(Yvonne Fedderson, left, Sara O’Meara, right)



Sara and Yvonne, during the Vietnam war founded a number of orphanages in Vietnam  for children that were half Vietnamese and half American that had been abandoned. At the end of the war, they flew them all to the USA on military planes and found a home for every one of them
They then founded, Childhelp, which is  the #1 organization in the world caring for abused children that have been permanently removed from their parents. They have established villages and advocacy centers for these children worldwide and it is estimated they have saved the lives of over four million children…They have been nominated four years in a row for the Nobel Award. Sara’s husband, who passed away about three years ago, was one of the most decorated officers that ever served in the U.S. Army.

To find out about Sara’s monthy healing service at her chapel in Arizona, you can e-mail or call telephone number 1-480-922-4870