurate in many places than the Bible. In your prayer you stated that Jeshua did not die on the cross. Did I hear your accurately. I always thought He did. I am confused. Could you please explain?


  46. Tammianne says:

    Linda: I love your story…thanks for sharing.
    Miracles do happen!..we just have to let them in
    Shine on everyone