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  1. Karita Lourene says:

    Since I was out of town for a few days, I did not see Nick’s Easter broadcast. Dinner was being served at the same time as the broadcast. Back home I searched the Broadcast Archives, but they end at April 13th. From the comments I have read here, it was a very beautiful and uplifting broadcast.
    Is it my computer having a bad day or is the broadcast not yet archived?

    Love and many Blessings to all in this Holy Season of The Resurrection/Ascension.

  2. Karita Lourene says:

    During one of my Meditations, a thought came into my mind regarding ‘Nations divided’. My Master Teacher, Jeshua, (Jesus) heard my thoughts. He said, ” The Body of Christ is a Nation of ALL people, right?” I answered “Yes.” Jeshua continued: “Then Man is One! And then against your psychic cell, these words are printed.”

    “The (Spiritual) SPIRIT Aspect of One’s Self cannot be denied. It is inborn. It is one’s own Divine Heritage, (inheritance). There is no escaping from what is already in you as part of your Living Existence. Etheric Systems.”

    After this, a prayer was given by another guide:
    I and The Father are One. I stand forth in the Light of The Christ; for I AM Light, I Am Light, I AM LIGHT; and thru this Christ, I AM the Peace of Creation. I stand forth into ONENESS with ALL. Amen

  3. Tammianne is a dear friend of mine and introduced me to the spiritual path that I am on today. I am extremely delighted that she has found you. I am also very excited to be new to your website and your broadcasts! I thank the Lord for you both. As far as the meditation from today’s program, my three bags were over flowing and hard to carry and I was more than happy to drop them one by one. Seeing Jeshua made me smile and tear up at the same time! I would so love to do this meditation without any bags at all, as you did. I know deep in my heart and soul that what I am learning is the Truth, and that I will get to where I long to be. Thank You for what you are doing!

  4. Hi Nick:

    Thanks for explaining Jeshua’s death on the cross, i.e. there is no death, just transition.

  5. Tammianne says:

    I am not able to get onto the Home page.
    But, this page and the others seem to work
    Somebody is trying to keep us from speaking the Truth

  6. alice avina says:

    Nick your books have been such a eye opening blessing, thank you….
    I wonder do you heal dogs? My Princess has lumps that have gotten bigger. thank you Alice

  7. Mary Ann says:

    Thank you all for your time, attention and responses to my question about forgiveness.

  8. Monica Larson says:

    Jeshua, What can we do as ordinary citizens to help bring peace in the world?


  9. Monica Larson says:

    Ok, I’ve read back to ealier postings. Now I know Nick won’t be on tonight. Nick,I’m sorry to hear about your wife’s aunt.

    Hi Monica,
    Sorry I wasn’t here to see your earlier post.
    Not sure if you are signed on to our mailing list, which I send the announcements to when there is a show. If not, you might want to sign on to receive all our notifications. It’s on the right hand side of our pages.

  10. Monica Larson says:

    I’m not seeing Nick yet on screen… I think he was to broadcast tonight. Can you type something Nick on what may be happening at your end?

  11. Karita Lourene says:

    Thank you Nick, for speaking about one of your lifetimes as being Hilarion. I thank Tammianne also for researching and sharing Hilarion’s information as well. Hilarion is one of my Guides who has been with me, teaching me from the day I prayed for ‘help’ when I was doubting ‘the voices’ I was hearing while awake and sleeping. (visions) He is a great Master Teacher and this is quite evident in you also Nick. (You still have Hilarion’s curly hair).
    It would help to show Hilarion’s (your other life) picture on your next broadcast.

    It is known that the Master Soul we know as Jeshua, Jesus, had 33 other lifetimes. His name Jesus, Jeshua was only in his 33rd and last lifetime. I thoroughly enjoyed Sunday’s broadcast. It brought back many memories of dissertations from The Masters of Light. Your guided Meditation was wonderful and may there be more of the same.
    Blessings in the Light of The Radiant One,


  12. Karita Lourene says:

    When I began my dream log years ago, I wrote the day, date and time at the top of the page as instructed by my inner guidance. After a few days of journaling, or even a week, read what you have written. Make an outline sheet to mark down your dream subject and see how many times it appears in each dream. Next, look for repeated action verbs and then the receiving object. When I did this, I found that my dreams were telling me to be about the Father’s business. Later the dreams were telling me to Meditate. You might be surprised that you may get future events revealed as well as past lives info. Keep your eye on the dates also. Just a suggestion. By the way, Edgar Cayce Fndn. has a great Dream Book that helps interpret dreams. That is where I bought my original Dream Journal years ago.
    Love and Light,

  13. Karita Lourene says:

    I really loved your beautiful Meditation. It was perfect. I will probably go into your archives and listen to it again. The scenes you described are still in my mind. Thank you and I’m looking for the next one. I knew before you spoke the words, that Jeshua was there and a soft high pitched tone sounded in my right ear at the same time. Another good broadcast.
    Blessings to you, Miryana and Tammianne.


  14. Randy Rios says:

    Mary Ann, my perspective is that while we can, “Love our enemies, and pray for those who persecute us,” we must not let their negitive energy stifle our commitment to universal love.
    “Forgiveness doesn’t excuse their behavior. Forgiveness prevents their behavior from destroying your heart.”

  15. Dennis A. Dispenza says:

    The 3-30-’14 Show: It is very good, and Spiritually uplifting. If more people would listen and practice Spiritual actions there would be fewer problems on the Earth. Thank you Randy for your comments on the Revelation, it’s interpretation, and on the Dream-log idea. Blessings to you all in your Work1

  16. Mary Ann says:

    How can I reconcile a commitment to universal love with the tenet that to be yourself means that you not spend time with people that you don’t like.

  17. Tammianne says:

    Kenneth: I am glad that you enjoyed the show.
    Peace to you

  18. Kenneth Gorsuch says:

    I believe your new format, like having Tammy sitting beside you, is refreshing. It gives me a better perspective, because it is not like a lecture, but having her respond to what you are saying brings me closer to both of you. Your program gives me the strength to go forward
    from within.
    My best friend at church (organist) underwent breast surgery and is now going through chemotherapy. I told her today, that I would contact you for a healing for her. That meant a lot to her. Please let me know what I need to do.

  19. Randy Rios says:

    Dennis, I’ve mentioned the revelation many times before but nobody seems to pay it any attention. Funny too because it is exactly what we are all talking about on Nicks site,
    including Nick. If anyone would simply google Edgar Cayce on Revelation they would see that the book has to do with ascension and re-connecting with Christ Consciousness. Nick claims it’s not valid because he thinks it’s about end of the world visions. Like most of the Bible it is completely metaphorical. Thanks for the dream log idea, I’ll have to try that. Past life therapists want hundreds of dollars per session and who can afford that?

  20. Karita Lourene says:

    Thank you for ‘debuting ‘Mandy, Nick. She certainly has a way with words. An expression of you indeed.
    Although you feel a little alone when you are speaking for what seems a long time, you know that you are never alone. Your Guides, Guardians, and Heavenly Hosts are always with you. They listen to you with joy, knowing that you are their ‘eyes and ears of the world.’ You share with us, your gift of bringing down The Spoken Word in a manner that all can understand. Thank you.

    Many Blessings in God’s Light and Love,
    Karita Lourene

  21. Dennis A. Dispenza says:

    Randy Rios: I can remember 200 parts of my past lives, some of which were in Atlantis, these go over the past one million years. You need to keep a dream log of your most vivid dreams, and you will notice historical details depicting your events in earlier lives going over thousands of years. You can also try age-regressions under hypnosis to reach your data on past lives, I do not do this, as hypnosis sessions can be expensive, dream log study is less expensive. About the Book of Revelation; Nick Bunick says it is not a valid Book of the Bible, it was written many years after the first century Scriptures. Can you write to Nick Bunick about the origins of the Book of Revelation? You seem to know more about the books of Nick Bunick than I do. Edgar Cayce seems to have seen The Revelation book as an allegory of some type; the A.R.E. would know more about this perhaps.

  22. Loved today’s broadcast…I learned a lot.And you were funny as all get-out.
    You had me laughing.
    Thanks for that.
    P.S. I couldn’t make out the words to the song.

  23. Randy Rios says:

    I have no sound. Anybody else having problems?

  24. Bonnie Russell says:

    Kenneth, Alan, and others, I would like to invite you to join the main blog on the main page of this website…that is where all of us post regularly and respond to posts. We welcome to and hope you will join us regularly. Blessings, Bonnie

  25. Kenneth Gorsuch says:

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this production regarding who God is.
    It is giving me a new lease on my Spiritual Life. I am now excited about who I am
    and plan to change my every moment developing my relationship with God within. I know it will help me learn how to pray for the Love that is lacking on this Earth. That is my new goal. With enough of us in combination with each other, we will overcome.
    Thank you,
    Kenneth Gorsuch

  26. Thanks Nick:

    I am disappointed that you could not talk about your alien experience. I know our government hides all aspects of this phenomena or mocks it. I don’t know who controls this in your presentations (gatherings), but I’m sure they must have their reasons.

  27. Monica Larson says:

    I can see and hear you Nick. oh no another Tony The Tiger commercial….

  28. Miryana says:

    Please stay with us.
    We are just having some technical difficulties with the camera.

  29. Kathy Sutter says:

    Is Sara going to be on the music and miracles tour? And is she coming here soon? Blessings

  30. enjoyed the program Nick and agree with you on Mr Graham. Also enjoyed the singing that you played….thank you

  31. Hi everyone,
    The arrow you see across the screen is another play button as well as the one on the bottom left corner of Nick’s screen.
    If you find yourself on Justin TV just “page back” on your browser.
    We are not anticipating any problems but if we do encounter them please stay with us as we will work to bring you the show.

  32. Randy Rios says:

    Dennis, how did you find out about your past lives in Atlantis? I would like to explore this for myself. Also, from your posts you seem to be very interested in the Edgar Cayce readings. Have you read his comentary on the book of revelation, about ascension and mind body transformation to the super-consciousness? Very interesting.