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  1. Dennis A. Dispenza says:

    People need to be working on the Bjorn Ortenheim Solar Power Pyramid in Maui, Hawaii, the Capitol of Lemuria, mentioned in books of Psychic Ruth Montgomery. It can regenerate human bodies and minds by the power of the UMF Solar light source, as detailed by Bjorn Ortenheim. This was the light source used by the Great Crystal in Atlantis for health regeneration millennia ago. Those who are from Atlantis perhaps can remember the advanced medical skills of Atlantis. Again, Psychic Edgar Cayce goes into much detail on the uses of the Atlantis Great Crystal. The Great Pyramid in Egypt once had a 60 degree prism crystal that acted as a spectrographic device to sort out the UMF solar light, the pyramid capstone, used for medical purposes.

  2. Dennis A. Dispenza says:

    Karita: I was going to mention this; Do you know if there are large numbers of Minoan Cretans from several thousand years ago reincarnated in the Portland, OR area? I suspect there are a number of Minoans here in Oregon, as I can recall a past life in Minoan Crete, and some people I know living here were on Crete during that earlier lifetime. Were you a Minoan, or do you know? These people could perhaps solve the mystery of the unknown Minoan Linear A script and language, by hypnosis regressions, and other ways. There is also the language of Atlantis, of the Red Race people, who colonized the Med. including Crete and Egypt. This was after the refugees fled the collapsed civilization of Atlantis.

  3. Dennis A. Dispenza says:

    Karita: Thanks for your comment; I’ve talked to a number of religious people, of different religions and denominations, Protestants, Catholics, Orthodox, Jewish etc. Most of them either can’t comprehend Reincarnation and it’s Laws, or think it’s evil. People of Eastern Religious faiths seem to grasp it, if they haven’t been “mis-converted” by narrow minded teachers. The American and other Spiritualist Churches are believers, as are Psychics such as Ruth Montgomery and Edgar Cayce and their followers. Many Wiccans (are they Extraterrestrials?) are Reincarnation believers. The old “Law Of One” Church of Atlantis, which I can remember from a life in Atlantis, taught Reincarnation, as per the Readings of Psychic Edgar Cayce. It is frustratingly difficult getting people to open their minds to a very basic teaching of Spiritual Truth. Do you know of a book by Head and Cranston of Reincarnation? It’s a paperback from the 1980s’ that is an anthology of quotes by famous historical figures, all of whom firmly believed in Reincarnation. All anyone can do is speak the Truth, and hope that in time others will become more open minded and tolerant. I KNOW the Truth, as I can remember many of my earlier lifetimes, from Spirit guided dreams, and dream study. Thanks Again for Your comment. Dennis

  4. Karita Lourene says:

    I tried to do that in the early 1980′s. When I left the consultation room after being asked many questions and of course the last question was “Do you take drugs or drink alcohol?”
    And I knew the moment I left, all the messages were thrown in a waste basket.
    A priest cousin of mine, whom I had sent the messages from the Masters and Spiritual Hierarchy wrote from his church in Italy, “My dear cousin; I believe you have lost your Faith.” Of course now may be the time when they will listen, and hopefully it will start with Nick and Pope Francis.

    Love and Peace to all.

  5. Dennis A. Dispenza says:

    If people have extra copies of the books of Nick Bunick, they ought to give or donate them to their clergy, religious teachers, ministers and church leaders. This would be a good way to spread the teachings of Nick Bunick in the religious community. If church leaders can be so reached, they will hopefully instruct their congregations in the information made available through the writings of Mr. Bunick.

  6. John Traul says:

    I was happy to find Nick back on line on the 13th and then the picture went black. Nick it is good for me to know what is going on in your world and how the Cruse Way Projects are lined out to come forward in the future. The spiritual work is much looked too by Theresa and I.
    Thanks for making it available. )))) Love & Light , John T

  7. Karita Lourene says:

    By the way, at the beginning of the broadcast when Nick popped in for a second, I thought we were getting a visit from ‘Tweety Bird’. All I saw was a flash of bright yellow over dark hair. At the end of the broadcast ‘Tweety Bird’ was revealed. One of my favorite childhood characters. Thanks Nick. That was cute. I love that yellow cap!

    Love and Blessings,
    Karita L.

  8. Karita Lourene says:

    Thank you Nick, for the wonderful, exciting presentation tonight. I look forward to the archives in order to catch the whole session, with the Blessings of Miryana and her fantastic work in doing so. Thanks Tammianne for your input as well. I agree with Bob from Australia. I too, miss the broadcast when it isn’t there. It sounds like so much is falling into place very quickly. Recently there was a documentary on T.V. about the Vatican and some of the things Nick mentioned tonight. I hope to watch the re-run. Much of what a friend told me is in the book called “The Holy Grail.” Quite an eye opener. All Truths are being revealed in Life on Earth. Light overcomes all darkness.
    About forgiveness… I agree with Nick. From the cross, Jeshua stated “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.” A lesson for all.
    Love and Peace with Blessings to all,

    Karita Lourene

  9. Linda Nellis says:

    for the live broadcast. I don’t get the window with Nick’s picture. I used to. I have IE9 and I just updated flash hoping the would help. all I get is the comment box and comments. Couldn’t find a way to search Justin TV so seem to be out of luck, unless there are thoughts on how to remedy.

  10. Karita Lourene says:

    There is no sound and Nick popped in and out twice. Girl in yellow dress ad has been on quite a while. still picture.

  11. Miryana says:

    To watch the show please press the play button for Nick’s screen which is located at the bottom left of the screen. It’s a little triangle button pointing to the right. If you find you can’t hear the show just check that your speaker button is not on mute.
    If by accident you find yourself on Justin TV site just click the Page back button on your browser, that’s the arrow pointing to the left button on the topmost of your screen.
    Enjoy the show.

  12. Tammianne says:

    Hi Bob: nice that you stopped in.
    There is a show on Sunday the 13th….coming up!
    I don’t know if it will be copied and archived though…I haven’t spoken to Miryana
    since the last show.

    If more people let Nick know how much they like the shows, he would probably do them regular again come Fall…time will tell…He wasn’t getting much response.

  13. Bob Fedorowytsch says:

    Hi Tammy, this is Bob from Australia. Have you any idea when Nick is restarting his live calls? I miss them dearly!

  14. Dennis A. Dispenza says:

    Tammi: This is a quick note…I was going to ask if you know if the Psychic Edgar Cayce A.R.E., of Virginia Beach, VA, could sell the books of Nick Bunick? The A.R.E. Edgar Cayce journal “VENTURE INWARD” always has a section listing books, CD’s, DVD’s and other mail order items. The VENTURE INWARD Journal would seem a good place to offer Mr. Bunick’s books, as large numbers of people read the Venture Inward Journal from the A.R.E., and these people would certainly be interested in Christian teachings of Nick Bunick. Many of the Edgar Cayce readings have data on the O.T. and N.T. Bible that parallels exactly the data of Mr. Bunick(?). I’m going to give you my phone number, it is: 503-771-1684, a good time to reach me is about 7:00 PM, week day evenings, this is a per arranging to buy, by mail, the six books of Mr. Bunick as you mentioned. If I can obtain your business mailing address, total price of purchase plus return postage and handling, I could mail in an order to your office. Thanks again, for your time on this! Dennis…….

  15. Dennis A. Dispenza says:

    Tammi: My sister seems to have an account, they live in Lake Grove, OR, let me try going through them. I am having some money problems, other expenses that need to be attended to in the near future, so it would be better to wait a while here. As this is the FOURTH OF JULY 2014, I will wish you and everyone a Happy July 4th!!! We all need to Thank GOD for the gift of the FREEDOMS that we all are Privileged to have! I was not living in America in 1776, I can remember living on the North Sea coast of Yorkshire, UK. I didn’t come to the U.S.A., until the spring of 1865, when I was in the Union Army, tramping through the Southern swamps in search of fleeing Confederates. I have been a Native American many times in other lives, was a Native Oregon Indian living in the Juniper desert land of central Eastern Oregon in recent centuries. A few of several hundreds of lives I know about. Again, I wish you a happy July 4th……. Dennis

  16. Tammianne says:

    Dennis: Nick’s books are sold through
    There is a total of 6 books.
    I was thinking that I could get the money from you and I could order them through my Amazon account and have then sent to your address.
    Would this work for you?
    I will have Miryana give you my email address.
    I think that we would have a lot to talk about.

  17. Dennis A. Dispenza says:

    Tammianne: YES! Thank you for your answer: I only obtain things, books etc. by mail, using money orders. I live near 82nd. and Johnson Creek Blvd. Use to live in downtown Lake Oswego only a short way from where Mr. Bunick lives. I have a sister who lives in Lake Grove near the I-5 Freeway. Would Nick Bunick’s books be found at Powell’s “City of Books” on West Burnside St.? I used to go there years ago, a huge bookstore. Can you give me a name and mailing address for a company that would sell Nick Bunicks books by mail? I probably should take the initiative and call Powells books in Portland(OR), myself to see if they have his books, or other literature. I hope I’m not troubling you, as I imagine you are kept very busy with work. I was in Jerusalem, I (believe) 2000 thousand years ago, and it was one of my MANY disaster lives! THANK YOU AGAIN! Dennis Dispenza

  18. Tammianne says:

    Dennis, are you in the Portland area?
    I may be able to help you with this.

  19. Dennis A. Dispenza says:

    Are there any mail order bookstores that could send me a list of Nick Bunick’s books, and accept a money order or check by mail? I don’t have any credit or debit cards, usually use checks and money orders. If someone knows of a mail order source for Nick Bunick’s books, where they can be ordered by mail/Book Post, can they give the address for such a place? I tried buying Nick’s books from Barns & Nobles bookstore, they did not have them. I know they are available from, do they do orders by mail and accept money orders and checks? Would they or others have a Postal mailing address? Thanks, if any one can help in this.

  20. Dennis A. Dispenza says:

    Ms. Karita: Many Thanks for your beautiful comments! YOU are certainly a fine channel of Spiritual Truths, and an example of gifted Spirit Teaching. It is very unfortunate that more people in the world, even when given the opportunity, fail to practice loving Spiritual Values. They prefer materialistic thinking and activities, and refuse to reject their vice-ridden lives. They are building up much bad karma and trouble for themselves in future lives. People should study the works provided by Mr. Nick Bunick, and study the Spiritual Truths he is offering. I believe you and Mr. Bunick are telling the truth, as in recent years I have received a large number of dreams remembering different past lives, several were in Ancient Palestine, mostly of a minor character(safer from the stand point of potential bad karma!). Many Thanks again…..

  21. Karita Lourene says:

    The Blessed Virgin Mary did appear to children in Fatima and also in Garabandal, Spain. Her messages at that time are very prevalent today. There are more messages, but as my Guide has asked me during an Akashic Reading…”If the messages were to be given again to someone today, who would believe them? They have not been adhered to for many, many years, so who will listen to them today? Mary weeps many tears, for her messages to the world have been heeded by a few only.”
    On my web site you can click on Mary’s Page and you will see some of her messages. The Spiritual Hierarchy and many Masters and Avatars channel messages to me so that I can place them on my web pages and write books. I am only a conduit for the Angels of Heaven as are many other channels on Earth who have volunteered to help raise the consciousness of humanity. There are many books regarding Mary’s Messages, i.e., Mary’s Message to the World by Annie Kirkwood, Open Your Hearts to Mary, Queen of Peace by Father T. Vlasic and Father S. Barbaric’, Milan 1985, FATIMA: Tragedy and Triumph, by Frere Francois de Marie des Anges (Startling Revelations from 1995 -1999.) The children of Fatima: Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco. Apparitions at Medjugorje, The Secrets of Fatima and many more regarding the Messages. Yes, Mary is real. She has appeared to me in 1995. Jeshua has appeared to me many times with messages. Jeshua (Jesus) and Mary are one and the same soul known as Sananda. I lived in their lifetime and we were very close. We are all born in the image and likeness of God and as Nick has stated, we are Sparks of God. In a vision, I was shown a fireplace burning brightly. Suddenly hundreds if not thousands of little sparks began flying out of the fire in all directions, as tho there was an implosion of energy within it. Some sparks burned a long time, others died out shortly. Many seemed to burn out and then re-ignite, while their source kept burning brightly. The ‘implosion’ of energy burst forth from time to time sending out sparks from the flame. Some sparks seemed to bump into others sparks and burn brighter until they went out. Sounds like an analogy of life doesn’t it? As Tammianne says. “Shine on.”
    Blessings to you as walk your path of life and love.

  22. Dennis A. Dispenza says:

    Do people know anything about the FATIMA B.V.M., and her Millennium Prophecies? Is she a genuine BVM, one of the original BVM’s from 10.5 million years ago, the first people to beam down to the Earth? Psychic Ruth Montgomery and Art Ford commented on the beam down by the first humans, at five original places on Earth. There is not much discussion of this explanation of SPIRITUAL origins of Humans. I get much literature on different BVM’s, so there are a number of them, different ones. Maybe others could comment on this; are some of them extraterrestrial BVN Apparitions? I don’t trust the idea of humans being related to apes or other animals, does not sound accurate.

  23. Bonnie Russell says:

    I hope all of you posting on this thread will go to the main thread on home page and post there where everyone will see and respond to your posts. Thank you for your comments and welcome to new people!

  24. Nick, What is Sharon’s website. Theresa and I would like to read the two articles you speak of today? ONE WHO SPEAKS TO MANY GODS AND URGENCY OF THE HUMANS . THANKS, )))) JOHN
    Hi John, welcome to our site.
    Sharon’s site where you can find the articles is:

  25. Dennis A. Dispenza says:

    The lord Buddha in India was the Man who became the Christ in Palestine 2000 thousand years ago, after His incarnation as the Buddha in India. Edgar Cayce seems to have mentioned this one time. Buddhists would seem to have a reason for pilgrimages to Jerusalem, as they are united with the other three great religions there.

  26. Dennis A. Dispenza says:

    There is a book by a Dr. Robert O. Becker called “The Body Electric” in which he describes using low voltage DC currents to induce regeneration of damaged body tissue. This is similar to the Bjorn Ortenheim UMF light frequency which has a medical regenerating ability. There is also the use of magnates mentioned by psychic Edgar Cayce, and a mysterious blue light frequency or combination of blue frequencies which can regenerate damaged nerves. All these methods were once part of holistic medical treatments in Atlantis thousands of years ago. People who have any experience from the natural medicine of Atlantis could perhaps comment on these. Retrieving such data could perhaps be of value to today’s medical science.

  27. Karita Lourene says:

    My screen kept showing Justin TV back and forth. At times a silent ad and no picture of Nick. Kuthumi words were interrupted, Meditation overridden by MGM Grand movie commercial and at other times and other commercials also. Couldn’t get much of the Tour info either. This was the worst I have encountered yet…Someone trying to avert Truth? Very disruptive.

  28. I am curious about the future for myself, my family, do you know anything. I loved your first book, I passed it around and it impacted several of us in a great way, thank you.

  29. Karita Lourene says:

    It’s o.k. now, but 6 minutes of ???

  30. Karita Lourene says:

    What’s with the double delay voice sound of Nick and MGM Grand commercials from Justin TV?
    It’s like 2 videos of Nick are going at the same time. One picture, Two voices delayed.
    Anyone else hearing this?

  31. Dennis A. Dispenza says:

    Other people may know this: You can have temporary over night OOBE’s where you work off bad karma in other, vacated bodies by dying in various disasters, wars, accidents, murders and other death events. I’ve been out of my body many times over night, and died in many other peoples abandoned bodies. You are in another body which is destroyed over night, and you then return to your own body, and awake the next morning. These are very short temporary OOBE’s. People who are in a coma, may actually be astral voyagers experiencing short life experiences in many other bodies, before returning to awake in their original comatose body. Slightly complicated, but a true fact. I can remember the “LAW OF ONE” monotheistic church of Atlantis, thousands of years ago. It’s history and importance needs to be explored by people who can remember it. They were the founders of the modern monotheistic religions.

  32. Tammianne says:

    Yes, Dennis, we meet other souls who were in other lifetimes with us for learning lessons.
    I met a man who I remember being at the Cross. It was not a good memory for me but it was a huge forgiveness lesson for my soul.
    It is all about learning. Otherwise the past memories are useless.
    It is for the expansion of consciousness.
    I recognized my grandson the moment I put him in my arms…I believe that he is here to assist me..a positive sign of things to come.
    Personally, I don’t think that dates matter all that much…We are the only planet with linear time anyway…It doesn’t really exist…We are all energy…But, we do need to have references just like we need to have names for things. If we didn’t, then we would not be able to communicate with each other.
    shine on

  33. Dennis A. Dispenza says:

    Psychic Edgar Cayce comments on a O.T. Bible chronology problem; the dates for many O.T. Bible events are hundreds of years off. As an example, the Exodus under Moses was in 6,500 B.C., thousands of years earlier than the accepted modern date. Ms. Karita and others: Many of you have seen the movie “Raiders Of The Lost Ark” does anyone know what really happened to the Ark of the Covenant, and where it might be today? A number of modern day amateur Archaeologists have been searching unsuccessfully for the Ark, does anyone believe it might still exist, as per the Dead Sea Scrolls rediscovered in the past century? Edgar Cayce commented on the Babylonian Captivity, and placed it at 2,200 B.C., again much earlier than the modern accepted chronology. As for meeting people we knew in earlier lifetimes, many psychics say this is the norm for everyone; a working out of karma, and mutual development of each others Souls. I often “collide with” rather than just meet associates from previous lifetimes! The abrasive nature of some of us!

  34. Karita Lourene says:

    Dennis Dispenza,
    In Babylonian times, as a young girl, I was seeking the Higher Consciousness. A High Priest was my teacher. We fell in love and married. Later we went our separate ways. In 1983, we met in this lifetime. At our meeting he said, “Where have you been all my life? I have been looking for you for 2,000 years.” On a conscious level, he did not know in this life that we had been together 2,000 years ago. Many times we meet people and either we or they say something very innocently and we find later why it was said. I was his teacher in this lifetime. Several years ago, during meditation with my neighbor, a name came to me in automatic writing. Neither of us recognized it. The very next day, a woman knocked on the door where I was visiting. She asked me to autograph her book that I had written. I asked her to write her name for me. As she wrote, my neighbor and I both excitedly commented that I had written her name during meditation the day before. We knew that we were best friends in Babylon and played in the ‘Hanging Gardens’ there. We are still best of friends today.

  35. John Traul says:

    Thank you Nick for giving me your card this morning guiding us to your website. Healing is such a wonderful miricle. I along with Theresa are changed and thank you for the opportunity. Love and Light. John and Theresa Traul

  36. I’m getting in the car and going to the little chapel! Sara,what a beauty you are!

  37. Willie Stroker says:

    Fantastic. Keep doing the lords work

    Thank you

  38. here:)

  39. Oh yeah, time difference. I feel silly.

  40. Unable to connect to broadcast.Says offline.

  41. Dennis A. Dispenza says:

    It would seem like a good suggestion if more people who were Bible characters mentioned in Scripture could write in and describe their experiences and lives, as Mr. Bunick is doing. I can remember being a Jewish captive in Babylon during the Babylonian O.T. times, during the reign of King Nebuchadnezzar. There should be others in the world who can remember this also. Psychic Edgar Cayce and the A.R.E. had a book listing Cayce’s readings for a large number of people who were living in Bible ages. It would be interesting to hear again from them, and other such ones.

  42. Mary Ann Ellis says:

    Hoping that the healings today will lead to my finding an answer to my dental problems. I want to also ask for healings for my three children. Will be contributing to the wonderful idea of a group prayer offering. Thank you.

  43. Dennis A. Dispenza says:

    I think your show is excellent, and helps uplift everyone, it is good to know that there are many other Spiritual people who are working to improve the Human Race, as fellow beings.

  44. Dennis A. Dispenza says:

    Atlantis had cartography, mapping-making and meteorology bases in the upper Mid-West. This was hundreds of thousands of years ago, during the North American Ice Age. There were a line of Atlantean bases just to the South of the great ice sheet that was at the Canadian-U.S. border. They were using small blimps in sheds and other equipment, including camera and surveying devices, in mapping work. I remember this because I was a youngster there with a younger brother and sister. Our parents worked for an Atlantean government agency that did scientific research. We looked like native American Indians, wearing modern looking dress. The very old, mysterious maps that have been recently found depicting the Ice Age Earth are possibly copies of maps made in Atlantis. Are you aware that the Lord Buddha in India was the man who became the Christ in Israel two thousand years ago? Psychic Edgar Cayce said this in one of his reading. Many books claim that He was in India during the “the lost years of Jesus” this could be a confusion of some type.