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Live Broadcast | Nick Bunick

Live Broadcast

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  1. Dennis A, Dispenza says:

    Rachel Ho: You should read books of Psychic Edgar Cayce about your hand problem; the Edgar Cayce readings have much information on treatments on many medical conditions. The Edgar Cayce A.R.E. has a home page at: EdgarCayce.org They would be the place to begin searching for all the different Psychic Edgar Cayce remedies and treatment recommendations. There is also: BAAR PRODUCTS at: http://www.baar.com Source for the many different natural treatment remedies of Psychic Edgar Cayce. To me, from what I know, which isn’t much, it sounds like you need Castor Oil and Peanut oil rubs; Castor Oil is good at reducing discomfort-I’ve used it for white head pimples, styies in corner of my eye did help clear up and drain pus, the Castor oil was good for skin problems. There is a catalogue you can get from BAAR PRODUCTS: 1-800-269-2502 is their phone number. You might try a Cayce remedy called ARTHRO as a skin rub. The Internet has much information on these remedies. Hope this helps you. Dennis Dispenza.

  2. Judy: there are no more shows.
    please go to the Home page.

  3. What is the latest with Nick?
    Have not heard anything from anyone at all in sooo long!
    Please respond.
    Thank you

  4. Racel Ho says:

    Dear Nick and Sara,
    Please pray for healing for my hands. I have scleroderma with severe Raynaulds. My fingers suffer from frequent infections and sores and shorten in length after each sore and infection. Thank you. Rachel

  5. Dennis A, Dispenza says:

    Could someone if they have the time, perhaps comment on the NAG HAMMADI Codices and Scroll books that were found in Egypt, and how these might reinforced the comments of Nick Bunick on changes in the first century Scripture. The NAG HAMMADI Books seem to support the ideas of Nick Bunick. It would seem to be an interesting new light on the Early Church.

  6. Unknown says:

    Please pray for my daughter Rachel

  7. Dennis A, Dispenza says:

    BAAR Products has the book “THE BODY ELECTRIC” by Dr. Robert O. Becker, it’s available by mail order and Internet. The books of Dr. Becker go into much detail on physical body regeneration using low voltage electrical DC currents, also use of magnetic induction field to regenerate bones. There is also the mysterious blue light that can heal nerves and regenerate damaged DNA. This is in the ARE Book “POLE SHIFT” c.1980 by John White. This might be similar to the UMF energy source of POL and Bjorn Ortenheim, works on Medical Regeneration. There seem to be many other people working in this area. There needs to be a new Bible with corrections and changes to show more accurately the real truth of the history of the Bible, and it’s needed corrections. (Of this, I know almost nothing.). Again, Happy New Year 2016 to You and Your People!

  8. I would like to take this moment and wish everyone Peace and Joy this Holiday season.
    However you celebrate this moment in time, it is my
    hope that Love and Happiness fill your hearts as you remember the birth of Yeshua.

    Peace on Earth and goodwill toward All.
    love and light

  9. Tammianne,
    Can you send me an e-mail.
    My son wants information on becoming a caregiver.
    Hoping that you will be a good source or recommend someone.

  10. We are currently not doing any shows. Please post your message on the Home page.
    Shine On!

  11. Dennis A, Dispenza says:

    Onion and garlic juice have a good antibiotic in them, might be useful internally, and externally on open wounds, burns, and injuries. The chemical is Allyl Sulphide, or something like that. Plant juices are a good sources of many healthful vitamins, minerals and other compounds. A good source for this data is Rodales’ Prevention Magazine, and many other Naturalpathic periodicals and books.

  12. Dennis A, Dispenza says:

    Study your past lives’ and past lifetime memories; these memories can appear in vivid dreams, day dream images, ESP intuitive precognitive impressions, age-regressions under hypnosis, and psychic medium readings of the Akashic Record. This data will tell you much of your past life experiences and aid in accessing your talents and abilities. It should be possible to remember your past lives’ over millions of years of time, both on Earth and on other planets and other dimensions. This is true as much as I know from personal experience. It DOES validate the truth of Reincarnation and it’s Rules and Laws. Good Holidays’ and Blessed New Year 2016 to All of You!

  13. Mary Crandles says:

    Reading in God’s Truth again after years-just totally wonderful.
    Thank you for what you are doing for mankind.

  14. Whatever happened to your broadcasts?

    What is going on with Nick and his friends? Everyone just disappeared!:(

  15. Mary Jane McGee says:

    My wish for humanity at this time to realize the real truth, and to realize how distorted things can and have become down through the ages. I have worked with the angels off and on for 44 years. I was an angel in my last lifetime and coming into this lifetime have found it to not be a bed of roses. Although threw this time on earth, I have experienced so many tribulations, and hardships. I have five angels that are with me all the time and no harm has ever came my way, I am very much protected. The angels have helped me be human and aided me in my healing work. I also communicate and preform healings with all my animal friends weather domestic, exotic as well as the ones in the wild. I have contacted plant kingdom.I heal on a humane level. With the angels help, I healed myself of cancer. As well have I healed others. I have sent the dying heavenly help to make there transition easier. I have the wisdom of long ago embeded within my spirit. My message to all is open your hearts and your minds with compassion Love & Light.

  16. Dennis A. Dispenza says:

    I hope your people and Mr. Bunick are able to communicate with Pope Francis; it would be well if any unknown ancient archives from the Vatican Library could be published. Again, I am happy to see that all your people are well and active. God Bless you all in your work, and have a fine Autumn.

  17. Welcome home Dila!
    The nice thing about the internet is that it brings people together, but I know what you mean about
    wanting humans to talk to…That’s why I love this site. Like minded people from around the world stop in and share ideas and words of wisdom.

    Please feel free to share your thoughts and stories and questions.
    You are a lightworker and much needed.
    It really is a “small world after all”.

    Shine on

  18. Dear Tammianne,
    How can we take action in helping Nick. I am 19 years old but I have been working with angels and the masters(in this lifetime) since I was 14. I just seem to have no humans around who can join their forces with me in a full hearted way at the moment, and I am looking for like minded people who can help me save Mother Earth and shine light upon the humanity. We have little time left and there must be no more further procrastination. I live in London but I am really in great search for people who can join forces me. If anyone can help, I would be very happy. It is time to come into our full power before it is too late.
    Thank you,

  19. Welcome Beatriz to the site. Please feel free to share your thoughts and stories and yes, we are all connected as we are One. We are all a part of God.
    I would say that the Angels guided you here today. It is not yet 4:44 here ( we are on the West coast), but I see 44’s on a regular basis.

    Shine on

  20. Hi. I was directed today at4:44 in Connecticut to search for Mr. Bunick. I read the book “The messengers many years ago. I was directed to the book as well. It was no coincidence. I wonder if Mr. Bunick has ever beeb in contact with Dr. Brian Weiss, the author of “Many lives, many masters”. We are somehow in a very strange way, all connected. Blessings.

  21. Hi Maria: Nick has not directly spoken to the Pope but was in contact with a group in Europe. Nick was going to go see the Pope, but received word to not go for safety reasons. The Pope is planning a U.S. trip in September. Nick is not planning any videos at this moment, hopefully soon.

  22. mark nichols says:

    dear tammianne has nick spoke to the pope . also what has he been up to.does he have new videos coming up .thanx so much. love maria.

  23. Maria: welcome to our site. Feel free to share experiences and ask questions. You are home here.

    love and light

  24. mark nichols says:

    dear nick loved all your books and videos keep up the good work.God bless you.keep up the good work.love maria.

  25. Cecilia Cutcher says:

    As a “Native American” I find that it is part of our journey to seek our spirituality. Recently I have been fasting for world peace, the end of hunger on our planet, and to bring back the balance of the Earth. We are all God’s children, and children of the Earth. Those who choose to harm others, and DE-face the Earth – will be taken care of in the end. It is up to us to bond together and prepare.

    I send greetings to all of you, my brothers and sisters – and pray that your journey will be joyful…celebrate your life today.


  26. Dennis A. Dispenza says:

    A Psychic source of some importance mentioned something call being “FUULY CHRISTED,” What does this mean, and what effect for ordinary people? Could mean reaching their full potential?

  27. Dennis A. Dispenza says:

    People should pray for a resolution to the trouble in the Ukraine and the Syria and Iraq conflict. Using a name like ISIS for a terror group is offensive: ISIS was a name of a fine person in Egypt who helped found early Egyptian civilization 11,500 B,C, Was Mick Bunick in Egypt during the early time of 11,500 B.C.? The people there were important in Human Spiritual development. (Edgar Cayce etc.).

  28. Tammianne says:

    only the shows that were transferred to utube are able to show…Justin is no more.

  29. Karita Lourene Altieri says:

    Nick, Miryana, and Nancy, et al,
    The Archives of Nick’s Broadcasts up to June 1, 2014 are still working on http://www.worldglobalexpress.com. Click on Nick’s Banner and click ‘Live Broadcast.’ The page with the Archives will come up. Archives are listed on the right side of the page.
    I am watching Nick’s June 1st broadcast presently. I hope this helps.

    Love and Blessings,

    Karita Lourene

  30. Tammianne says:

    Nancy: Justin TV stopped copying the show as of June 15th, so we don’t have any other shows to show you….Miryana was able to transfer shows to UTUBE when they were copying the shows and holding them for 48 hours…Nick did a show on June 22nd and decided then to run a show once a month instead of weekly because he was not getting much in way of response and he has been very busy lately…
    He did a show on July 13th, but it wasn’t copied and he was going to do a show on August 10th, but realized 30 minutes before airtime, that Justin TV had shut down.
    So, in search of a new company to stream the show.
    Hold On
    Changes in the works

  31. Nancy Pardo-York says:

    Could someone let me know when and how I can find broadcasts of Nick… I am very interested in his wellspring of knowledge .

    I was able to locate some on this website, but none of recent dates. New to this website and my Soul is on fire with the truth I feel form deep within.

    Thank you so much and blessings to you

  32. Frances Allden says:

    Found on Google:

    “Justin.tv shuts down, users asked to switch over to…
    http://www.digitaltrends.com › Computing
    Aug 5, 2014 – Justin.tv is no more as of today. The service has been shut down, and users are being asked to get their streaming fix from Twitch.tv instead.”

    Nick will find a resolution.

  33. Dennis A. Dispenza says:

    It’s 4:48 PM, Aug. 10, 2014, and there is no picture of Mr. Bunick. There is only the white screen. Do we need to send in a fee to obtain the sound and picture? I would need a business mailing address to do so.