The Great Tomorrow….

Nick speaking… We welcome you to our foundation’s site, which we hope will become your spiritual haven. You will be joining people here who are from all over the world, from all different walks of life. Some observe religions and others do not.. but all have spiritual relationships with God, as Sara and I do. We are here with a common purpose…which is to help one another spiritually, to evolve in becoming at one with that part of God inside of each of us. …and we have a commitment to raise the consciousness of humanity….We believe since we are all God’s children we are indeed all brothers and sisters. We are committed to live our lives embracing universal love and universal compassion…Come join us in creating The Great Tomorrow.


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  1. I have some questions you may be able to answer specifically through my email. Sense i was a kid i have these dreams that come true. some weird things have been happening to me more often now then before and its strange that i stumbled upon your book at the perfect time when 2 separate clocks in two separate rooms stopped at the exact same time. Mine was not 444 but 244 both were battery operated. More strange things keep happening that i cant exactly explain. Off the bat it sounds completely insane, i have a hard time believing it myself some of the things i have witnessed in these dreams that have come to pass. Some images i have also drawn for no reason what so ever years before i read your book. Im not sure what is going on but i would love some of your imput. my email is put in so i hope i can hear from you soon. Thanks.

  2. I read your book the Messengers a few years ago and have been intrigued since. Last week I traveled the Natchez Trace parkway which runs from Nashville to Memphis. An old American Indian trail that was converted into a road after the civil war. I was surprised to read afterwards that it is 444 miles long. I was on holiday & it was my first time visiting the US. Thanks,

  3. What is up with this site…..
    It is no longer in chronological order; in fact I am not sure what order it is in

  4. Hi Nick,

    I just read your book The Messengers and was fascinated by it. Corrine Martin

  5. Dear Mr. Bunick and Bonnie,

    Today I came upon one of Bonnie’s messages to Maura: “Spiritual Lift for my lady friends” . I do not know if you remember Maura Gonzalez, but she was in communication with both of you ( and Julia Ingram) through Nick Bunick’s website. She was my twin sister and we often talked about her wonderful experience finding friendship, love and support in you and Nick. She was very spiritual, compassionate, and loving, fascinated by Nick’s story. Unfortunately, she became ill with terminal cancer and passed away on August 5, 2013. Days before she passed, she told me was ready and excited to “soar” to the other life and hopefully learn the mysteries of the afterlife. She said felt guilty about leaving others behind but her life in this realm was over. I strongly believe that Nick’s writings helped her find the strength to accept her fate and even look forward to crossing over.

    After her passing, family and friends helped my organize a mass in her memory. I chose most of the passages to be read. Curiously enough, I neglected to choose the last reading. The priest realized this during the service and said that he would pick one fitting for Maura. He directed the attendants to turn to page number 444 in the readings. As I was battling back my tears of grief, I heard “page no. 444, then I knew Maura’s spirit was with us at that moment, and she was letting me know. She often talked about 444 being a message from the Angels.

    In some way, I feel Maura wanted me to contact you and Nick and let you know how much she loved and enjoyed the short time she got to know you and Nick in this life.

    Blessings to all.

  6. I discovered Nick Bunick after reading Ruth Montgomery’s biog with Julia Ingram. After reading most of Nick’s books, I am looking for guidance. Are there any groups affiliated with Nick’s efforts in my home area of Northeast Ohio?

  7. Hi ya folks, When did we go to this new format? I see the last message was left Dec.15, 2015 and it is now Jan.24, 2016. A few messages for 2015 & then it skips all the way to 2012, a message from Miryana. Just wondered if i was missing something . Love & Light & Blessings to all.

  8. Hi Nick. I read your book “The Messengers” a few years ago. Loved it. Recently bought your latest version to refresh my memory.

    In your book there is a passage from you as Saul (p. 241) which reads: “And there is another woman. I’ve met her a couple of times. She lives with them and helped raise Jeshua since he was a little child. She’s like a sister to Mary, a member of their family. She’s lived with the family, always, as far as I’ve known.”

    I am that woman. Or so I’ve been told. By two different psychics. And while I am not willing to completely embrace the idea until there is at least one more confirmation by way of a third psychic or a past life memory, I am very interested in the work you are doing. Most of my adult life I’ve had a thorn in my side about how churches misrepresent Jeshua and his teachings, often deliberately.

    Should you ever travel to Vancouver, B.C., Canada, please look me up if you have the time or the inclination and of course I will also watch to see if you come here to speak. Thank you for all the work you are doing, Nick.

  9. Julia Ingram connected to Kevin Smith I AM Discourses book 3 curios if received 10 years ago . Thank you for response!

  10. Dear Nick,
    It is my sincere hope that this message will reach you. I understand that you have been busy and to me it looks like you’ve been missing in action for a couple of years, but I am trying to reach out to you anyway.
    I have been having 444 experiences since I was 15 years old (1995). I am now 35, going to be 36 in December. I was always searching for more meaning behind why I was seeing these triple 4’s everywhere, all of the time. The one thing I knew deep in my soul without a doubt was that it somehow meant God loved me and I was chosen for something and it had to do with sharing that love and my purpose, and also somehow healing. At the time nobody around me understood what I was talking about. I would tell my grandma about Spiritual DNA and she would look at me and nod as if it was merely interesting. I once had her lay hands on my sister and pray over her for healing in urgency because I had a revelation of her being weak and in danger of death. She did it, but was a little freaked out by me and told me I needed to take a break from reading my Bible. Haha!! I have to admit, I was a little intense. My sister is now healthy and has a miracle baby. She was told she could never carry a child full term, yet Abby will be 8 months old on the 18th.
    A friend of mine told me about your book The Messengers in 2003. I bought it and started reading it, but it wasn’t until a week ago that I actually read the whole thing and I loved it!!! It has opened my mind up to an entire new horizon of hope and possibility!
    One morning while I was praying in my closet (yes, I used to pray in my closet 😊) I was asking Yahweh what the significants of 444 was. In my minds eye I saw Revelation 7:1 scroll across the screen of my mind. I asked him, “God is that really you?” Then I said, “Ok, I’ll look.” I flipped to Rev. 7:1 and it says that 4 angels were standing on the 4 corners of the Earth holding the 4 winds of the Earth. I was amazed yet even more confused. What was my roll in all of that?! Over the years I have had visions and dreams, I won’t share all on here because it would be very long, as this already is. I would love to be able to speak with you and share these things with you. I’m interested in your thoughts. I just have to say that I feel as though I have a link inside of me that resonates with the Spirit of what you are teaching. I truly hope to hear from you soon.
    Jessica Lomeli
    P.S. My website is under construction. 😊
    Jessica, welcome to our site, we are glad you found us.

  11. I was at Powell’s the day before yesterday and your book, The Messengers, fairly jumped off the shelf and I knew I had to get it. Since then I have read Book I which was hard to put down. In fact, the night I started reading, I couldn’t even sleep since I felt so much energy running through my body. Last night, I was so tired that I went to sleep at 7:30. This morning, I woke up, put on my glasses, looked at the clock and the time was 4:44. Chills went through my body and I took this as a sign that I’m part of the club also. It is now 4:55 and I knew I had to find your website and write to you.

    I have been on the spiritual path since I was a child and love angels. I have a collection of angel pictures, statues, etc. Childhood was a difficult one and angels have always represented safety to me and my angel collection has always reminded me of their presence.

    I moved to Portland 5 1/2 years ago after retiring from my job at a state hospital in CA for developmentally disabled people. I won’t tell you too much about me now but I have long felt and known that I am here to help with the transformation that is taking place on the planet. Connecting with and working with others who are doing the same thing only makes sense. So, I am looking forward to hearing from you and finding out more about what you are doing.

    Love and blessings,
    Patrice Hanson

  12. Hi Nick
    I was trying to get in touch, and can’t find your number. I am back living in Oregon and would love to talk.
    Hope to hear from you!

  13. Me and some of my family members and close friends have been reading Nick’s books. I have read all but one. I just want Nick to know how much our lives have been forever changed. We have ALL had 444 experiences. Can anyone tell me if Nick will be writing more books? And more importantly, how is he? I have not been able to find anything recent of him.

  14. I am Re- reading The Messengers after many years and finding it very moving. Just wanting to be in touch,

  15. Nienstedt, deputy resign after abuse coverup charges against archdiocese in St.Paul,MN today. Rumor has it their are more resignations coming.

  16. Cassandra: welcome and thank you for sharing your story. Yes, books have a way of showing up in our lives when we need them. Feel free to travel through the site and share stories. We are family here.

    love and light

  17. I am not even finished reading The Messengers and am so grateful to know that the questions and ideas I have had about God are not far fetched at all! I have always attended church for the fellowship and help to keep my mind focused on God but have always taken some of the messages with a grain of salt. So happy to have stumbled across this site and this book! I have been pulled to the book before but never got around to reading it, and always assumed it was a book full of stories about people’s experiences with angels. This last library visit I was pulled to this book again… I know now this was no coincidence!